THE BRATISLAVA Zoo has a new addition, as a male jaguar cub called Wakara was born on May 4. The cub is in good health and is full of life, with his mother – seven-year-old Laima – looking after him in an exemplary manner.

However, this involves a great deal of protectiveness on her part, and she would not let the keepers anywhere near the birth box during the first month of Wakara’s life.

“In order to minimise the stress for the female [Laima], which could even result in her killing the cub, we’re respecting Laima’s needs and we’re not disturbing her while she’s rearing her cub,” the zoo’s director, Miloslava Šavelová, told the TASR newswire.

Wakara was fathered by a 10-year-old male called Boris. This is the fourth newborn jaguar cub in the zoo, following the births of Boris’s mother Viki in 2000 and two females, Mayra and Iazua, in 2010. The public has been able to see the cub as of July 1 in the indoor section of the cats’ pavilion.