THE JUBILEE 20th World Championship in cooking and eating bryndzové halušky (sheep-cheese dumplings), a typical Slovak delicacy, took place on June 14 in Banská Bystrica.

The main category includes teams of four who cook and eat halušky from 3.5 kilograms of potatoes as quickly as possible. Six teams competed, four of which were from Slovakia, with one each from Serbia and Hungary. The winner was, just like last year, Klub K from Banská Bystrica.

“A traditional discipline was also individuals eating one kilogram of halušky as quickly as possible,” head of the organising Halušky Turecká civic association, Ivan Makovník, told the TASR newswire, adding that this year’s winner managed to do so in 45 seconds - a new record in the competition.

Other competitions included eating a cheese thread, drinking one litre of boiled sheep’s whey and weighing the lightest woman and the heaviest man. Makovník expressed the organisers’ disappointment in the lower attendance of both visitors and competitors in this year’s championship.