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Michaela Terenzani was appointed editor-in-chief in 2015. She started writing business stories for The Slovak Spectator as a freelancer in March 2007. She has been in charge of the student section, Spectator University, since October 2007 and currently covers the political news. Ms. Terenzani received her bachelor degree at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Trnava in 2006. During her studies she spent a semester at the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus. In August 2007 she was awarded an HSP Huygens scholarship by the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science, which enabled her to do an MA programme in Euroculture. In her studies she focused on nationalism, collective memory, mythology and communication. In 2009, Ms. Terenzani received a joint MA degree in Euroculture from the University of Groningen and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

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Kočner is behind charges against Lipšic

The prosecution has confirmed that criminal charges have been filed against Lipšic and Grendel. They are based on a criminal complaint from tycoon Marián Kočner.20. Oct 2016, at 14:23

Marián Kočner

More overpriced CTs pop up in northern Slovakia

Žilina regional government ordered CT devices for its two hospitals in 2011, disadvantageous conditions of the transaction alleged.19. Oct 2016, at 17:14

Juraj Blanár

Pulitzer laureate: We need to pay attention to climate change nowVideo

Deborah Nelson, who won her Pulitzer Prize in 1997, has been reporting on environmental issues throughout her career. Her major report for Reuters, Water’s Edge, was published in 2014 and put a new perspective on…17. Oct 2016, at 6:40

Deborah Nelson received the Pulizer Prize in 1997.

Kováč passes, but his struggle continues

If we think the ways of the 1990s are behind us we are mistaken.13. Oct 2016, at 15:57

Michal Kováč sworn in as president, March 2, 1993.

Religion is not an issue with integration

Germany’s past experience shows that refugees on principle want to return home and do so as soon as their home country is safe again, says Ambassador Joachim Bleicker, the German envoy to Slovakia as of this August.7. Oct 2016, at 6:30

Ambassador Joachim Bleicker

Strike looms as gov't says no to more hikes for teachers

The contours of a strike are nearing, says the head of school unions after meeting the minister. “Basal March” of teachers is planned to take place in Bratislava this Friday.6. Oct 2016, at 8:56

Prime minister and education minister, wake up!

Smer is in an Identity crisis

MEPs openly say their party is not what the 21st century social democracy should be, but party leadership disregards their criticisms.28. Sep 2016, at 12:48

MEPs Boris Zala and Monika Flasikova Benova.

Lipšic gives up his mandate

By the end of the month the opposition MP will no longer sit in the Slovak parliament. His resignation comes after he was involved in a tragic road accident.22. Sep 2016, at 18:59

Daniel Lipšic announces his decision to resign from parliament.

Youngsters could do well in business

More and more young people seem to be willing to try their luck – and skills – as employers or at the least, self-employed.19. Sep 2016, at 8:00

Everything there is to know about goodbye sex

In Slovak, ‘goodbye sex’ is now what a client-turned-employee of a drug rehabilitation centre does to a 14-year-old girl in his care.15. Sep 2016, at 14:43

Presidency not all about Brexit so far

The departure of the UK from the club is important, but not the only topic the EU is dealing with as Slovakia holds the rotating presidency.15. Sep 2016, at 6:10

"Remain" supporters demonstrate in Parliament Square, London, on July 2, 2016.

Bratislava summit to be a self-defining moment for the EUPhoto

The informal meeting of EU leaders in Bratislava is not expected to bring any concrete solutions, but it could at least launch the Brexit-related processes and give a hint of what the EU should be about in the…14. Sep 2016, at 20:01

How not to celebrate the SNP

There had been a lot of talk about increased focus on preventing extremism when the current ruling coalition was put together.1. Sep 2016, at 18:25

Strong foundations link Korea and Slovakia

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea talks about the responses of Korean businesses to the potential lack of employees for automotive sector, the opening of KOTRA branch in Slovakia, and the tourism potential.29. Aug 2016, at 5:30

Korean Ambassador Taero Lee

Malinová case, ten years on

Slovak judiciary has still reached no conclusion in the case of the alleged 2006 assault on a Hungarian student whom the then interior minister called a "pathological liar".26. Aug 2016, at 7:33

Hedviga Malinová-Žáková

UK envoy: Business ties to remain post-Brexit

British ambassador to Slovakia talks about Brexit, Slovakia’s presidency over EU Council and his love for football.26. Aug 2016, at 6:30

British Ambassador Andrew Garth

Sieť to change the coalition

The prime minister expects the changes to be only cosmetic, analysts agree the coalition remains firm.18. Aug 2016, at 9:38

PM Robert Fico: Coalition is stable.

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