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Instead of dog urinals, an off-leash dog park

The municipal office of Poprad is preparing a pilot project, building an off-leash dog park and as well as a dog shelter. 1. Oct 2016, at 7:15

Preparing project, building an off-leash dog park, illustrative stock photo.

Sagan first Slovak ever to become brand ambassador for SlovakiaPhoto

“I didn’t even need to win the Olympics to get it,” said Sagan. 29. Sep 2016, at 23:16

Peter Sagan

Slovakia seeks €228 million from Enel

The Economy Ministry wants finally to close the privatisation of Slovenské Elektrárne after 10 years. 29. Sep 2016, at 23:12

Quote of the week

“The semantic universe of lawyers and barristers is different from the semantic universe of politicians.” 29. Sep 2016, at 23:10

Radoslav Procházka

Third graded strike attracted 2,031 teachers

If no change in teachers’ conditions comes, ISU will continue strikes on October 7, omitting four lessons. 29. Sep 2016, at 23:04

Members of the Slovak Teachers Initiative (ISU) Vladimír Crmoman (in the middle) and Luboš Sibert who have carried out graded strikes for better teachers's conditions.

Small entrepreneurs spend over 140 hours per year tied up in red tape

Companies which run a business in Slovakia have to fulfil, in total, 75 administrative operations per year. 29. Sep 2016, at 22:52

Entrepreneurs in Slovakia have to fulfil 75 administrative operations per year. Illustrative stock photo

Bratislava has not extended a rental contract with the US Embassy

The rental contract with the US Embassy expired on August 15. 29. Sep 2016, at 22:22

The US Embassy will leave Hviezdoslavovo Square.

European natural wonder on post stamp

The new post stamp named “Beauties of our country: Herľany Geyser” was published last week by The Slovak Post with a value of 0,80 €. 29. Sep 2016, at 14:37

Herľany Geyser

Police detained one person at Oncology Institute for bribery

In recent days, rumours have been spreading in the media and also among the public that a top representative of the National Institute of Oncology (NOÚ) was detained at his workplace for bribery. 29. Sep 2016, at 14:02

NOÚ, illustrative stock photo

Smer rejects Paška’s programme document, drafts a new one

Postponement of the Smer party’s programme conference is partly due to MPs’ criticism of the main document drafted by MPs Ľuboš Blaha and Pavol Paška. 29. Sep 2016, at 13:56

L-R: Co-author of the Smer programme document Ľuboš Blaha with Prime Minsiter Robert Fico.

Border bridge in Medveďov reopens

The bridge in Medveďov, in the Trnava Region, which links Slovakia and Hungary has been reopened following repairs. 29. Sep 2016, at 13:42

The Bridge in Medveďov was reopened on September 29.

Military equipment being transported across Slovakia

Until the end of this week (October 2), heavy military equipment, including foreign, will be redeployed across Slovak territory. 29. Sep 2016, at 13:37

Slovak Shield 2015 military exercise

President Kiska visits Italy, opens Slovak expo

Slovak President Andrej Kiska is on a two-day official working trip in Italy. 29. Sep 2016, at 13:35

Group of statues from the Nativity of Jesus Altar, Gothic Treasures form Slovakia expo

Another summit will empty Bratislava's streets

The parliamentary summit slated for October will not close roads in Bratislava but there will be some limitations. 29. Sep 2016, at 0:17

On previous Summit, September 16, Bratislava was left almost empty.

Over 2,200 teachers to participate in the escalating strike on Thursday

The escalated, or gradual, strike by dissatisfied teachers will continue on September 29; so far, 2,263 teachers from 192 schools plan to join. 29. Sep 2016, at 0:07

School strike, illustrative stock photo

Procházka approved as candidate for EUGC additional judge

Former leader of the coalition Sieť party Radoslav Procházka ran for the post of additional judge for the EU General Court (EUGC) in Luxembourg. 28. Sep 2016, at 23:54

Radoslav Procházka

President Kiska inks Paris Climate Agreement

Slovak President, Andrej Kiska, concluded the national process of the ratification of the Paris Agreement on climate change. 28. Sep 2016, at 23:18

President Andrej Kiska, illustrative stock photo

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