AFTER the heavy storm on the evening of July 21 saw torrential rains and even landslides to some parts of Slovakia, 21 people reported their cars trapped in the Vrátna Dolina valley close to the municipality of Terchová.

The rescuers and firemen estimate that the real number could be twice as high, Prime Minister Robert Fico told the SITA newswire. About 100 firemen and 30 mountain rescuers search the car wrecks if there are no trapped or dead people inside, head of the Fire and Rescue Corps Alexander Nejedlý told SITA. He added that so far, no injured or missing people have been reported.

Apart from Vrátna Dolina and Terchová, also the city of Žilina had problems with torrential rain, reporting flooded cellars and parts of roads and pavements. Part of the Hromové and Steny hills got slid down, taking cars with them and cutting off people in huts and houses. Dozens of people have been left cut off in the Vrátna mountain chalet and on the ridge of Malá Fatra, but no injuries or fatalities were reported as of July 22 evening.

(Source: SITA)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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