EMPLOYEES of the company Lidl broke their own tree-planting record from last year in a single day. In 2013, they planted 5,200 trees in the High Tatras, and in early May, 70 volunteers planted 6,000 trees in the Low Tatras between Malužiná and Nižná Boca.

“Just now, the time is here when we determine and influence how the environment will look for future generations, for the children of our children,” CEO Stanislav Čajka told the TASR newswire, adding that in three years, Lidl donated about 200,000 seedlings within the Voda pre Stromy (Water for Trees) project.

General manager of the state company Lesy SR (Slovak Forests) Ctibor Határ stressed the need for help in replanting the forests in the Tatras, which were devastated by an extreme windstorm and bark beetles.

“Sicne the natural disaster in 2004, we planted 18 million young trees here, and each such gift for our forests is a really welcome boost,” Milan Kozák from the Liptovský Hrádok branch of Lesy SR said. “Then, mostly High Tatras were mentioned, but also in the Low Tatras, there are huge areas waiting for re-forestation, where we can apply such help.”