EP VOTE: Two Hungarian parties make it to the EP

TWO ethnic Hungarian MEPs will join the ranks of the European People’s Party in the EP. Altogether six of the 13 Slovak MEPs will be part of this fraction.

TWO ethnic Hungarian MEPs will join the ranks of the European People’s Party in the EP. Altogether six of the 13 Slovak MEPs will be part of this fraction.

Pál Csáky of the ethnic-Hungarian Hungarian Community Party (SMK) party, who will be the party’s only MEP in the upcoming term, said on Sunday that the fact that SMK has received more votes than Most-Hid is a pleasant surprise for him, TASR reported.

Based on estimates, SMK received 6.5-percent support while Most-Hid was backed by 5.8 percent of voters. SMK however loses one of its MEP chairs, as in the past term it was represented by two deputies in the EP.

According to former SMK chairman Csáky, this indicates that things are changing in southern Slovakia, where the bulk of Slovakia's Hungarian minority lives.

Leader of Most-Híd's slate for the EP elections Zsolt Simon, who was however not elected to the EP, told TASR that he's happy that the slate's number two József Nagy has made it into the EU's parliamentary institution instead.

"I'm glad that Most-Híd as a team was successful. We have one MEP, and I'm happy to have been in the top spot on the slate," said Simon as quoted by TASR, as he went on to dismiss considerations of stepping down, calling these irrelevant at this point.

This was Most-Híd's first attempt at an MEP seat, as the party was registered with the Interior Ministry in July 2009, a month after the previous EP elections.

Source: TASR

Compiled by Michaela Terenzani from press reports.
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