SOME 25 percent of Slovaks work on Saturday which is lower than average of European Union reaching 27 percent and average of eurozone which is 29 percent. On the other hand, Slovakia tops the list of EU countries with highest amount of people taking nightshifts.

In all EU countries people go to work on Saturdays more often than Sundays with Slovakia reaching 19.3 percent of people who work regularly on Sunday. Together with Ireland and the Netherlands, Slovakia is among countries with the highest percentage of people who work on Sunday. The European average is below 15 percent, which means that every seventh European citizen does not spend Sundays with his or her family, according to Poštová banka analysis referring on data of Eurostat.

Considering gender, the proportion of Slovak men and women working on Saturdays is equal – 25 percent for both. On Sundays, 20 percent of employed men and 18 percent of employed women work. The number is decreasing with an age. While 23 percent of people who are less than 24 years old work on Sundays just 18 percent of those who are older than 55 work then.

Slovakia has the highest share of people working at night, reaching around 16 percent, which is significantly higher than other EU countries. No other country crosses the threshold of 10 percent of workers.

(Source: SITA)

Compiled by Roman Cuprik from press reports
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