THE CLICHÉ that music transcends borders is reflected in the very title of a project combining US, Slovak and Czech musicians. Jazz Unites Us brings five jazz professionals to the region via a tour of the same name, covering several venues in Slovakia, with stops in Budapest and Prague.

It seems that Americans have gotten to know the Slovak jazz scene, and they like it. Only a few weeks after Casey Benjamin visited the country, renowned US saxophonist Eric Wyatt will come to perform with Slovak singer Hanka Gregušová, with Ondrej Krajňák (SK) on piano, Tomáš Baros (CZ) on double bass, Pavel Wlosok (CZ/US) on piano and Marián Ševčík (SK) on drums. The tour is supported by the US Embassy to Slovakia.

Wyatt, who comes from a family of musicians and was tutored by Sonny Rollins, recently released his fifth album, which will be available during the tour. Gregušová merges jazz with soul and has performed abroad, and she has invited foreign guests to accompany her in Slovakia. She is currently finishing her second album.

On July 7 (the date was changed due to weather forecast), the whole group will play at St Marten Restaurant in Bratislava at 19:00, on July 9 at Levice Castle, on July 10 in Budapest, followed by a gig at the Art Jazz Gallery/Kursalon in Piešťany the next day, and Žilina on July 12. More updated information can be found at website. The tour will wrap up in Prague on July 15. On July 14, Eric Wyatt will offer an evening jazz workshop in Bratislava’s Kontakt bar.