ALL MUNICIPALITIES must now follow new legislation requiring the unemployed to accept work in order to receive material need contributions from the state. However, some municipalities say that neither they nor the state are prepared for the new rules.

The law has been active since January, but municipalities were not obliged to follow it until July 1. The law affects more than 96,000 people who have been automatically receiving €61.60 monthly. As of January, 1,570 people have refused to work for their material need contributions.

Mayors complain about difficulty in cooperating with labour offices, saying they have sometimes failed to deliver the lists of state contribution recipients. For example, Pribylina mayor Milan Kohút said that he learned about the number of people who are expected to work for contributions only on June 30. He also pointed to poor communication with labour office employers who are supposed to monitor the workers.

“I met a coordinator for the first time last week,” Kohút said, highlighting the fact that the labour office had six months to prepare for the new rules and improve communication with the municipalities.

Compiled by Spectator staff from press reports
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