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Benjamin Cunningham

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Benjamin Cunningham is a Prague based writer and journalist. He joined The Slovak Spectator as a senior editor in 2013, and is a frequent contributor to Politico, The Economist, The Los Angels Review of Books and a columnist for the daily Sme. Benjamin is also a professor of journalism at Anglo-American University in Prague.

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2017: Kaliňák loses his job but keeps his 1990-style haircut

It would be a shame to start the New Year with an entirely negative outlook, so here are some positive predictions.1. Jan 2017, at 16:01

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

How to find out what worries us?

To see what worries Americans the most, look at how they interpret images from Europe, and vice versa.27. Dec 2016, at 15:49

Fico is out of ideas

With Slovaks concerned about other, real things, Fico has set about inventing fake problems and enemies.19. Dec 2016, at 15:30

PM Robert Fico

Could Bratislava be a "24-hour city"?

There is good reason for the Slovak capital to think about nightlife as a legitimate contributor to the economic and cultural health of the city.16. Oct 2016, at 9:45

Bratislava by night.

No direction

The beginning of the end: Even Smer’s greatest strategic asset, unity, is splintered as MEPs openly criticise the party’s direction — or lack thereof.30. Sep 2016, at 9:00

PM Robert Fico

Bratislava EU summit copes with existential crisis

UK is a notable absence as 27 leaders gather to discuss reforms, how to handle Brexit.16. Sep 2016, at 14:36

Strange sort of statemanship

Politicians from Central Europe led opposition to the quota policy, which was approved at the European Union level, and now like to point to its failure as proof of their own wisdom. In fact their refusal to…3. Sep 2016, at 17:00

Everybody’s problem

While Slovak politics do not match this larger model exactly, the current apolitical government certainly does and the recent collapse of Sieť is playing into the trend, while fuelling anger at politics generally.19. Aug 2016, at 6:30

Tasting the high life (Spectacular Slovakia - travel guide)Plus

Slovakia is often noted for its rustic charms, natural beauty, and unpretentious tourism options, but luxury travellers need not be discouraged. Upscale accommodation, dining, and relaxation options are increasingly…27. Jul 2016, at 6:30

Lomnický štít peak in the High Tatras

Crash course

Many young, ambitious and successful people opt not to stay in Slovakia and instead move to Western Europe and the United States, according to a new report released by the IMF.22. Jul 2016, at 6:50

Au revoir, little England

Many problems have been made worse by this Brexit vote. Far right extremism? More extreme. A divided Europe? More divided. Uncertainty about the economy? More uncertain. Lack of confidence in government? Even more…24. Jun 2016, at 13:40

Britain blames also Slovakia

If there is any correlation between immigration and employment in Britain, it’s that immigrants actually create jobs for natives.21. Jun 2016, at 6:51

Illustrative stock photo

Austrian answers

Voters have ceased to believe that who they voted for in past elections really mattered. People in Austria are united on this, and so are the voters in Slovakia that backed incoherent fringe parties in the March…27. May 2016, at 6:40

Alexander van der Bellen is the new Austrian president.

Cheer up!

The past 89 years have provided plenty of reasons for scepticism, but they have also shown ample examples of humanity’s ability to solve problems collectively.24. May 2016, at 6:46

Normal country

People repeatedly refer to desire to live in a “normal country”. Slovaks say things like this a lot too, so do Czechs – and this leads to the question of what is a normal country?16. May 2016, at 6:05

The highest number of BSCs are located in Bratislava.

Counting calories

Voters are not likely to make a big deal about budget deficits themselves, but the resulting credibility gap does diminish what is already low confidence in the governing class.28. Apr 2016, at 19:31

Peter Kažimír

Media should be free and diverse, not a geopolitical tool

Slovakia ranks 12th in the annual global ranking of press freedom; Central Europe fare less well.26. Apr 2016, at 9:34

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