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Jana Liptáková has been with The Slovak Spectator since 2004. After three years of serving as a part-time contributor and freelancer for the culture section, Ms. Liptáková joined The Slovak Spectator full-time as a culture writer and photographer in April 2007. Before joining the Spectator, Ms. Liptáková worked with the TASR newswire and later Slovakia’s first private newswire, SITA, for more than 15 years. Ms. Liptakova covers culture and business and she is the newspaper’s photographer.Ms Liptáková graduated with a Masters of Sciences degree (awarded for extended study) from the Technical University in Trnava, majoring in materials science and technology.

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Capital may get national park

Biggest threat to floodplain forests is planting of non-native poplar cultivars. 30. Sep 2016, at 6:15

Sihoť island would also be part of the new proposed national park.

Cyber security increasingly important

People should think more about educating themselves, protecting their data, say experts. 22. Sep 2016, at 16:37

Zaha Hadid project in Bratislava lives onPhoto

Investor plans to launch construction at Čulenova this autumn. 21. Sep 2016, at 15:47

Jurkovič's turbine hall will be in teh centre of the new development.

Slovenské Elektrárne threatens to close coal-fired power plant Nováky

The Economy Ministry insists on maintaining generation of electricity from brown coal in Nováky 20. Sep 2016, at 17:14

SE is the main client of the Hornonitrianske Bane mine.

Kapitulská opens its courtyards

The street is one of the oldest thoroughfares in Bratislava. 16. Sep 2016, at 6:05

Kapitulská Street has a unique story to tell.
Updated: 15. Sept 201, at 11:51

Good Market already in its fifth year

The original idea was to make Panenská Street more visible, to clear it of cars and create space for meeting people. 14. Sep 2016, at 12:44

Dobrý trh or Good Market

The state slashes support for the promotion of Slovakia

Businesses active in tourism complain that in spite of the growing number of tourists they will get less money for promotion of their services and Slovakia. 12. Sep 2016, at 14:13

Experts say Slovakia has room for another carmaker

As Jaguar Land Rover arrives, there may be even more growth. 12. Sep 2016, at 5:30

The British Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) company, is coming to Nitra.

Records continue to be set in car manufacturing

Carmakers in Slovakia manufacture record number of cars; new models launched. 9. Sep 2016, at 6:30

The site for the new Jaguar Land Rover auto assembly plant near Nitra.

Slovak farmers fear new fees for irrigation water

The need to irrigate for crops is expected to increase because of global warming. 8. Sep 2016, at 17:14

Forgotten villa may be revived

Activists, city transit company would like to see it used for cultural events. 2. Sep 2016, at 16:59

This abandoned villa may soon be renovated to host cultural events.

A view of the inner workings (Spectacular Slovakia - travel guide)Plus

The cooling towers of a nuclear power plant instead of castle bastions, or highly mechanised production lines instead of ski slopes: Slovakia offers some special options for technology geeks or those who are simply… 29. Aug 2016, at 16:00

Visitors get a chance to observe how a car is made.

Korbeľka tunnel is the best highway variant for man as well as nature

The study evaluated proposed variants for the D1 stretch Turany-Hubová. 25. Aug 2016, at 14:04

Rojko peatland (Rojkovské rašelinisko)

Grӧssling still waits for reconstruction, as Petržalka swim centre opensPhoto

Historical pool complex Grӧssling has been closed since 1994, with a lawsuit still pending. 25. Aug 2016, at 12:44

The poll in Grӧssling has been empty for about 22 years

First draft 2017 budget released

Analysts remain sceptical of the plan. 22. Aug 2016, at 6:05

Finance Minister Peter Kažimír

Let’s barbecue in Bratislava

Bratislava offers plenty of places for barbecue and grilling. 19. Aug 2016, at 12:50

Ready to roast a Slovak “špekáčik” using the traditional wooden stick.

Exhibition highlights François KollarPhoto

Photographer left Slovakia and gained renown in France. 8. Aug 2016, at 7:10

François Kollar: Construction of the large liners, riveting the metal sheets on the deck of a ship, Saint-Nazaire shipyard, Penhoët. 1931 – 1932.

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