DESPITE appeals of advocacy, claims about senile dementia and bad health condition a US judge has refused to release former guard of the death camp Auschwitz with Slovak origin Johann Breyer, aged 89.

The native of Nova Lesná in Slovakia is accused of at least 158 murders. In spite of the insistence of the man’s lawyer, the former guard has been detained as Germany asked for extradition. The US Department of State will make a final decision, according to the Sme daily.

“I’m an American citizen, just as if I had been born here,” Breyer said, as quoted by Sme.

He admitted 20 years ago that he had previously worked in Auschwitz, but told US authorities that he worked there involuntarily and had nothing to do with the death camp Auschwitz II, called Auschwitz-Birkenau. But a document concerning the state aid for his old and ailing parents during war was sent to the SS unit in Auschwitz II; which disproves his claim.

Breyer’s true background is unknown; he was allegedly born in Czechoslovakia to German father living in Slovakia and a US mother.

Compiled by Spectator staff from press reports.
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