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Polajka ensemble plays the works by composer Leoš Janáček in special arrangements

Countrywide events

Tips for events in Slovakia, including many festivals - film, theatre, music, choir music - St Nicolas events, Christmas concerts, a ballet premiere, and more.

Zuzana Vilikovská , 25. Nov 2015, at 13:58
The Elisabeth Hotel in Trenčín.

Elizabeth hotel in Trenčín harvests awards

Historic Slovak hotels have garnered international recognition.

Compiled by Spectator staff , 24. Nov 2015, at 7:56
Stará Tržnica hosted the Christmas Bazaar on Sunday.

Christmas Bazaar again offered countries' specialtiesPhoto

The biggest charity event of the expat community in Slovakia returned after a one-year break.

Compiled by Spectator staff , 24. Nov 2015, at 7:51
Pohoda 2015, Björk performing.

Pohoda made it among Top 10 UK Festival Awards

FOR HISTORICALLY the first time, Slovak multi-genre festival Pohoda made it among the top ten events nominated in the UK Festival Awards as the Best Foreign Festival.

Compiled by Spectator staff , 24. Nov 2015, at 7:00
Golden Mill in Svätý Jur

Hygiene from a mill

JUST a stone’s throw from Bratislava lies one of the best preserved Medieval towns in Slovakia – Svätý Jur, or St. George. To this day, it is partially surrounded by the original walls and in some parts they even…

23. Nov 2015, at 13:31

Slovaks designed unique game with miniature dronesVideo

THE COMMONLY available drone represents a huge investment but a practical use is quite difficult to find. Young Slovaks of the Anima Technica company launched a crowdfunding campaign in November for their…

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská , 22. Nov 2015, at 6:00
Virgin mary procession in Trnava

Historical document read, procession re-enactedPhoto

A HISTORICAL document of the Trnava city office from November 20, 1710, concerning the special devotion of the city to the Virgin Mary, was read during a festive Mass on November 15. This was followed by a…

Compiled by Spectator staff , 20. Nov 2015, at 7:00

Poppy heads should grow and develop

Young people and their projects help people and their environment to improve.

Radka Minarechová , 20. Nov 2015, at 6:30
Christmas Bazaar 2008, Old Market Hall

Meet the world at Christmas Bazaar

AFTER ONE year’s break, the 24th Charity Christmas Bazaar will again be organised in Bratislava, on Sunday November 22 in Stará tržnica / Old Market-hall.

Compiled by Spectator staff , 19. Nov 2015, at 7:00
Christmas market in Bratislava, older edition

Countrywide events

Tips for events in Slovakia between November 20 and 29, with opening of Christmas markets, charity Christmas Bazaar, a lot of classcial (especially early) and jazz music, dance, opera, the Night of the Theatres, and…

Zuzana Vilikovská , 18. Nov 2015, at 14:09
Cleaning thr crater at Vyšné Ružbachy

Rare travertine crater drained for cleaningPhoto

THE TRAVERTINE crater in the Vyšné Ružbachy spa, called simply Kráter, was drained at the end of October to be cleaned.

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská , 18. Nov 2015, at 7:00
Tao Dance Company: No 7

Dance festival moves closer to audiencesPhoto

THE CONTEMPORARY dance festival Bratislava in Motion spanned the entire month of October and if anything can be summarised from the eight performances, then it is the tendency to do away with formal story-telling…

Zuzana Vilikovská , 17. Nov 2015, at 7:00
Juraj Kušnierik (L) with Týždeň chief editor Štefan Hríb.

Journalist and bookseller Juraj Kušnierik died

DURING A business trip to Iceland, Slovak journalist Juraj Kušnierik passed away on November 13.

Compiled by Spectator staff , 16. Nov 2015, at 13:23
Ron Padgett with actors Lucia Hurajová and Ľubo Bukový at Ars Poetica 2014

Ars Poetica brings British, American poets

THOUGH the need for translation often hinders the international exchange of literature, there is a hint that the cross cultural exchange is growing more intense.

Zuzana Vilikovská , 16. Nov 2015, at 7:00
Marián Varga will perform on November 17

Celebrating the Velvet Revolution

THE VELVET Revolution that toppled the communist regime in former Czechoslovakia in 1989 (and then split into the Czech and the Slovak Republics) is commemorated annually on November 17; and it seems that each year,…

Compiled by Spectator staff , 15. Nov 2015, at 7:00
Heeda by Open House Theatre

Foreigners from Austria enchant Pezinok

ENGLISH theatre, or rather theatre in English language, does not have deep roots in Slovakia, and is not the most-visited genre (except maybe for some performances at festivals, comfortably equipped with Slovak…

Zuzana Vilikovská , 13. Nov 2015, at 7:05
Štrbské pleso

India promoted through a photo of SlovakiaPhoto

AS PICTURES lure tourists to come visit, it is crucial to select an attractive one, which tourism professionals well know. It is interesting though, why the second biggest Indian booking website, TravelGuru,…

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská , 12. Nov 2015, at 10:39
Black and White, National Theatre Brno guest performance in SND
UPDATED: November 13, 15:30

Countrywide events

Tips for events in Slovakia between November 13 and 22, including those hailing the anniversary of Velvet Revolution-November 17, theatre and film festivals, ballet-dance performances, exhibitions stressing the…

Zuzana Vilikovská , 11. Nov 2015, at 15:56
Bust of Franz Liszt, stock photo

Composer Franz Liszt had roots going back to Rusovce

THE GRANDPARENTS of famous pianist and composer Franz Liszt came from the current Slovak-Hungarian border region, as the entry in the parish registry of the Roman Catholic Church of St. Maria Magdalena in Rusovce…

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská , 11. Nov 2015, at 7:10
Vyhne spa

Bathing with the enemy?

LOOKING at the picture of a neat and prosperous spa in Vyhne, one would be saddened to learn that it no longer exists.

10. Nov 2015, at 7:00

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