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German firms collaborate with schools

The number of employers, schools and students joining the dual education system has doubled in its second year, as some German companies introduced their own projects.10. Oct 2016, at 5:30

Students learn new things also at the premises of Volkswagen in Bratislava.

Big gaps exist in IT education, say experts

Weak networks and emphasis on consumerism hinder children from obtaining proper knowledge.23. Sep 2016, at 6:30

Slovak children does not search for proper information on the internet.

Ministry to reduce highway fines

New amendment cuts fines for driving on toll roads without e-sticker to €150 and introduces restriction that fines can only come once per month.21. Sep 2016, at 18:28

Highways in Slovakia. Illustrative stock photo.

Slovakia too lives on ecological debt

Automotive and supporting industries classify Slovakia among the most energy intensive countries in the EU, experts say.9. Sep 2016, at 12:00

Slovak industry, illustrative stock photo.

Licensing of prescription drugs flawed

Drug reform in 2011 was meant to boost transparency, but not all pharmaceutical companies have followed through.1. Sep 2016, at 10:50

Several medicine products reimbursed by public insurance in Slovakia have not passed obliatory evaluation of cost utility.

KOTRA expands business partnerships

The Slovak business sphere provides sufficient infrastructure, location and business friendliness, but lacks customers and employees.30. Aug 2016, at 6:30

Kia Motors Slovakia is the biggest Korean company in Slovakia.

British English teachers stay popular in Slovakia

Though demand for native speakers from the UK remains high, the supply lags behind as natives prefer to teach at home, in Slovakia's neighbouring countries, or in exotic countries.30. Aug 2016, at 6:30

Illustration stock photo.

Slovak-Dutch cooperation in water management continues

Experts discuss flood risks, supply, treatment of wastewater and information systems.18. Aug 2016, at 11:36

Water dam in Gabčíkovo.

Rule of law remains problematic

Belgian and Dutch firms talk about advantages of doing business in Slovakia, the problems they see in Slovak business environment, and factors that affect Belgian and Dutch companies to launch a business in Slovakia…16. Aug 2016, at 6:30

Law enforcement is one of the main problems in the Slovak business environment.

Pokémon rules Slovak game scene

Groups of fans meet and hunt together for well-known cartoon creatures in cities around Slovakia.12. Aug 2016, at 10:59

People all over the world meet together at joint hunts of Pokémon creatures.

Proposed tax on voluntary insurance criticised

As Finance Ministry looks to boost revenues, industry calls planned levy unfair, non-sensical.11. Aug 2016, at 11:37

Insurance companies might embed new non-life insurance levies to the price of their products. Illustrative stock photo.

Austrian firms praise Slovak productivity

But state still needs more transparency.1. Aug 2016, at 5:30

The state will be weighing trucks.

Government to re-distribute SAV money

Though Slovakia is among Europe's least invested in R&D, authorities now propose to take yet more money Academy of Sciences.28. Jul 2016, at 14:15

L-R Activists Vladimír Zvara (Initiative of University Teachers), Imrich Barák (Veda chce žiť! initiative)  and Vladimír Crmoman (Initiative of Slovak Teachers) during the briefing about intention to bereave €1 million of the SAV budget on July 21.

FinMin seeks to legalise artificial revenues

For the last two years the government worked with funds beyond the budget, although they were not officially forecast.22. Jul 2016, at 6:20

Finance Minister Peter Kažimír

Ministry to harmonise land law with EU rules

Requirement of 10-year residency for foreigners violates common market regulations.14. Jul 2016, at 16:19

Arable land in Slovakia.

Health Ministry to ban reexport of medicine

Low prices have seen distribution companies sell supplies abroad for bigger profits.13. Jul 2016, at 10:32

Slovak patients lack medicines in hospitals.

Triblavina highway project still prompts disagreement

Residents of municipalities outside Bratislava -- Bernolákovo, Chorvátsky Grob, Vajnory -- are petitioning against proposed changes to the Triblavina intersection plan.6. Jul 2016, at 5:50

Section of D1 highway between Bratislava and Trnava.

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