LOVE stats? Then you might be interested to learn which word Andrej Kiska used the most in his inaugural address. If you strike all the “ands”, “buts”, “wills”, “wes”, “presidents” and “Slovakias”, and look at those words that actually matter, the clear winner is “questions” (he used it nine times). Even classics such as “people” (8), “country” (8), “life” (6), “state” (6), “solutions” (5) and “security” (4) were left behind. This is clearly a curious president.

Kiska said that for many years he “listened and tried to ask the right questions” to find the right solutions in business and charity, and as president he will “ask questions on behalf of the citizens”. Kiska warned that Europe is once again troubled by “questions of security”, which makes it an area in which he, too, would like to ask some. He also has questions for those responsible for public order, job creation and so on.

What may appear as a mere coincidence is in fact a perfect illustration of the current situation. The country has elected a president who inspires many hopes, but from whom no one knows what to expect, and who has admitted to never having been in the presidential palace before. All there is right now is a lot of excitement. And many questions.