Jozef Mikuš resigned on the position of opposition Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ) deputy chairman on June 19. The three remaining vice-chairs (Ivan Štefanec, Martin Fedor and Viliam Novotný) remain in their posts for now.

Mikuš explained for the SITA newswire that the decision of party chairman Pavol Frešo to postpone the party congress from June to September 2014 is a serious intervention in the ongoing debate.

“He postpones the solving of problems ad infinitum,” Mikuš said. “He threatens the consolidation of party before the municipal election and unduly shortens the time necessary to prepare minutely the parliamentary election in 2016. The only chance would be to summon a congress soon, which would initiate inevitable changes within the party; but the recent events convinced me that in the top structure of SDKÚ, the willingness to such fundamental step has slackened.”

Another SDKÚ vice-chair, Štefanec, remains for now. Fedor had already in May said he would give up his position after the European Parliament election, but later he changed his mind, the Sme daily wrote. He has stayed upon the condition that Frešo accepts changes to how he leads the party.

Novotný said that the change of date of the special congress, originally planned for June 28 but changed for September 27, has to be explained to party members.

However, the dissatisfaction with the chairman has been palpable for longer, and some members indicate they want to replace him, Sme wrote. Names mentioned as potential replacements include Michal Luciak, Bratislava regional party head (proposed by all four vice-chairs), and Peter Slávik from Malacky. These have allegedly announced their candidacies. Also Ondrej Matej, Martin Fedor or Viliam Novotný were mentioned as potential successors.

Frešo said at a press conference eon June 19 that he didn’t know of any of his vice-chairs’ resignation. He reasons the change of congress’ date by the need to better prepare for it. “Congress is in September and anyone can come up with a vision,” the SDKÚ chairman said, as quoted by SITA.

(Source: SITA, Sme)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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