Protests over the Gorilla scandal drew thousands into Slovakia’s squares.

A long strange trip continues

Principled ownership is the only recipe for journalistic freedom.

Tom Nicholson, 23. Apr 2015, at 6:30

Immigration realpolitik

Canada rolls out the welcome mat for economic migrants; refugees, not so much.  

Tom Nicholson, 22. Apr 2015, at 13:28
Halušky offered to visitors of a festival.
Foreigner in Bratislava

Blog: The perfect bryndzové halušky in Bratislava

Food: one of my favorite topics. I have always enjoyed trying meals from all over the world, it can be surprising how your typical rice with chicken can be prepared in so many different ways and using spices you…

22. Apr 2015, at 6:23
School teams presenting their ideas and prototypes.

Entrepreneurship and innovation – a bright future

When one thinks of common Irish-Slovak interests, entrepreneurship and innovation may not immediately come to mind.

21. Apr 2015, at 6:35
PM Robert Fico

Taking one for the team

Slovak politics in 2015 eerily resembles the tumultuous pre-1998 election period, with rumblings of an opposition coalition that could again dramatically alter the shape of the next government.

Tom Nicholson, 21. Apr 2015, at 6:30
František Borbély

Borbély was wrong

GANGSTER’S confidence that image would shield him from reality suggests disturbing truths about the Slovak justice system.

Tom Nicholson, 20. Apr 2015, at 5:30
Robert Fico (l) and Miloš Zeman in 2005.

A liberating experience

WILL he or won’t he? As of press time we have no idea whether Prime Minister Robert Fico will attend the May 9 celebrations in Moscow meant to mark the end of World War II. 

Benjamin Cunningham, 17. Apr 2015, at 6:00
Sig Gissler, the administrator of Pulitzer Prizes, delivering his speech in Bratislava.

A lifelong affair

NEWSPAPERS are forming their authors just as profoundly as journalists are shaping the media they work for.

16. Apr 2015, at 8:00
Philip Kerr
Teaching English

BLOG: Philip Kerr: ‘There’s no ‘single’ way of learning language’

Philip Kerr, a Vienna-based teacher trainer, lecturer and materials writer, the author of publications such as Straightforward and Inside Out and Translation and Own-Language Activities, is the first speaker at the…

10. Apr 2015, at 11:16

Humble beginnings led to the paper’s tenacity

An inside look at the early days of Slovakia’s English-language newspaper.

9. Apr 2015, at 10:35
President Andrej Kiska

Kiska striking a balance with soft opposition

NO matter where your beliefs on the political spectrum fall, any advocate of a genuinely pluralist democracy must admit that President Andrej Kiska’s election one year ago was a good thing for Slovakia.

Benjamin Cunningham, 2. Apr 2015, at 10:18

Striving against corruption

I AM pleased to see many institutions in Slovakia addressing the serious issue of corruption. According to a 2013 Eurobarometer survey, 90 percent of Slovaks perceived corruption as widespread, compared to an EU…

30. Mar 2015, at 12:20
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: Customer service experience in Bratislava

LIVING in Bratislava I have heard many stories about the lack of customer service in the city. Many of them I consider are due to cultural differences, but there are a few horror stories that make me wonder if there…

27. Mar 2015, at 6:35
Latest demographic statistics show Slovak population is ageing.

Slovaks need to open up to immigrants

FOREIGNERS can hardly be expected to feel welcome and to happily pay taxes amid flourishing nationalism and hostility -- including towards minorities already present in the country. 

Michaela Terenzani, 25. Mar 2015, at 15:20
Kosovo celebrated the seventh anniversary of its independence in mid February.

Recognise reality, and Kosovo

WAR and a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing leads to a major refugee crisis.

Benjamin Cunningham, 24. Mar 2015, at 6:30
Mikuláš Černák

Will Černák state the truth?

WHAT Mikuláš Černák has experienced is not a change of heart so much as a change of mind.

Tom Nicholson, 18. Mar 2015, at 13:23
Ondrej Dostál

Star EU stinks, but not to police

Striking success of company linked to Czech lobbyist in winning EU tenders goes unexplained after charges dismissed.

Tom Nicholson, 13. Mar 2015, at 7:04

Who needs guns when we have the “férovka“?

Gun ownership has reached a record figure, but Slovaks have better ways of solving disputes.

Tom Nicholson, 12. Mar 2015, at 6:30

Slovakia failing its troubled children

Fear and ignorance of suicide among teenagers is preventing us from helping them.

Tom Nicholson, 11. Mar 2015, at 6:30

What we won’t see this election year

Rarely has a Slovak parliamentary election been less interesting. 

Tom Nicholson, 10. Mar 2015, at 13:54

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