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THE 7th Exhibition of Naive Art from Kovačica, an ethnic Slovak enclave in Serbia, presents the works of three generations of the Knjazovic family: late grandfather Ján, a prominent artist whose works can also be found in the Louvre and the Vatican; and works by mother Ana and granddaughter Nataša. Their paintings can be seen until May 25, daily except for Mondays, from 14:00-18:00 (or by arrangement) in the Typo & Arts Gallery at Roľnícka 349 in Bratislava’s Vajnory district. Admission is free, but visitors are advised to call ahead via 0903/477-074 or visit

National Theatre Live – King Lear, William Shakespeare – The project of live broadcasts from the National Theatre in London this time offers a classical piece, directed by famous Sam Mendes.
Starts: May 1, 19:45; drama hall of the Slovak National Theatre, Pribinova 17. Admission: €15. Tel: 02/2047-2299;

The Umbilical Brothers – Don’t Explain – This award-winning comedy troupe that merges mime, drama, puppetry and sound effects is returning to entertain Slovak audiences once again.
Starts: April 29, 20:00; Istropolis, Trnavské Mýto 1. Admission: €15-€35. Tel: 02/5293 -3321;

Vladimír Godár - Querela Pacis – This piece by Godár, a contemporary music composer, commemorates the anniversary of the Second World War by recalling a text of Erasmus of Rotterdam, an elegy to peace. It will be performed by the Solamente Naturali ensemble, led by Miloš Valent and conducted by Andrew Parrott, with soloists Emily van Evera, Petra Noskaiová and Tomáš Šelc.
Starts: April 30, 19:30; Slo-vak Philharmonic, Reduta, E. Suchoňa Square 1. Admission: €10, €13. Tel: 02/2047-5233;

Len Tak Tak – The “integrated physical theatre” Len Tak Tak explores the human body, its limitations, possibilities and sacred aspects in a dance-movement performance called Tabu / Taboo.
Starts: May 3, 19:00; Pisztory Palace, Štefánikova 25. Admission: voluntary. More info:

…Éj, Fujaráši, Fujaráši – s Vami sa mi Páči! / …Gee, Fujara Players, I Enjoy the Time with You! – This event of “true, authentic folklore in the middle of the city” offers Slovak folklore music performed by Monika Gromová, Jozef Šulaj and Marián Plavec on the traditional instrument, the fujara.
Starts: April 29, 19:00; ART Club Café Scherz, Palisády (Partizánska 2). Admission: €3. Tel: 0918/724-379; www.

Kapitulské Dvory / Chapter Backyards - The owners of the palaces and houses on Kapitulská Street adjacent to St Martin’s Cathedral have united in the Oživenie Kapitulskej Ulice civic association and are now opening their backyards to the public while also organising activities like puppet and chamber music performances and more.
Starts: May 1, 10:00-18:00; Kapitulská Street. Admission: free. More info:

Don Giovanni – Mozart’s famous drama giocoso returns to the Slovak National Theatre, in the version directed by late Jozef Bednárik and performed by Pavol Remenár, Adriana Kohútková, Ondrej Šaling, Mikuláš Doboš and others (and on April 29, also by famous tenor Pavol Bršlík).
Starts: April 29, 19:00; historical building of the SND, Hviezdoslavovo Square 4. Admission: €5-€25. Tel: 02/2049 -4290;

Klasici Naivného Umenia – The Classics of Naïve Art – Another collaboration of the Slovak National Gallery (SNG) and the Slovak National Theatre (SND) is this exhibition of “naïve artists” from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Croatia and Brazil, curated by Katarína Čierna. It presents 38 works by 15 artists.
Open: one before performances (usually 18:00) until May 11; new SND building, Pribinova 17. Admission: free. More info:,

Zdena Strobachová - Já malovat musím! / I Have to Paint! – This exhibition created by Michal Motyčka and curated by Jana Šindelová presents some of Strobachová’s lesser known works, with a particular focus on paintings depicting the body and the corporeal.
Open: Gallery 19, Lazaretská 19. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5292-6651;

THE ENTWINE / Proplétám tour of Czech singer Iva Bittová marks the launch of her eponymous album. Known for her unique singing voice, Bittová combines various genres and styles, even encompassing opera and classical music. She will perform two concerts in Bratislava on April 29 and 30, and in Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Nitra and at the Synagogue-Centre of Contemporary Art in Trnava, on April 28. Tickets for the Trnava event can be purchased via, costing €13 in advance and €15 at the site; and all can be bought via, or

Ars Organi Nitra 2014 – The festival of organ music brings in its seventh year international musicians, this time the professor from the London Royal College of Music, Terence Charlston, playing classics as well as contemporary pieces.
Starts: May 4, 19:00; Evangelical Church of the Holy Spirit, Sládkovičova Street. Admission: free. Tel: 0904/528-321;

Dunajská Streda
UNESCO Jazz Day – The only venue celebrating International Jazz Day (as marked by UNESCO on April 30) in Slovakia is the Arthe Café, where Janoska Jazz Consort (Romn Jánoska on violin, František Jánoska on piano, Tomáš Baroš on double bass and Dávid Hodek on drums) will join this movement to popularise jazz music.
Starts: April 30, 20:30; Arthe Café, Kukučínova 459. Admission: €3. Tel: 0903/169 239;

1.TOP Jazz Fest – The first jazz festival of Topoľčany brings Martin Uherek Pianolesstrio, NBS Trio and Lukáš Oravec Quartet featuring Radovan Tariška, Elsa Valle and Gábor Winand.
Starts: April 29, 19:00; House of Culture, Československej Armády 2650. Admission: €5. More info:


Mark Whitfield & AMC Trio – Renowned US jazz guitarist Whitfield will join forces with Slovak AMC Trio for an evening of jazz.
Starts: April 30, 20:00; Bombura Club, M. R. Štefánika Square 16. Admission: €10 (in advance) - €13. Tel: 0905/347 -415;

Banská Bystrica, Žilina
Lukáš Oravec Quartet featuring Radovan Tariška – This group (including Oravec on trumpet and flugelhorn, Tariška on saxophone, Ľuboš Šrámek on piano, Tomáš Baroš on acoustic bass and Marián Ševčík on drums) will perform a series of concerts around Slovakia.
Starts: May 1, 20:00; Jazz Klub 12, Horná 65, Banská Bystrica; May 2, 20:00, Stanica Žilina Záriečie (with the launch of their new album). Admission: not stated; €3-€5 (in advance) - €5-€7 (at the site) for Žilina. Tel: 048/4198- 953;; 0948/344-606;

Two exhibitions, the Folk Costumes of Transylvania and Ladies’ Burgher Fashion in the 19th Century, present styles of the past.
Open: daily 10:00-18:00 until May 11; Bebek Tower of the Fiľakovo Castle Museum. Admission: €1.50-€3. Tel: 0907/640-700;


Poprad/High Tatras
Netradičný Pretek Cyklistov / Non-traditional Cycling Race – This cycling race known more for its air of humour than the actual competition, offers curious disciplines, interesting prizes and a light-hearted atmosphere.
Starts: May 3, 10:00; Grand Hotel Bellevue, Vysoké Tatry. Admission: free. More info:

Dvojportrét / Twin Portrait – The concert “Twin Portrait-Czech and Slovak Musical Avant-garde / Praha-Bratislava-Cieszyn” brings the works of 1960s’ avant-garde composers Czech Marek Kopelent and Slovak Roman Berger.
Starts: April 28, 19:00; Kasárne Kulturpark Barracks, Kukučínova 2. Admission: €4-€8 (one hour before the event). Tel: 055/6854-299 or www.

Carla Bozulich – This US singer/composer moves between industrial post-rock and experimental, drawing also from American country music.
Starts: April 30, 21:00; Tabačka KulturFabrik, Gorkého 2. Admission: €3-€5. More info:

This exposition of folk crafts has been enhanced with folk costumes from eight local villages in the Spiš region. The exhibition will culminate on May 3, with a folklore programme featuring a Spring Festival and Hniezdne Yoke.
Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-16:00 until May 3; Nestville Park, Hniezdne 471. Admission: €3-€5. Tel: 052/42 636 35;

Top stories

The car belonged to Hyza in the past, now carried Hungarian plates.

Refugees die in a truck near Slovak border in Austria

DOZENS of refugees have lost their lives near the Slovak border today, in a van carrying the brand of a Slovak company.

Some farms in Slovakia are in danger.

Slovak milk producers to protest in Brussels

THE CURRENT crisis in milk production not only causes losses for farmers, but it may also result in some of them closing down their businesses, according to the Slovak Agricultural and Food Chamber (SPPK).

The construction of the refugee camp in Berg is underway.

Interior Minister surprised by news of refugee camp close to Austrian border

THE CONSTRUCTION of a refugee camp for migrants from Syria close to the Austrian-Slovak border has caught Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák by surprise, the TASR newswire learnt on August 26.

Almost 40 Slovak companies rank in TOP 500

AS MANY as 39 companies from Slovakia have made it into the CEE TOP 500 companies of central and eastern European regions, composed by Coface.

Source: Courtesy of Typoars


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  2. Interior Minister surprised by news of refugee camp close to Austrian border
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