NEARLY as many as two thirds of employees in Slovakia earned less than the national average salary in 2013. However, this number was down by 1.39 percentage points compared to 2012.

Regardless of the length of one’s working time, 64.51 percent of employees earn less than the national average, according to the 2013 statistics of firm Trexima Bratislava, which are based on the widest sample of respondents from companies across Slovakia. The average gross salary for the whole of 2013 stood at €824. The share of employees earning below the average salary was even higher in 2012, reaching 65.90 percent, the TASR newswire reported.

Meanwhile, the median salary was €708 in 2013, which means that half of the population earned more than that, and the other half earned less, according to Trexima analyst Jozef Krabáč. In some cases the median salary is 30-40 percent lower than the average salary, he added.

“For instance, the average [monthly] salary of a manager is €1,945,” said Krabáč, as quoted by TASR. “But half of them make less than €1,384.”

On the other hand, there are professions such as doctors where most of the representatives earn more than the average and a minority of employees decreases the amount of the average salary. In addition, the gap between doctors with the highest salaries and those with the lowest salaries is not so marked, according to Krabáč.

Compiled by Spectator staff from press reports
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