No matter whether you are Slovak or a foreign traveller – the newest edition of Spectacular Slovakia for season 2012/2013 introduces the beauties of the country to everyone, combining the unique approaches of different Slovak and foreign journalists. Spectacular Slovakia takes readers on a journey through 200 colourful pages, featuring fascinating stories and showing images from around the country.

This year’s edition of Spectacular Slovakia also contains an exclusive photo-story entitled “ Hidden in the Middle ” by Chris Steele-Perkins – member of the prestigious photographic agency Magnum Photos and holder of several international awards. Mr Steele-Perkins, British photographer of world renown, can through his lens - usually in a single shot - capture more vitality, mystery and depth than could be contained in thousands of words. Perkins‘ story is followed by a feature section focusing on spas, golf courts, castles, caves and more.

In this year’s Spectacular Slovakia we have chosen a new approach to guide you around the country’s most interesting tourist sites. Rather than follow the official administrative divisions of Slovakia – which splits the country into eight self-govering regions – we have created 18 tourism “hubs” or bases. These each have considerable tourism potential, featuring various spas, wellness centres, golf courses and other tourist attractions. They are as follows:
Western Slovakia: Bratislava, Komárno, Nitra, Bojnice, Trenčianske Teplice, Piešťany, Skalica
Central Slovakia: Rajecké Teplice, Turčianske Teplice, Orava, Liptov, Tále, southern Slovakia, Banská Štiavnica
Eastern Slovakia: High Tatras, Levoča, Bardejov, Košice

The travel guide, published by The Slovak Spectator for the 2012-2013 season, has a new reader-friendly design (sample pages) and its team of 31 authors and contributors covers a wide range of tourist sites - from the most familiar spots like Vysoké Tatry (High Tatras), Košice and Bratislava to unique and little-known hideaways such as Modrová or Kulháň.

Contents: Spectacular Slovakia 2012/2013

Amongst other benefits, this publication brings you detailed information, opening hours and full contact details for lodging, restaurants, attractions, castles, spas, ski resorts, aquaparks, caves and golf resorts. Spectacular Slovakia will be your essential guide to enjoying your stay in Slovakia.

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