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Flash News

Slovak-designed flying car gets rave reviews The flying car designed by Slovaks, Juraj Vaculík and Štefan Klein, and presented on October 29 at the Pioneer Festival in Vienna is a sensation. 30 Oct 2014
Scientists protest in Bratislava and Košice against budget cuts Holding banners with slogans such as “Let Us Invest into Science and Technologies, the Future Will Thank Us” and “Science Wants to Live, not Survive”, Slovak scientists protested on Námestie Slobody (Freedom Square) in Bratislava and in downtown Košice on October 29 against the budget cuts in the 2015 state budget draft. Scientists pointed out that the transfer of €8 million to projects of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) as recently proposed by the Education, Science, Research and Sport Ministry won't resolve the planned budgetary cut of 16.9 percent year-on-year for SAV in 2015. Matej Stano from SAV’s Molecular Biology Institute told the TASR newswire that SAV will have to compete with universities for the money from the ministry, while it has not been resolved how the funds can be spent on salaries, either. “At any rate, the SAV budget hasn’t been upped, and we’re lacking €2 million,” said Stano, adding that the overall SAV budget should be increased at least to €66.5 million. “We view our work as a vocation,” SAV Ethnology Institute director Tatiana Podolinska told TASR. “At the moment, we receive twice as much as the minimum salary. People with two PhD titles who can easily leave for abroad have decided to work here, they achieve excellent results, but their financial evaluation is far from appropriate.” 30 Oct 2014
Amendment to Tax Act approved, opposition to contest at Constitutional Court LESS than an hour after a vast amendment to the income tax was passed in parliament on October 30, the opposition announced they would contest it at the Constitutional Court. 30 Oct 2014
Bratislava highway bypass gets green light, will cross protected areas The construction of the D4 highway stretch between Jarovce-Ivanka pri Dunaji North near the capital, which will form a bypass around Bratislava, is set to be built partly on the Natura 2000 protected area of Dunajské luhy (Danube Floodplain Meads), the government confirmed at its October 29 session. Referring to an analysis, the Environment Ministry argued that no other route would have a less negative impact on the environment, claiming that the estimated negative impact on the territory in question can be compensated for by a series of measures that are expected to cost nearly €9.7 million. This amount includes the cost of implementing the measures along with subsequent maintenance and is due to be covered by the National Highway Company (NDS). Among the measures are the planting of new forests to replace the trees that would be felled and the planting of new grassland to make up for areas that would have to make way for the highway. The affected territory lies in the vicinity of an imaginary line drawn between Bratislava’s borough of Jarovce and the southeastern part of the Slovnaft industrial area, the TASR newswire wrote. The proposed compensation measures aim to ensure that all conditions are in place for preserving populations of black kites, white-tailed eagles and black storks. 30 Oct 2014
Unhealthy food in school buffets banned THE UNHEALTHY food should disappear from school buffets as of January 2015, according to the amendment to the School Act passed by the parliament on October 29. The new provision was submitted by Smer MP and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Renáta Zmajkovičová, the SITA newswire reported. 30 Oct 2014
Slovakia placed 37th in World Bank business ranking SLOVAKIA worsened its position in the ranking evaluating the quality of business environment compared to last year. According to the latest Doing Business 2015 report it fell to 37th place out of 189 countries ranked, down two positions compared to last year, the SITA newswire reported on October 29. 30 Oct 2014
Slovakia will get Spartans for €69 million SLOVAKIA will buy two Italian military cargo planes Spartan C-27J for €34.5 million each, based on the agreement Defence Minister Martin Glváč and representatives of Alenia Aermacchi signed in Bratislava on October 29. 30 Oct 2014
Nurses want to address MPs over salary dispute Locked REPRESENTATIVES of nurses and midwives want to turn to deputies to solve their salary dispute. Health Minister Zuzana Zvolenská is not sincerely interested in solving their problems, head of the Slovak Chamber of Nurses and Midwives (SKSaPA) Iveta Lazorová said on October 29. The statement came in response to the October 28 meeting at the Health Ministry where, according to nurses, the minister refused all of their demands, the SITA newswire reported. 30 Oct 2014
Slovakia sends aid to countries hit by Ebola SLOVAKIA sent humanitarian aid to African regions most seriously stricken by Ebola worth €90,000 via the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Foreign Affairs Ministry announced October 29. 30 Oct 2014
Official campaign before municipal elections began THE OFFICIAL media campaign before the November 15 municipal elections started on October 29 at 7:00. According to the law, the campaign starts 17 days before elections and ends 48 hours before opening the polling stations. The moratorium lasts until stations are closed on November 15 at 20:00, the SITA newswire reported. 29 Oct 2014
ÚVO confirms Čaplovič violated the law THE PUBLIC Procurement Office confirmed that former education minister Dušan Čaplovič violated the law when he did not arrange the tender over distributing learning books, but only prolonged an existing agreement with the company Xepap for another three years. This caused a loss of state funds of about €0.5 million, Miroslav Beblavý of Sieť said on October 28. 29 Oct 2014
Brussels may sue Slovakia THE EUROPEAN Commission may sue Slovakia for competition over the modernisation of the railway between Zlatovce and Trenčianska Teplá, near Trenčín, based on the complaint of one of the bidders: construction company Skanska, the Hospodárske Noviny daily reported in its October 29 issue. 29 Oct 2014
Economic sentiment deteriorated in October AFTER three months of relative stagnation, the economic sentiment indicator (ESI) deteriorated in October. Compared to the previous month, its three-month moving average fell by 1.3 points to 101.8 points. The favourable development of confidence in the trade sector and among consumers was eliminated by unfavourable development in the industrial and service sectors. Compared to last year, however, the ESI was 8.7 points higher. The indicator still lags behind its long-term average by 2.7 points, the Statistics Office (ŠÚ) informed on October 29. 29 Oct 2014
Underage migrants from poor countries disappear without a trace OVER the past five years the Slovak authorities have recorded 775 cases of children who have come to Slovakia from their home countries without their parents, the Human Rights League reported on October 28. 29 Oct 2014
One of four questions in referendum on family unconstitutional One of the four questions in the proposed referendum on family runs against the Slovak Constitution, the country’s Constitutional Court ruled on October 28 at a closed plenary session. The unconstitutional item seeks one’s views as to whether or not one is in favour of not granting special protection, rights and obligations other than to a marriage of a husband and wife. 29 Oct 2014
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