NOBLE horse breeds from across the country competed at an exhibition at the National Stud Farm in Topoľčianky. The event drew 40 breeders and organisers informed the TASR newswire that a total of 50 horses were judged. Breeds included traditional ones like Arabian thoroughbreds, Nonius, Furioso and Lipizzaner.

“Cold-blooded horse breeds like the Noriker Muráň-type and Welsh pony and Shetland pony were not missing either,” Emil Kovalčík of the National Stud Farm Topoľčianky said. “Horse are judged by foreign and domestic referees according to rules of international championships.”

In the end, the best evaluated horse from all breeds gets the most points and becomes the most beautiful horse of the show. Kovalčík explained that the winner can come from all age categories, be it a stallion or a bred mare.

After individual categories had their winners, the fight for the absolute winner became the highlight. Seven champions from all categories competed in the finals, and the overall champion was the Arabian thoroughbred stallion Jevra Sva owned by the Angels’ Gardens farm from Nové Zámky. Runner-up was the stallion Furioso XXXIV Red Fernet, owned by Katarína Žiaková from Bzince pod Javorinou.