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Beata Balogová joined The Slovak Spectator in 2003 and became the first Slovak editor-in-chief of Slovakia’s English-language weekly. Ms. Balogová was in charge of the paper and its special publications between 2003 and 2006. She spent nine months at Columbia University’s School of Journalism from 2006 to 2007, and in June 2007 she again took over as the editor-in-chief of the paper. Prior to joining The Slovak Spectator, Ms. Balogová worked for Slovakia’s first private newswire, SITA, and the state newswire, TASR. Ms. Balogová graduated with a Master of Science degree in journalism from the School of Journalism of Columbia University in New York. She also has a Master of Arts degree cum laude from the Comenius University School of Journalism, majoring in journalism. In January 2015 she left the Spectator to lead editorial team of the SME daily paper. She continues to cooperate with the Spectator.

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It matters whether children are in the hands of a frustrated teacher

The school and teachers are strong archetypes which surface in our dreams even years after we left the classrooms. 4. Feb 2016, at 13:17

"I like going to school."

Journalism must give a voice to the voiceless

Pulitzer winner: Crucial story of today is the gap between rich and poor 19. Nov 2015, at 14:49

James B. Steele

If anger turns against refugees, terrorists will prevail

Terrorists attack the foundations of our freedom. They want us to be afraid, and, led by fear, change our own values that democratic societies are built upon. 16. Nov 2015, at 17:06


TERRORISTS stole Europe’s sleep from Friday night to Saturday. They did it the way terrorists always do, feloniously hitting where it hurts the most. The attackers killed more than 120 people; Paris is bleeding and… 14. Nov 2015, at 14:07

Ari Rath

What do we fear most?

If we do not quell fear, it will befriend anger and eradicate our world. 8. Oct 2015, at 8:20

Fico sacrificed Slovakia's position in the EU

PRIME Minister Robert Fico sacrificed Slovakia's position in the European Union for the sake of his pre-election campaign.  24. Sep 2015, at 8:52

Refugees at the border between Hungary and Serbia.


THE SHABBY buildings at border crossings remind us of times before Schengen. Even the worse times, when people might not have survived an attempt to cross state borders.  17. Sep 2015, at 16:30

Slovak senior citizens seldom experience golden years

SOME elderly people who aren’t actually all that old, are being left to die in a very undignified way. They are crammed into hospital wards which have bars on the windows, along with several other patients and left… 9. Sep 2015, at 19:30

Summer university for seniors is one way of spending old age actively; 2015, Bratislava opening

Hope for the Visegrad region from the train station in Vienna

IT’S HARD to understand that the Visegrad countries, who still feel the pain of the long years of lacking freedom, now fail to apprehend the human desire for life in a free country. 9. Sep 2015, at 10:13

Migrants arrive at the Westbahnhof station in Vienna on September 6, 2015.

Compassion is no complicated concept

EXPRESSIONS of humanity and compassion do not necessarily need great gestures; they can take the form of a pair of shoes given to a refugee.  1. Sep 2015, at 18:13

Kiska: My relationship with Fico is "constructive"

To mark the occasion of President Andrej Kiska’s one year in office, The Slovak Spectator brings an excerpt from the interview he gave to the daily Sme in April. 17. Jun 2015, at 14:13

President Andrej Kiska.

Referendum was not about helping families

Slovaks have rejected the controversial referendum which stirred negative emotions and divided the society from its very inception.  8. Feb 2015, at 13:25


Diplomats are awaiting referendum result

THE REFERENDUM that seeks to constitutionally define the concept of family is dividing Slovak society. Members of the foreign diplomatic community, who traditionally speak with distinct voice when it comes to… 23. Jan 2015, at 0:00

Mesežnikov: 2015 will be a pre-election year

THE ELECTION of Andrej Kiska as Slovakia’s president has marred plans for creating a softer version of a Putin-type regime, political analyst Grigorij Mesežnikov, president of the Institute for Public Affairs (IVO)… 12. Jan 2015, at 0:00

Grigorij Mesežnikov

Mental worlds of presidents

LOVE for one’s homeland is a powerful and edifying feeling, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in addressing his nation on the New Year. For him, this feeling manifests itself in what he calls “fraternal support”… 12. Jan 2015, at 0:00

President Andrej Kiska

A year of change

THE YEAR 2014 brought Slovakia its first ever president with no previous political background or one-time membership in the communist party, while preventing Prime Minister Robert Fico and his party Smer from… 22. Dec 2014, at 0:00

Beata Balogová

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