GASTRONOMY, food culture and a focus on natural, home-grown or home-made meals are issues that have come to the foreground of the public’s attention. This popularity might also be reflected in the recent exhibition in the Bratislava City Gallery (GMB) called Čo Sme Si Navarili (What We Have Cooked for Ourselves).

“Tell me what you eat – and I will tell you who you are,” curator Diana Garafová says, slightly changing a traditional Slovak proverb, adding that artists showing their works here expressed their stance on this theme in various ways.

The exhibition, lasting until June 22, is the result of the Radoslav Matuštík Scholarship 2014. The scholarship strives to support young, beginning art curators, and this year Diana Garafová was chosen to prepare a selection of artists (Martinka Bobríková & Oscar de Carmen, Lucia Dovičáková, Tomáš Džadoň, Peter Homola & Petr Korecký, Zuzana Kmeťová, Jaroslav Kyša, Stano Masár, and Rastislav Podhorský) and works including paintings, drawing installations, objects and videos.

“Last year, the exhibition Panel Story, a result of the Radoslav Matuštík Scholarship, was allegedly our own best project,” head of the GMB Ivan Jančár said at the exhibition’s opening. “I am glad that the curator chose the young generation for expressing the issue of food in the most manifold of ways, and I hope that the exhibition will be successful with visitors.”

The exhibition can be seen in the Pálffy Palace of the GMB at Panská 19, daily except Mondays between 11:00 and 18:00.