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Smolenice commemorates 100th anniversary of parachute patent Around Slovakia Locked THE 100TH anniversary of the issuing of a US patent to Slovak Štefan Banič for his invention of the parachute was commemorated on August 16 in his hometown of Smolenice (Trnava Region, western Slovakia). 1 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Bizarre vessels competed on Vindšachta Lake Around Slovakia Locked THIS SUMMER saw the traditional festival of bizarre vessels, called Utopenec (loosely translated as Drowned One; also the name of a local pickled sausage), change venues from Počúvadlo Lake near Banská Štiavnica to Vindšachta Lake in Štiavnické Bane (both in Banská Bystrica Region). 1 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Petržalka celebrates 95th anniversary as Bratislava borough Around Slovakia Locked A MEMORIAL plaque commemorating the end of the First World War in Bratislava was affixed to a building in the capital’s Petržalka borough on August 15. This also marks the 95th anniversary of Petržalka becoming part of Bratislava. 1 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Bronze Age archaeological site offers unique findings Around Slovakia Locked THE SLOVAK Archaeological and Historical Institute (SAHI), which has been excavating one of the most important fortified settlements on Slovak territory for the last five years, has opened the fifth phase of its archaeological research (in cooperation with the Small-Carpathian Museum in Pezinok) and on August 15 its representatives presented the results to the media and the public. 1 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Vintage Jaguars paraded in eastern Slovakia Around Slovakia Locked EASTERN-Slovak town Levoča’s annual summer folklore festival Days of Master Paul, which includes the Carpathian Crafts’ Market, culminated on the weekend of August 15-17 with a surprise highlight: a parade of 18 vintage Jaguar cars. 1 Sep 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Activities for all ages Discover Košice Region with Košice Region Travel Guide . “Hello. Your tickets, please,” say child railway conductors in uniforms as they welcome passengers of the Children’s Railway. A 130-year old locomotive Katka whistles from May to October as the choo-choo is running from Čermeľ for four kilometres to the stop Alpinka. 27 Aug 2014 Spectacular Slovakia
Bratislava’s trolleybuses mark 105th birthday Around Slovakia BRATISLAVA’S TROLLEYBUSES have celebrated their 105th birthday. On July 19, 1909, inhabitants and visitors of the city (then called Prešporok in Slovak, Pressburg in German and Pozsony in Hungarian) witnessed the festive launch of the city’s first trolleybus line. 25 Aug 2014 The Slovak Spectator
44 percent of Slovaks worry about poverty Around Slovakia THE RISK of slipping into poverty is felt by 44 percent of people in Slovakia, and the ratio is even higher in another five other European economies, according to an analysis by Poštová Bank, based on a Eurobarometer survey. The analysis notes that one in eight economically active people in Slovakia are jobless. 25 Aug 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Polish sheep shearer won Slovak championship Around Slovakia TWO sheep-shearing competitions in July offered proof that sheep shearers are working hard to preserve the culture and the necessary skills of their profession. 25 Aug 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Small tractors competed in Slovak Championship Around Slovakia TRACTOR DRIVERS showed off their skills at the annual Slovak Championship small tractor race in late July, in Lom nad Rimavicou, central Slovakia. 25 Aug 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Bear in Prešov shot dead by hunters Around Slovakia A BEAR was shot dead by a hunter on Športová Street in the regional capital city of Prešov on the morning of August 14. The bear had wandered into town the day before and spent the night roaming a residential area. 25 Aug 2014 The Slovak Spectator
The appeal of the Slovak Sea Discover Košice Region with Košice Region Travel Guide . Twenty-five years ago when Slovaks had limited options to travel abroad they still had Zemplínska šírava, one of the largest reservoirs in the region – also dubbed the Slovak Sea. While it no longer attracts a million visitors in a single season, the lake, which according to European Environment Agency has excellent water, is getting its second wind offering water-related joys to tourists in an otherwise landlocked country. 20 Aug 2014 Spectacular Slovakia
National children’s violin orchestra perform in High Tatras Around Slovakia THE INTERNATIONAL children’s orchestra performed works by Bach, Mozart, but also ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen at the Skalnaté Pleso mountain lake below the Lomnický Štít peak in the High Tatras on July 17. 18 Aug 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Czechs, Slovaks celebrate brotherhood on Veľká Javorina hill Around Slovakia SLOVAKS and Czechs met for an annual celebration of Czech-Slovak brotherhood on the Veľká Javorina hill in Trenčín Region, Slovakia, on July 27. 18 Aug 2014 The Slovak Spectator
Biggest peasant trousers, leather shoes made at Koliesko Around Slovakia THE 24th year of the Koliesko folk culture festival saw two makers of traditional Slovak garments land spots in the Slovak Book of Records, for the biggest pair of trousers and the biggest pair of krpce – traditional leather peasant shoes. 18 Aug 2014 The Slovak Spectator
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