THE SWEDISH team Mandaworks AB and Hosper Sweden AB from Stockholm won the international urban design competition ‘Trenčín – City on the River’, with their Tracing Trenčín proposal, the Trenčianske Echo weekly wrote on May 22.

According to the jury, the proposal meets the requirement of the city’s inhabitants by finding a smart way to link the historical city centre with both banks of the Váh River.

“This is a work that takes into consideration all aspects of the assignment and the criteria of the competition the best,” said Thomas Matta from the HSR Rappersvill University in Switzerland and the vice chairman of the jury, as cited by the weekly.

The 11-member jury assessed 59 proposals from more than 15 countries between May 14 and 15. They chose the three best projects and granted two special awards.

The second prize went to a team of designers from Bratislava, consisting of Martin Berežný, Daniel Šubín, Katka Boháčová, Michal Ráchela, Martin Rariga, Danka Jurkovičová and Eva Fabová, for their proposal ‘Trenčín -water-life’. The APROX architects from Bratislava (Ľubomír Mezovský, Vladimír Hrdý, Peter Dolinajec, Branislav Groch, Marián Kriššák, Ján Vykroč and Milan Skýva) ended third.

Special prizes went to Marko&Placemakers from London (UK) and GutGut from Bratislava for their joint project ‘Pohodové mesto’ and the proposal of Siebert + Talaš from Bratislava.

“The proposals will become the backgrounds for the master plan of the central urban zone,” said Martin Beďatš, the senior architect of Trenčín and a member of the jury. “Before the final decisions are made, the winning works will undergo, apart from expert analyses, also a public discussion. We plan to start the public discussion in September, when we will also present the competing proposals publicly.”

Trenčín Mayor Richard Rybníček sees the evaluation of the competition as an important historical moment for the city.

“We are starting a new era of forming the future of the central urban zone and the city centre in connection with the Váh River,” said Rybníček. “Of course, there is a very difficult path in front of us but I am convinced that we will me manage it in cooperation with Trenčín’s citizens.”

Drahan Petrovič from the Institute of Urban Development and the head of the expert jury considers the competition to have been exceptional.

“For last 20 years I have not seen such a well-prepared competition,” Petrovič said, adding that this involves a quality process leading to the competition and workshops organised.