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Flash News

Poll: Kňažko would become Bratislava mayor Locked If the Bratislava mayoral race took place on October 22, Milan Kňažko (independent, supported by Christian-Democratic Movement-KDH), would win with 34.4 percent. 23 Oct 2014
Foreign Ministry gives up its human rights agenda As of January 2015, the agenda of human rights will move – from the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry to the Justice Ministry led by Tomáš Borec. 23 Oct 2014
INESS: Roma problem is social, not fiscal The situation facing the Roma population in Slovakia is a social and not a fiscal issue, reads an analysis by the Institute for Economic and Social Studies (INESS) released on October 22. The analysis looked into statistics from the Labour, Social Affairs and Family Centre, social insurer Sociálna Poisťovňa and the Atlas of Roma Communities, according to which there are 403,000 Roma living in Slovakia (7.4 percent of the total population). “Fiscal costs recorded in districts where Roma constitute two-thirds of population equal 2.2 percent of public expenditures or €578 million, with recipients being not just exclusively Roma,” INESS wrote as quoted by the TASR newswire. According to the analysis, some €270 million – or just 1 percent – of all public expenditures is paid in the form of welfare to all eligible recipients; and that means not only Roma. Families with more than four children receive a total of €17 million via welfare payments and overall €15 million yearly in child allowances. “Similarly, this figure represents only a drop in the bucket of public finances, seeing as the state deficit in 2014 alone amounts to a sum 147-times larger than that,” INESS stressed. Based on statistics and calculations, INESS estimates that the child allowances are currently paid for more than 160,000 Roma children and together equal approximately €44 million yearly. According to INESS, the analysis thus disproves the myth that Roma represent the gravest problem of public finances in Slovakia. 23 Oct 2014
Constitutional Court: Any pupil can apply to secondary school The draft Education Law introduced several novelties; and one of them has been the provision stipulating that marks in some selected subjects at primary school be one of the criteria for being accepted to study at secondary professional school with final exam, or at secondary grammar schools. 23 Oct 2014
Government approves purchase of two Italian planes THE SLOVAK military will purchase two Italian tactical transport aircraft C-27J Spartan for, the government decided at its October 22 session. This move completes the almost six-year procurement process that began in 2008 in the wake of the crash of military aircraft An-24 close to Hungarian village Hejce in which 42 Slovaks died. 23 Oct 2014
Hackers targeted GLOBSEC conference Locked ABOUT six months after the international GLOBSEC security conference took place in Bratislava it was revealed that it became a target of hackers. They used the emails that seemed to be sent by the organisers. With opening the attachment, the recipients let the hackers enter their computers, the Sme daily reported in its October 23 issue. 23 Oct 2014
Government okays free trains for children, students and pensioners CHILDREN, students aged up to 26, pensioners and seniors 62 or older are able to travel free of charge on selected trains as of November 17, the government decided at its October 22 session. The measure is part of a package of 15 measures aimed at improving the financial, economic and social situation of people in Slovakia that was drawn up by the Robert Fico cabinet, the TASR newswire reported. 23 Oct 2014
The EP approves Juncker’s commission THE EUROPEAN Parliament approved the new composition of the European Commission that will be led by former Luxembourgian prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker. It will officially start its term November 1. Slovakia is represented by Maroš Šefčovič who will oversee the energy union. 23 Oct 2014
Five parties would make it to the parliament IF THE parliamentary elections were held in first half of October, five political parties altogether would win the seats in the parliament. Of the current parties that hold the mandates, the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ) and Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) would not receive enough votes to pass a 5-percent threshold, the poll carried out by Focus polling agency between October 7 and 14 on 1,031 respondents showed. 22 Oct 2014
Judicial clerks will return to courts THE FUNCTION of judicial clerks and candidates for vacancies of prosecutors, abolished by the previous government in 2011, will return to Slovak courts and prosecutor’s offices. The selection procedures of new judges will, however, remain open also for other juridical professions. This stems from the amendments pertaining to the judiciary passed by the parliament at its October 21 session. 22 Oct 2014
Bratislava lost in dispute over PKO BRATISLAVA has once again lost in a proceeding over the demolition of its PKO cultural venue. The Bratislava Regional Court ruled that the contract signed with Henbury Development, the owner of lands under PKO, is valid. 22 Oct 2014
Ground Pepper checked out the preparedness to cooperate with NATO armies ATTACKING one of the NATO members and its defence in cooperation with other NATO troops is part of the Ground Pepper training which takes place in Lešť military area situated in the Banská Bystrica Region. 22 Oct 2014
Slovak non-profit ETP gets award for Roma project Slovak non-profit organisation ETP Slovensko – Centrum pre udržateľný rozvoj (i.e. Centre for Sustainable Development) received the gold Civil Society Prize awarded in mid October by the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels for the project Budujeme nádej / Building Hope implemented in the Košice region. Part of the prize is also a financial reward of €15,000. 22 Oct 2014
Fico will not have to explain Žilina debt deal Prime Minister Robert Fico will not have to speak to the Parliamentary Committee on Conflict of Interest the debt relief for the city of Žilina approved by the cabinet earlier this month. 22 Oct 2014
Academy of Sciences to receive additional €8 million for projects A sum of €8 million transferred by the government last week to the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport’s research and development budget chapter will be allocated to the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV), according to the agreement reached between SAV officials and Education Minister Peter Pellegrini at the SAV gremium talks October 21. Pellegrini promised SAV chair Jaromír Pastorek to allocate resources equalling €8 million to academic research via the science grant agency VEGA. 22 Oct 2014
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