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Law may violate foreigners’ rights News in short Locked OMBUDSWOMAN Jana Dubovcová has filed another complaint with the Constitutional Court (CC) over laws pertaining to foreigners. 28 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Watchdog finds nepotism in courts News in short Locked VIA IURIS, a judicial watchdog group, conducted a study last year in which it found that as many as 30 percent of newly-appointed judges have close family ties with incumbent judges or court employees. 28 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
World War I memories overshadowed IN SLOVAKIA, memories of the First World War are not as vivid in the public discourse as in, for instance, the UK or France. Historians ascribe this to several factors. 28 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Slovaks go to war THE REACTION among the Slovak population of Austria-Hungary to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife was mainly one of shock combined with terror. His death dashed many Slovaks’ hopes that the successor to the throne would grant them autonomy from Hungarian rule, and left little room for enthusiasm about the upcoming war. Nevertheless, tens of thousands of Slovaks fought and died in the First World War. 28 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
The Great War through the eyes of Slovaks IN THE summer of 1914, when Austria-Hungary responded to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife by sending troops into a conflict that would escalate into the first-ever global war, today’s Slovakia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At the end of the war four years later, Slovaks joined their Czech neighbours to form the Czechoslovak Republic, one of the new states that emerged on the ruins of the Habsburg Monarchy. 28 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Hrušovský might fill top NKÚ post Locked FAILED presidential candidate Pavol Hrušovský might wrap up his political career with the prestigious post as head of the government audit office – a job that has remained vacant for the past two years. 28 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Judicial body gets short term chief Locked THE BODY overseeing the operation of the judiciary in Slovakia has a new boss, for the time being. Several weeks after the tenure of Štefan Harabin expired, Ján Vanko, a judge from Nitra, was unanimously elected as deputy chairman on July 21 and will temporarily lead the Judiciary Council until a new full-time head is chosen. 28 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Mixed message on sanctions Locked THE JULY 17 downing of Malaysia Airline flight 17 (MH17) continues to reverberate as European Union foreign ministers were still engaged in discussions about boosting sanctions on Russia when The Slovak Spectator went to press. In Bratislava, leaders were sending mixed messages. 28 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Procházka confirms recording HALF A million euros. That is the amount Radoslav Procházka quoted when asked by Igor Matovič about the costs of his presidential campaign, on a recording that has been anonymously published on the internet. Officially, Procházka’s campaign costs are half that sum, and the emerging leader of the centre-right denies that it could be otherwise. 28 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Slovak wines of the year named THE EASIEST way to taste the best Slovak wines is to visit the Slovak National Collection of Wines, either in Pezinok or Bratislava. Here visitors can taste from the 100 best Slovak wines selected annually by wine experts for the given year. In late June the ninth collection of wines was chosen. 21 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Faulty engine forced plane of Defence Minister to turn back News in short JUST 20 minutes after take-off from Bratislava Airport, an aircraft carrying Defence Minister Martin Glváč to Paris had to make an emergency landing on July 14 because of an error of the fuel regulation system. The incident has sparked a debate about renewing the government’s air fleet. 21 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Atlas of Roma Communities is completed News in short THE NEW Atlas of Roma Communities shows there are 14 Roma settlements in Slovakia in conditions similar to the Middle Ages, lacking access to water, sewers, electricity or gas. 21 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Smer moves to insert water protection into constitution KDH considers support in exchange for ban on holding two state jobs THE RULING Smer party is serious about its plan to add a ban on exporting water into the country’s constitution, a move which came in response to a populist outcry over new rules regulating the sale of Slovak water abroad which are being discussed by lawmakers. The Environment Ministry has already sent the draft to an interdepartmental review, opening it up to comments. 21 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Conservatives push referendum Petition on protection of family goes further than recent constitution amendment THE CONSTITUTIONAL definition of marriage, which some gay-right-advocates openly called a ban on same-sex marriages, does not go far enough, some conservative activists say, as they gather signatures to force a referendum that would make the laws even stronger. 21 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Emerging parties’ financing in spotlight LOCAL media have recently drawn attention to the financing of new non-parliamentary political parties, which must make ends meet without contributions from the state, unlike the parties represented in parliament, as well as those which won 3 percent or more of the vote in the parliamentary election. This comes in light of concerns raised over the financing of unsuccessful presidential candidate Radoslav Procházka, and the subsequent financing of his new party, Sieť. 21 Jul 2014 The Slovak Spectator
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Quote of the Week
“I have been waiting for seven weeks, naively [thinking] … that he would come and say: ‘Yes people, I was fooling you. I am sorry; try to forgive me’.” OĽaNO head Igor Matovič responding to Sieť leader Radoslav Procházka’s claims that the recording on which the two discuss the latter’s presidential campaign funding was heavily edited.