A NEW witness in one of the biggest economic fraud cases in Slovak history questioned key testimony against prominent Slovak businessman Jozef Majský, the co-owner of the fraudulent company Horizont Slovakia.

The Special Court sentenced Majský on April 27, 2007 to 12 years in a high-security prison for planning and founding a criminal gang and for embezzling millions of Slovak crowns from two failed pyramid schemes, Horizont Slovakia and BMG Invest. He and his accomplices appealed the verdict, so the case went to the Supreme Court.

One of the former bosses of Horizont Slovakia, Marián Šebeščák, said in January 2006 that Majský, another owner, acted like a Mafia boss, giving only verbal orders and signing no documents. He also confirmed the authenticity of a recording in which Majský told a third owner, Vladimir Fruni, that the latter owned nothing more in the company, the Sme daily reported.

More than two years after Šebeščák’s death in 2012, Majský produced a witness, Ján Klučiar, who is his former cellmate from prison and who also spent two days in the same detention cell as Šebeščák. On Monday, Klučiar testified for the Specialized Court that Šebeščák was instructed by police on how to answer certain questions in exchange for a lower sentence. This may have occurred in 2006 or 2007, but Klučiar’s memory of the details is reportedly hazy.

Šebeščák testified against Majský twice: once in 2006 in pre-trial custody, and once in February 2007 after he was given a milder sentence of 7 years thanks to cooperating with the police, and was released on parole, according to Sme.

The next trial is set for November, when the verdict is expected to be announced.

Compiled by Spectator staff from press reports
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