THE GENERAL Prosecutor’s Office will check the activities of Stropkov Mayor Peter Obrimčák (Smer) in relation to the construction of an industrial park. The motion was submitted by four inhabitants of this eastern Slovak town, the Sme daily reported in its August 14 issue.

Obrimčák, a former MP, signed an amendment to the agreement over construction work in Stropkov industrial park with Prešov-based PKB Invest firm back in August 2011. He reportedly did not inform town councillors, nor did he publish the attachment in the online register of contracts as required by law, according to Sme.

Based on the amendment, the mayor signed a reconciliation agreement in February 2014, with which he accepted the claim of PKB Invest to pay the firm €272,500 for unexpected work. Obrimčák failed to inform the town council over this deal as well, as reported by Sme.

The daily also wrote that the court in Svidník is to check the reconciliation agreement. If it accepted it, it would also acknowledge the right of PKB Invest to claim the money. The court has not issued any verdict yet.

According to Kamil Bodnár, one of the authors of the motion, Stropkov may be required to return further €3.5 million it had received for construction of the industrial park.

“This is one-third of the town’s budget,” Bodnár told Sme, adding that this would cause problems to the town.

Pavel Nechala of Transparency International Slovensko said the mayor’s action were an attempt to withhold information by avoiding the law on public access to information, Sme wrote.

Obrimčák, however, claims he did not violate the law and that this is only part of pre-election campaign.

Source: Sme

Compiled by Radka Minarechová from press reports

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