NISSENS, one of the biggest world producers of cooling systems, which employs 350 people in Čachtice, near Nové Mesto nad Váhom, is moving part of its production from Denmark to Slovakia, the Hospodárske Noviny economic daily wrote in January.

“We are extending production,” Juraj Trebatický, production manager of the plant in Čachtice said, as cited by the daily, adding that the company is investing millions of euros. “Since October we have been building a new hall, in which about 100 people will find work.”

Trebatický specified that the company is already taking on new workers.

Danes will keep in Denmark sales, a small part of production and R&D while they have put some R&D to Slovakia, too.

Nissens already has plants in the US and China. Trebatický cited the good location and positive experiences with the production so far as behind the plan to extend production to Slovakia.

According to J&T Bank analyst Stanislav Pánis, Slovakia offers investors one of the best combinations: knowledge of foreign languages and reasonable remuneration demands.

Nissens has been operating in Čachtice since 2005, while most of the production is exported, Hospodárske Noviny wrote.