QUALITY of democracy increased by 0.1 point to 3.1 second quarter of 2014 while in scale 1-5 the one means optimal quality of democracy. It is a result of first actions of new elected President Andrej Kiska.

“As it was expected, first steps of new President decreased concentration of power in hands of one political party and boosted mechanisms of power distribution, brakes and counter balance,” said statement of Institute for Public Affairs (IVO), a think tank.

Grigorij Mesežnikov of IVO positively evaluates Kiska’s activity in the judiciary including his decision that only Jana Baricová of six candidates for Constitutional Court judges approved by parliament was appointed by him. Mesežnikov appreciated that Kiska recalled on June 18 three members of the Judicial Council nominated by his predecessor Ivan Gašparovič, replacing the trio in the 18-member top judicial body overseeing the courts with his own nominees.

On the other hand, IVO criticised the some legislation changes especially the lack of public debate in case of Constitution amendment which, in addition to reforming the judiciary, defined marriage as a unique bond between a man and a woman.

“Speaking about Constitution amendment we would like to say that such legislative initiatives should be approached in different way than Smer and KDH did,” the IVO said.

Compiled by Spectator staff from press reports
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