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Creative studios turn to own clients Focus short Locked WHILE three to five years ago more than one third of the work creative studios performed was for advertising agencies, the current situation is different, Strategie magazine wrote in March.For the time being, creative studios make their living working for direct clients. Advertising companies hire creative studios only occasionally. When outsourcing certain activities, they instead opt for freelancers, not studios. 21 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Developers more optimistic Focus short Locked INVESTMENTS in Slovakia’s real estate market significantly increased in 2013 compared with the below-average year of 2012, according to real estate consultancy firm CBRE Slovensko. It forecasts a general growth of investment activities in central Europe, led by increased real estate investments. CBRE experts expect that outsourcing will continue to drive the office market and they also anticipate a higher demand for outsourcing specialised logistics services. 21 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Still less than abroad Focus short Locked FINANCIAL outsourcing is still less common in Slovakia than in the US and western Europe. Yet, compared to several years ago, companies in Slovakia have more experience with outsourcing - and not just international firms, but local Slovak entities too. This is one of the findings of a survey that Accace, a company that provides accounting and reporting, tax advisory and other services, conducted last year on a sample of 20 local and foreign firms. 21 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Hotel restaurants shun outsourcing Focus short Locked THERE are several ways to improve the operation of hotel restaurants, but hotel managers exclude outsourcing food and beverage services to other firms. The question is what is the ideal model for operating a hotel restaurant and whether it should be presented as a separate unit or as a part of the hotel. 21 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Outsourcing legal services increasingly an option Locked WHILE IT, accounting and logistics are probably the services most frequently associated with outsourcing, the phenomenon is also common in legal services. The Slovak Spectator spoke with David Soukeník, partner of Soukeník – Štrpka law firm, Stanislav Ďurica, managing associate at Ružička Csekes in association with members of CMS, Andrea Butašová and Přemysl Marek from Peterka & Partners law office in Bratislava, and Daniel Futej from Futej & Partners, about the current interest in legal process outsourcing in Slovakia and which legal services or processes are suitable for outsourcing. 21 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Fraud in outsourcing is preventable Following basic rules can help identify and prevent fraudulent behaviour Locked OUTSOURCING may increase the risk of fraud, but it does not occur automatically. While experts have registered a relatively high occurrence of fraud related to outsourcing services, some of which originate from within the firms doing the outsourcing, many are convinced that the risk can be averted if companies properly vet their partners and make sure their contracts are airtight. 21 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Complex tax rules a candidate for outsourcing Accounting and payroll agendas remain popular, especially during start-up phase Locked THE PRIMARY reason for outsourcing routine activities is to save money and time, but it also allows firms to tap expertise they might otherwise miss. This is especially the case in accounting, payroll and tax advisory because of the complexity and frequent changes in legislation – something that drives the growth of outsourcing in Slovakia. 21 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
National Career Days (NDK) ADVERTORIAL National Career Days (NDK) are where students and representatives of important companies can meet each other. National Career Days are a natural first step for students and graduates to a successful career. 17 Apr 2014
I’m too sexy for my job... The market is seeing an increasingly overqualified labour force THERE could be many reasons why a person with a university degree is working in a fast-food restaurant. In Slovakia people who are too good for their jobs, so to speak, haven’t been a problem for the labour market, but this may be changing. “It happens quite often that people who have a university degree apply for positions where only a secondary school graduation is required,” Marcela Glevická from the job portal told The Slovak Spectator. There are professions in Slovakia’s job market where more than half of the people have a higher level of education than is required. The ranking is topped by bank loan specialists, 61 percent of whom are university graduates. Other professions include librarians, tour guides and physiotherapists. 16 Apr 2014 Career Guide
Institutions and organisations of transport in Slovakia -Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, of Road Transport Operators of the Slovak Republic (ČESMAD), Union of Motor Carriers (UNAS), Research Institute (VÚD), Toll Collection system, 14 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Bratislava sold stake in SPaP Focus short THE BRATISLAVA municipality is selling its 7-percent stake in the shipping company Slovenská Plavba a Prístavy (Slovak Shipping and Ports - SPaP) to its majority owner, Budamar Transport Limited, for €800,000. Bratislava municipal deputies voted for the sale in late March, the Sme daily reported.Several deputies expected higher proceeds from the transaction, in the range of €1 million to €4.5 million, due to the undistributed €14 million profit that the company has maintained. The Bratislava municipality claims that the selling price is close to two experts’ estimates, which neared €700,000. 14 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Fate of Bratislava airport unclear Focus short THE TRANSPORT Ministry has not yet decided on how Bratislava’s M. R. Štefánik Airport will operate in the future. The ministry is still analysing the pros and cons of a possible long-term lease of Slovakia’s biggest airport to a private operator via a concession, the SITA newswire wrote on April 7. 14 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Passenger air traffic shrinks Focus short SIX Slovak airports served 1,660,277 passengers in 2013, representing a 3-percent decline, or 51,702 passengers, compared with 2012. Regular transport passengers accounted for 1,024,424 people and their number decreased by 3.6 percent, or 38,375 passengers, over the year. International charter air transport increased by 0.9 percent, or 5,008 people, to 586,760, the SITA newswire wrote on April 7, based on Transport Ministry data. 14 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
30,400 cars drive toll roads daily Focus short ON AVERAGE, 30,428 motor vehicles drove toll roads daily in Slovakia in February. Compared with January, this represented a 9.7-percent increase. 14 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
E-tolls fetched nearly €160 million Focus short THE ELECTRONIC toll scheme, which targets motor vehicles above 3.5 tonnes on tolled roads in Slovakia, fetched €159 million in total in 2013, up 2.3 percent y/y, the toll company SkyToll reported as cited by the TASR newswire. 14 Apr 2014 The Slovak Spectator
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