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Employers slightly optimistic Focus short Locked EMPLOYERS in Slovakia are slightly optimistic about hiring in the last quarter of 2014. A survey conducted by Manpower Slovensko on 751 employers across the country, showed 8 percent of employers expect an increase in employees, while 6 percent anticipate a decrease. As many as 79 percent of the surveyed employers do not expect any changes, with 7 percent of the respondents saying they do not know, the SITA newswire reported. 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Some employment, HR and executive search companies in Slovakia Locked - Amrop Slovakia – Context Driven Executive Search, www.amrop.sk- Arthur Hunt, www.arthur-hunt.com- CPL Jobs, www.cpljobs.sk- Grafton Recruitment Slovakia, www.grafton.sk- Index Nosluš, www.indexnoslus.sk- Lugera & Maklér, www.lugerarepublic.sk- Manpower Slovensko, www.manpower.sk- McROY Slovakia, www.mcroygroup.com- Menkyna & Partners Management Consulting, www.menkyna.com- Proact People Slovensko, www.proactpeople.sk- Profesia, www.profesia.sk- Target Executive Search Slovakia, www.targetfuture.com- Trenkwalder, www.trenkwalder.sk 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Institutions and organisations in the labour market Locked Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Familywww.employment.gov.skMinister: Ján Richter 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
VW opens new courses Focus short Locked VOLKSWAGEN Slovakia is extending its own training facility, the Centre of Dual Education, in Devínska Nová Ves near Bratislava. In the new school year, it has opened two new two-year courses. Thus, along with students attending the two-year mechatronics course, 12 students are starting a course for industrial mechanics and 12 students are enrolling in the course for electro-technicians for automation technologies. 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Experts wanted Focus short Locked ŽILINA-based carmaker Kia Motors Slovakia is having difficultly filling vacancies due to a shortage of suitable and experienced candidates for numerous key positions. 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Companies seeking specialists Focus short Locked QUALITY engineers, project managers, SAP consultants and payroll accountants are among the most sought after specialists in the job market, and wages for these jobs may vary by hundreds of euros per month depending on the region. 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Job satisfaction over stress-free life Focus short Locked WHAT affects the quality of our life the most? More than 500 Slovaks answered this question in a survey conducted for the Bayer company in June. A similar survey was also conducted in the Czech Republic and revealed some differences in the character between the two nations, Bayer wrote in its press release. 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Finding work through volunteering Focus short Locked VOLUNTEERING is one way in which the unemployed can find a job. Experts from various countries of the European Union confirmed this at an international conference in Banská Bystrica on September 10. 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Temporary employment may change Locked TEMPORARY employment agencies may soon follow a new set of rules aimed at levelling the playing field in terms of working conditions for temporary and permanent employees as of next January. While the Labour Ministry and trade unions say the proposed measures will protect temporary employees, employers and employment agencies say the new rules could do away with temporary employment and eliminate thousands of jobs. 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Work-life balance key to motivating workers Already accepted elsewhere, idea gains momentum in Slovakia Locked SATISFIED employees are more motivated and loyal, which in the end benefits the employer in the form of better results and a better reputation. Much of this can be achieved by providing a work-life balance, which is, simply, enough time for work and enough time for life outside the workplace. 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Firms lack specialists with technical education The education system is not meeting labour market needs DESPITE Slovakia’s two-digit unemployment rate and 380,000 jobless people, companies are having difficulty filling their vacancies, especially those requiring technical expertise. Employers complain of a shortage of specialists with secondary or university-level educations. Both experts and employers see the growing labour market and a poorly tuned education system as behind the current shortage of workers with a technical education, and are calling for changes.“It happens relatively often that we are searching for applicants to fill the most wanted positions even for several months,” said Katarína Bobotová, director of Grafton Recruitment Slovakia. “Sometimes the process lasts more than one year.” 15 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Polish institutions in Slovakia Embassy of the Republic of PolandAmbassador: Tomasz Chłońbratyslawa.msz.gov.pl 8 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
General facts: Poland Political system: Parliamentary democracyCapital: WarsawTotal area: 312,679 square kilometresPopulation: over 38 millionLanguage: PolishCurrency: złoty 8 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Difficulties in air travel connection Focus short EVEN though Poland and Slovakia are divided by mountains, and existing cross-border road infrastructure is far from ideal, there are currently no direct regular flights between the two countries. There have been some attempts to launch such routes, but interest was too low to maintain them. Yet, hopes that direct routes will be made available again in the future have not faded completely, as tourism experts believe that a direct flight would help foster tourism in the High Tatras. 8 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Gas interconnection Focus short SLOVAKIA and Poland should be interconnected by a gas pipeline within several years as Slovak gas transmission system operator Eustream is making progress in implementing its planned investment projects. These projects form a vital part of the proposed North-South Gas Corridor as envisaged and supported by the European Union, which includes building gas infrastructure connections between Hungary and Poland. 8 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
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