BRATISLAVA made it among the top 10 cities where infrastructure, education or safety increased the most significantly, according to The Economist’s world most liveable cities index.

Bratislava moved from the group of cities where “everyday life is ok but some aspects may cause problems” to the group of cities where are “no or few problems”, according to international index produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Prague and Budapest both placed higher in the rankings, the Sme daily reported.

The office of Bratislava’s Mayor Milan Ftáčnik welcomed the results however there are still many problems the city has to deal with such as maintaining clean streets or revitalisation of public places, according to the head of Ftáčnik’s office Ľubomír Andrassy.

Traditionally, Melbourne, Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney or Helsinki are among the most liveable cities. Analysis showed that middle-sized cities in wealthy countries are the best cities for living. Living conditions have decreased in 51 cities, with military conflicts in Ukraine, Iraq, Israel and elsewhere to blame.

(Source: Sme)

Compiled by Roman Cuprik from press reports
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