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Flash News

Slovakia’s current account balance at a surplus in May SLOVAKIA’S current account balance of payments showed surplus again in May. According to the preliminary data of the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) the balance was €149 million in the black, compared to the revised April surplus of €57 million. During the first five months of the year, the cumulative current account balance of payments reached €699 million, the SITA newswire reported on July 29. 30 Jul 2014
Sýkora Gang member sentenced to 12 years in prison A MEMBER OF the Sýkora Gang, Richard Rakický, will spend 12 years in prison for his membership in the organised crime group and murder of Róbert Pál back in November 2003. The sentence comes following a plea bargain that Rakický, nicknamed Riki, cut with a prosecutor at the Special Prosecutor’s Office. 30 Jul 2014
MFA calls on Slovaks to leave Libya THE FOREIGN Affairs Ministry has warned Slovaks against critical situation in Libya and recommended them either to leave the country immediately, or not to travel there at all. 30 Jul 2014
Economic sanctions against Russia to affect Slovakia Locked THE THIRD wave of sanctions against Russia, on which the diplomats from European Union’s member states agreed on July 29, will impact the Slovak economy. The country may lose about 2 percent of its GDP in the short term, economists predict. They will affect not only companies exporting their products directly to Russia, but also investors who participate in big state projects in Russia, the public-service Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS) reported. 30 Jul 2014
Municipal elections to shuffle opposition and alliances BEFORE the municipal elections slated for November 15, opposition parties are trying to create various alliances that vary from one city to the next, the Sme daily wrote on July 29. Thus far, however, Radoslav Procházka’s Sieť party had avoided forming such alliances. 30 Jul 2014
Slovak and Czech export banks to revive “Made in Czechoslovakia” label AN AGREEMENT signed by Slovakia's Eximbank CEO Igor Lichnovský and Czech Export Bank CEO Karel Bureš in Bratislava July 29 seeks to revive the “Made in Czechoslovakia” trading label and to develop further export opportunities for Slovak and Czech companies. 30 Jul 2014
Four objects found near Old Bridge in Bratislava, one likely a mine A SONAR inspection has revealed that four suspect objects are buried below the riverbed near the pillars of the dismantled Old Bridge in Bratislava and that one of them resembles a mine, Bratislava Mayor Milan Ftáčnik said July 29. 30 Jul 2014
Companies that formed construction cartel will soon be free of ban Locked THE SIX companies involved in a cartel related to a tender for motorway construction in eastern Slovakia from 2004 have been banned from public tenders for three years, the Public Procurements Office (ÚVO) confirmed on July 29, but the ban for some companies has already elapsed, while others will have to wait only a few more weeks. 30 Jul 2014
Commercial banks analysts expect growth at 2.5 percent SLOVAKIA’S economy will grow at 2.5 percent this year, according to the analysts with the commercial banks who attended regular survey carried out by the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS). Their expectation did not change compared to last month, nor did the prediction for 2015 when they expect the economy to grow by 3.1 percent, the SITA newswire reported on July 28. 29 Jul 2014
RegioJet to launch Košice-Bratislava route THE LARGEST private train carrier in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, RegioJet, will enter the national long-distance transport in Slovakia after it got permission from the state-run Železnice SR (ŽSR) company. The first InterCity trains from Bratislava to Košice will start operating from mid-December, three times a day in both directions. 29 Jul 2014
Two woman complain to UN over discrimination TWO WOMEN have turned to the UN with the complaint against Slovakia over race and gender discrimination, the Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry informed in its report over individual complaints against Slovakia accepted by the UN human rights committees, the SITA newswire reported on July 28. 29 Jul 2014
SaS proposes one mandate for MPs MEMBERS of the parliament should not simultaneously serve as mayors, governors of self-governing regions or heads of public institutions. This stems from the constitutional amendment submitted by Ľubomír Galko, Jana Kiššová, Jozef Mihál, Lucia Nicholsonová, Peter Osuský and Martin Poliačik, all MPs for the Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party. 29 Jul 2014
Economic sentiment up again THE ECONOMIC sentiment indicator (ESI) has continued to rise in July, with its three-month moving average increased by 2 points to 102.8. This followed on improved confidence in all sectors, except for trade. The ESI is 13.3 points higher than last year, but still lags behind its long-term average by 1.7 points. 29 Jul 2014
Pollák calls on Slovaks to remember Roma holocaust THE HOLOCAUST of Roma, or Poraimos, as it is known among the Roma, should not become a forgotten chapter in Slovakia’s history, government’s proxy for Roma communities Peter Pollák told the SITA newswire as he called on municipalities, NGOs, churches and community centres around Slovakia to remember the Roma victims of Nazism. 29 Jul 2014
Occurrence of sexually-transmitted diseases drops, except gonorrhea IN 2013, doctors registered 1,055 cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in Slovakia, amounting to a year-on-year drop of 87 cases, the TASR newswire reported, citing the figures published on July 28 by the National Centre for Medical Information (NCZI). 29 Jul 2014
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“I have been waiting for seven weeks, naively [thinking] … that he would come and say: ‘Yes people, I was fooling you. I am sorry; try to forgive me’.” OĽaNO head Igor Matovič responding to Sieť leader Radoslav Procházka’s claims that the recording on which the two discuss the latter’s presidential campaign funding was heavily edited.