THE CITY of Trenčín has a new dumping site. The Slovak arm of the Danish company Marius Pedersen has invested €650,000 into reconstruction and enhancement of what is now the biggest dumping site in Trenčín Region. It will accept all kinds of consumer waste, the Trenčianske Echo newspaper wrote in March.

“This is the biggest collecting yard we operate in Trenčín Region - 800 square metres large,” said Oliver Šujan, general director of the company, as cited by the paper. “People can bring here small construction waste as well as large waste. It is also adapted to handle biological or hazardous waste and non-operational devices like electric appliances. It, of course, also accepts plastics, glass and metals.”

Waste collected here is then separated and re-used. The facility was reconstructed to increase the comfort of the citizens of Trenčín.

“I think that such an investment … will increase the comfort and the level of waste management,” said city mayor Richard Rybníček. “It, in a certain way, also cultivates people, who then care more about separation of waste and disposal of waste and do not create illegal landfills.”