THE MUNICIPALITY of Veľká Čausa (near the western-Slovak town of Prievidza) saw a traditional wedding featuring not one, but four brides, when three sisters and their mother married simultaneously on the same day, May 17.

Two of the brides had their wedding ceremony in Handlová and two others in Chrenová –Brusno, but all four brides organised the traditional pre-wedding farewell at home, and reconvened for the wedding reception in Veľká Čausa.

The mother of the brides and a bride herself, Eva Šárošová, told the TASR newswire that she came up with the idea of getting married simultaneously with one of her son-in-laws.

“Then we worked out the details together and we considered it a good idea,” she concluded. She said that the brides and bridegrooms were initially stressed out over the complicated preparations, what with everything having to be adapted to the wishes of the four couples.

“But finally, we came to an agreement and I think that it has all ended well,” Šárošová said. “I’m happy to have my three daughters married; and of course, I enjoyed that my turn has come, too. There were tears, too, as I gave my daughters to someone else’s hands. But I am lucky to have good son-in-laws – and my daughters found good husbands.” One of the younger brides, Stanislava, said that many people marvelled at their ability to agree on all the details, but she added that it was more fun to enjoy the wedding as a foursome.