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Icefall at Spiš

The waterfall Šikľavá rock located near Spišská Nová Ves changes during the winter to an icefall.21. Jan 2017, at 7:40

Market at Žilinská saved, at least for next four years

The Old Town would like to obtain the plot on which the market stands.19. Jan 2017, at 22:12

A busy day at the Žilinská market.

Highest growth for Real estate taxes in Slovakia since 2013

Towns and villages increase real estate taxes by 2.33 percent on average in 2017.19. Jan 2017, at 22:01

Taxes on real estate for doing business are the highest in Púchov.

NBS: Hard Brexit may slow down Slovakia’s economic growth by 0.5 percent

Impact on Slovakia will be indirect via its main trade partners, especially Germany19. Jan 2017, at 21:52

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May

State health insurer refuses firms of auntie Anka

The State health insurer will not renew the contracts with companies connected with Forai’s aunt.19. Jan 2017, at 21:47

Slovakia commemorates plane crash near Hejce

On 19th January 2006, a military plane crashed in the Hungarian village of Hejce flying from Kosovo to Košice.19. Jan 2017, at 21:36

Hungary accepts the Malinová case

The case of Hedviga Malinová ends in Slovakia after 10 years, and moves to Hungarian courts.19. Jan 2017, at 21:26

Hedviga Žáková-Malinová

MEP Maňka the first Slovak in the leadership of European Parliament

MEP for the coalition Smer party Vladimír Maňka became the first Slovak to join leading position for the EU Parliament.19. Jan 2017, at 13:47

Vladimír Maňka, Smer MEP

Fico: EU should not emerge from Brexit talks weakened and UK strengthened

At the event marking the end of Slovakia's Council of EU presidency, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico commented on the issue of Brexit that greatly impacted the six-month period.19. Jan 2017, at 13:43

PM Robert Fico

€10 mil stimulus for six firms, approved by cabinet

The Economy Ministry proposed six manufacturing companies for state investment aid.19. Jan 2017, at 13:38

L-R: Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatisation Peter Pellegrini, Prime Minister Robert Fico and Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák at January 18 cabinet session.

Tourists to get information also in English at city transport stops

To help the ever more tourists that come to Bratislava, names of crucial stops – e.g. terminal stops or those in and around city centre – will be announced in two languages.19. Jan 2017, at 13:37

A new bus stop has also been added in the city centre.

Golden mystery solved - including by a Slovak

Slovak researcher Lukáš Félix Pašteka is among the authors of the international study that brings a groundbreaking explanation about why gold is special.19. Jan 2017, at 13:30

Bratislava City councillors filed motion concerning public lighting

The contract between the capital’s city council and the Siemens company, concluded without a public tender, is a subject of criticism.19. Jan 2017, at 13:24

Bratislava city lights

Almost 120,000 kids got a letter from Ježiško this year

The eighteenth year of Christmas mail became the second most successful in the history of Christmas mail.19. Jan 2017, at 8:30

"Mail for Baby Jesus"

Heart surgeon sentenced for bribery, allowed to work again

Renowned heart surgeon Viliam Fischer who was handed a suspended sentence, a fine and a work ban for accepting a bribe will be allowed to practice again.18. Jan 2017, at 23:36

Heart surgeon Viliam Fischer

ÚRSO instructed to do U-turn on 2017 energy approvals

The government slams the regulatory office for an increase in basic prices for electricity and gas and approves a return to the 2016 system.18. Jan 2017, at 23:26

Jozef Holjenčík of ÚRSO

SHMÚ: Freezing temperatures return, 2nd degree alert issued

Second-degree warnings concerning extraordinary freezing temperatures issued, with 1st degree for warnings of snow-drifts for drivers.18. Jan 2017, at 23:07

Ice and frost force people to grit and salt roads to make them safer.

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