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Blueprint technique was used often in Slovak tradition

Blueprint in Slovakia

IT IS not rare that an exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, and sometimes the catalogue lives on after the show ends. But the book Blueprint in Slovakia / Modrotlač na Slovensku takes this to a whole different…

Zuzana Vilikovská, 24. Apr 2015, at 12:03

Artists protest against garages at Bratislava Castle

THE SOS Bratislavský hrad civic organisation held a concert in Bratislava to point at excavation and construction plans around Bratislava Castle on April 22.

Compiled by Spectator staff, 24. Apr 2015, at 8:44
Calabration at Ján Hollý's monument in Dobrá Voda.

Dobrá Voda commemorated 230th anniversary of birth of cultural activist Ján Hollý

THE VILLAGE of Dobrá Voda in Trnava region has organised a programme for Sunday, April 12, to commemorate the 230th anniversary of Ján Hollý‘s birth, including the reopening of one of his favourite hiking trails.…

24. Apr 2015, at 8:05
President Kiska met craftsmen in ÚĽUV

Kiska meets with masters of traditional art

SLOVAK President Andrej Kiska visited the the ÚĽUV centre of traditional arts and crafts in Bratislava where he met 80 laureates of the honorary title Master of Traditional Folk Art.

Compiled by Spectator staff, 22. Apr 2015, at 23:03
Bratislava for Everyone

Open houses, free events mark start of tourist season

WARM weather invites people to spend more time outdoors and tourism season ceremonially opens with  Bratislava for Everyone, or Open Days of Bratislava, events taking place April 24-26.

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská, 22. Apr 2015, at 16:47
Abada Capoeira to perform with Elledanse dancers

Countrywide events

Tips for events in Slovakia between April 24 and May 3, including  dance event, two coffee fests, jazz award gala, May Day celebration, teamsters' race and more.  

Zuzana Vilikovská, 22. Apr 2015, at 11:42
Lego festival in Banská Bystrica

Creating a giant Lego statue attracted a record number of children

BUILDING a giant statute of a Lego construction kit attracted almost a thousand children during the Easter weekend. In the Europa Centre in Banská Bystrica, they competed, built and played.

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská, 22. Apr 2015, at 6:45
Amadinda Uganda

African drums to vibrate Bratislava club

WITH the festival of percussion (World of the Drums, Drums of the World) having become a tradition in the Slovak capital, the exotic rhythms comes to Bratislava again, on a more unusual date: instead of October, the…

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská, 21. Apr 2015, at 6:31
First Sunday Parade in Old Market-Hall, part of the Fjúžn 2014 festival of new minorities.

Discovering charms of puzzle and culture mixing

THE [fjúžn] FESTIVAL  which opens the issues of migration and integration celebrates its 10th anniversary. This jubilee year has the “Puzzle” as leitmotif that meanders along the whole dramaturgy list.

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská, 20. Apr 2015, at 8:10
Spending time together is important for families.

Family time still remains the key to successful childhood development

IT IS still important that children spend much of their free time with their families, experts agree. 

Radka Minarechová, 20. Apr 2015, at 5:30
Musical Evening at Bratislava Castle

Classical music a draw for tourists

THE CLASSICAL music heritage of Vienna allows it to draws tourists from all around the world. Now, Bratislava is looking to do the same and the recent launch of the Bratislava Goes Classical website is now the focal…

Zuzana Vilikovská, 18. Apr 2015, at 8:20
One of the SPOT's, heat exchanger stations.

Cultural Košice offers several new events for locals

SPOT’s, Košice cultural centres and points of culture, have organised several new events and cycles for local inhabitants and visitors to enhance the offer in the eastern-Slovak city which was European Capital of…

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská, 18. Apr 2015, at 8:01
St. Wenceslas crown

Replica of St. Wenceslas crown arrives in Bratislava

RESIDENTS and visitors to Bratislava have a unique opportunity to see an exact replica of the famous Crown of Saint Wenceslas starting on April 14 at the Pražská Mincovňa / Prague Mint gallery at Michalská Brana…

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská, 17. Apr 2015, at 8:14

Famed migrating eagle Anička Europe-bound

FAMED Slovak eagle Anička, whose daily life has resembled a soap opera in recent years, is en route to her home country. She stayed in Uganda for an extraordinary long time this year, probably because of bad weather…

Compiled by Spectator staff, 16. Apr 2015, at 23:08
One of the discussions with foreigners held during previous editions of [fjúžn].

Foreigners recite Slovak poem

AS PART of efforts to draw people to the April 23-30 Fjúžn festival a group of foreigners recited the Slovak poem ‘Mor Ho!’ (Crush Him!) in a video invitation. 

Compiled by Spectator staff, 16. Apr 2015, at 16:23

UNICEF hot air balloon to fly in Slovakia

FLYING High for Kids is a project aimed at helping people acknowledge the global events and to support the UN's Children Fund, UNICEF, in its struggle for supporting the rights of children.

Compiled by Spectator staff, 15. Apr 2015, at 23:26
Robbie Williams

Countrywide events

Tips for events in Slovakia between April 17 and April 26, including  rock concert, a jazz evening, glass exhibition, historical train ride, and more.  

Zuzana Vilikovská, 15. Apr 2015, at 11:33
Knowing history is part of "being Slovak".

Survey: What does it take to be a “true Slovak”?

TRUE Slovaks should first and foremost speak Slovak, view themselves as being Slovak and have Slovak citizenship, a survey by the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) has revealed.

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská, 15. Apr 2015, at 6:50

Luxury cars on display in Bratislava

THE BIGGEST automotive event in Slovakia, Autosalon 2015, launched April 14 and runs through April 19.

Compiled by Spectator staff, 14. Apr 2015, at 22:45

Bratislava Fashion Days presents new collections and trends

In its 10th year, new fashions and trends are on display, also for children.

Compiled by Spectator staff, 14. Apr 2015, at 13:32

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