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Flash news

Flash News

Slovakia commemorates anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising PARTISANS should be celebrated for fighting evil, was the key message of Slovak President Andrej Kiska during the main ceremony of 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) which took the place in Banská Bystrica on August 29. 29 Aug 2014
Lajčák: Talks with Russian Defence Minister will include Ukraine issue The celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) which will culminate on August 29 on Banská Bystrica, central Slovakia, will be also attended by Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoygu. He has been invited as a representative of the country and the army that helped liberate Slovakia from under the Nazi German influence in the World War II. 28 Aug 2014
Rivals, experts challenge tender on broad-gauge railway The long-debated broad-gauge railway project that would connect eastern Russia to Vienna via eastern Slovakia is facing new problems. 28 Aug 2014
Passenger train crashed into lorry, 14 injured A passenger train crashed into a lorry at an unguarded crossing between the village of Dolné Naštice and the town of Bánovce nad Bebravou in Trenčín region on the afternoon of August 27, causing injuries to at least 14 people. The train driver had to be eased out of the locomotive with the “jaws of life” by firefighters. 28 Aug 2014
Economy Ministry to take over state’s shares in energy companies The Economy Ministry will take control of state-owned shares in energy companies. On August 27, the cabinet approved the transferof the shares from the National Property Fund to the Economy Ministry. 28 Aug 2014
Government: Slovakia will have direct representative in World Bank Group Slovakia is set to be directly represented in the World Bank Group (WBG) for the first time since 1993, according to a draft agreement on forming a long-term constituency in the World Bank Group that was approved by the government August 27. 28 Aug 2014
Police to investigate Star EU THE ANTI-corruption unit of the National Criminal Agency has launched investigation of the Star EU company which won 70 out of 70 tenders in which it participated, the Sme daily reported in its August 28 issue. 28 Aug 2014
Four opposition parties join forces in Bratislava OPPOSITION parties Sieť, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), Most-Híd and the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ) will present a joint slate for the municipal election to Bratislava city council that will take place on November 15. They also plan to introduce their joint candidate for the Bratislava mayoral post next week, the TASR newswire reported. 28 Aug 2014
RTVS punished for criticising people awarded by Gašparovič THE PUBLIC-service Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS) was fined for broadcasting a report about personalities that were awarded by former president Ivan Gašparovič, saying that many of them have dubious past. The broadcaster now has to publish the announcement about violating the law for three consecutive days, the Sme daily reported in its August 28 issue. 28 Aug 2014
Kurilovská becomes rector of the Police Academy PRESIDENT Andrej Kiska appointed three rectors on August 27. The appointment letters were given to Samuel Abrahám who will lead the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA), Jozef Jakab who will lead the Catholic University in Ružomberok and Lucia Kurilovská who will lead the Police Academy in Bratislava. 28 Aug 2014
Government passes new rules for cyanide leaching method GOLD cyanidation should be possible in a certain locality only after people living in the affected area give their consent to this method of gold extraction in a referendum, according to an amendment to the mining law that was approved by the government on August 27. 28 Aug 2014
Festival in Moldava nad Bodvou cancelled THE MUSIC festival Moldava Spolu (Moldava Together) that was scheduled to have taken place in a Roma settlement in Moldava nad Bodvou (Košice Region) was scrapped after local authorities declined to provide a permit for the event, the organisers said at a press conference in Bratislava on August 26. 27 Aug 2014
Týždeň withdraws controversial video THE TÝŽDEŇ weekly has withdrawn from its website a video in which Catholic priest Marián Kuffa speaks offensively about homosexuals, just one day after publishing it. The video has already been criticised by several non-governmental organisations and activists who even sent an open letter to Štefan Hríb, editor-in-chief at Týždeň, the oMediach.com website reported. 27 Aug 2014
Precious stone dealers face stiff punishment for VAT fraud THE INVESTIGATOR of the National Criminal Agency has charged three people with tax fraud. According to him, the accused were illegally claiming VAT refunds. They now face seven to 12 years in prison, the TASR newswire reported on August 27. 27 Aug 2014
Government slams SE over Gabčíkovo THE OPERATION of the hydroelectric power plant in Gabčíkovo (Trnava Region) faces several problems that come as a result of electricity producer Slovenské Elektrárne (SE) not properly fulfilling its obligations. This stems from a report on the state of the power plant, approved by the government at its August 27 session. 27 Aug 2014
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