QUALITY engineers, project managers, SAP consultants and payroll accountants are among the most sought after specialists on the job market, and wages for these jobs may differ by hundreds of euros per month depending on the region in which they work.

The fluctuation is the highest in sales, retail and marketing – with pay highest in Bratislava. Knowledge of the English language is not enough anymore, and there is an increasing demand for German, according to analysis conducted by Grafton Recruitment Slovakia.

“The salary overview [analysis] serves for the process of setting a reasonable and simultaneously competitive remuneration system for each company,” said Katarína Bobotová, country manager of Grafton Recruitment Slovakia, when introducing the overview on August 12. “It is also a useful tool for job applicants and for a better understanding of the labour market.”

Grafton conducted the salary overview study in the second quarter of 2014 and it analysed the data with respect to regional coverage in combination with the specifications of individual positions. It used real remuneration figures of those who had been personally interviewed at the company from the beginning of 2013 (over 12,000 applicants), the actual remuneration figures of applicants placed through Grafton over that period and the remuneration expectations of job applicants.

The salary overview covers seven sectors: IT and Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Engineering, Construction and Real Estate, Banking and Financial Services, Sales, Retail and Marketing, Human Resources, and Shared Service Centres.

The overview shows that employers look for specialised expertise in job applicants, but that they also require knowledge of more than one foreign language. In this respect, Grafton registers an increasing interest in candidates speaking along with English, which is considered a must, German and Scandinavian languages.

Positions that are most difficult to fill often have exotic language requirements. IT experts for the banking sector are also hard to come by, according to Bobotová. Moreover it is difficult to find specialists which the Slovak market has not generated so far, for example efficiency experts for the manufacturing sector. Previously, it was also problem to find local team leaders and managers, she said.