PARLIAMENTARY deputies see up to 48 percent of amending proposals on the same day or one day before the corresponding legislation is passed, the analysis by the Business Alliance of Slovakia (PAS) showed.

According to Róbert Kičina, executive director of PAS, this makes public control impossible. He is therefore proposing to set a minimum one-week period for publishing amending proposals, the TASR newswire reported on August 25.

The PAS analysis also showed that only 9 percent of amending proposals were published six or more days before the second reading in parliament. The average time during which amending proposals were published between April 2012 and July 2014 was 2.02 working days.

Kičina says that the most disciplined MPs were those who made it into parliament on the slate of Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), who published amending proposals 2.31 days on average before the second reading. The analysis did not distinguish between the deputies who later left the party and those who remained, as reported by TASR.

The other parties were publishing their proposals about two working days on average before the second reading. The only exception was Most-Híd, whose deputies published them only 1.21 working day before the second reading, Kičina said.

Regarding the number of submitted amending proposals, the most active MPs were those with Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO), who have submitted altogether 142 proposals since the beginning of the current tenure. Smer MPs have submitted 137 proposals, SaS 84 proposals, the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) 70 proposals, the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ) 60 proposals and Most-Híd 24 proposals.

The highest number of proposals was submitted by Jozef Mihál of SaS (28), while the lowest was by Smer MPs Mojmír Mamojka, Andrej Kolesík, Igor Choma, Lea Grečková, Vladislav Petráš and Richard Raši (three each), TASR wrote.

Source: TASR

Compiled by Radka Minarechová from press reports

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