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Homeless people: We are not all the same

“Gambling, losing a job, alcohol addiction or an accident. There are a million reasons people end up on the street,” says a shelter employee.15. Nov 2016, at 15:04

A room at Mea Culpa

School system waits to see changes

Compulsory education from the age of five, more demanding admission exams to university teaching programmes, or rising teachers’ salaries. Education Minister Peter Plavčan introduced his draft national education…10. Nov 2016, at 11:10

There should be fewer schools and teachers.

Mečiar's amnesties? Slovak youth don't know what they are

Most students haven’t even noticed the death of former president Kováč, a history teacher from Bratislava says.27. Oct 2016, at 15:30

Vladimír Mečiar (left) and Michal Kováč shake hands as the latter leaves office in March 1998.

New direction for the opposition?

Since the collapse of the Radičová government in 2012, divisions among the centre-right continue to deepen. Observers look to newly-introduced parties for the potential to bring about change.25. Oct 2016, at 16:34

Richard Rybníček

Everyone against Kotleba? Appeal on candidates to connect

A recent appeal calls on parties to join forces behind one candidate: virtually anyone who can beat the incumbent far-right governor.14. Oct 2016, at 6:30

Marian Kotleba

Early nights could harm Bratislava's tourism

Opening hours of restaurants and pubs not just “Bratislava’s thing”.5. Oct 2016, at 14:21