THE RULING Smer party is undergoing a reshuffling in its leadership following the first half of the one-party government’s tenure, Prime Minister Robert Fico’s unsuccessful presidential election bid and the defeat of Vladimír Maňka in the regional elections by extremist Marian Kotleba, the Sme daily reported.

The board of the party discussed the possible changes during its June 16 session, which preceded the party’s congress, scheduled for June 28.

On June 16, Culture Minister Marek Maďarič gave up his post of deputy chairman, as he announced earlier, following Fico’s defeat in the presidential race. Maďarič headed Fico’s election campaign.

Maďarič did not specify whether he would run for re-election for his deputy chair post at the congress, Sme reported.

At the congress other party leadership members might also be replaced, namely Education Minister Dušan Čaplovič and MEP Vladimír Maňka, according to the SITA newswire.

Čaplovič’s term as education minister might also end after the congress, according to Sme. He might be replaced both at the ministry and in the party by Peter Pellegrini, currently the state secretary at the Finance Ministry, Sme wrote.

“The party has a congress coming up that will be interesting on various levels,” Maďarič admitted, as quoted by Sme.

The party has not seen any massive changes since it was founded and people in top posts are usually exchanged on an individual basis, Sme noted.

Source: Sme

Compiled by Michaela Terenzani from press reports.
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