Tom Nicholson

Economy Minister Pavlis has to go

No one with such an obvious conflict of interest has any place in government.

Tom Nicholson, 30. Jan 2015, at 10:55

Diplomats are awaiting referendum result

THE REFERENDUM that seeks to constitutionally define the concept of family is dividing Slovak society. Members of the foreign diplomatic community, who traditionally speak with distinct voice when it comes to…

Beata Balogová, 23. Jan 2015, at 0:00
President Andrej Kiska

Mental worlds of presidents

LOVE for one’s homeland is a powerful and edifying feeling, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in addressing his nation on the New Year. For him, this feeling manifests itself in what he calls “fraternal support”…

Beata Balogová, 12. Jan 2015, at 0:00
Beata Balogová

A year of change

THE YEAR 2014 brought Slovakia its first ever president with no previous political background or one-time membership in the communist party, while preventing Prime Minister Robert Fico and his party Smer from…

Beata Balogová, 22. Dec 2014, at 0:00
Ján Pallo, Publisher

A letter from the Publisher

The Slovak Spectator has for 20 years been able to bring independent reports about what is going on in the country’s politics and business. We continue the mission started by our founders in 1995 and not even the…

Ján Pallo, Publisher, The Slovak Spectator 22. Dec 2014, at 0:00

It’s complicated

“IT’S a very complicated issue,” Health Minister Viliam Čislák responded to a journalist’s question about whether it is possible to be competent while still violating the law. The journalists were grilling Čislák…

Beata Balogová, 15. Dec 2014, at 0:00

The resignation game

PRIME Minister Robert Fico has got the attention of media by suggesting that a military conflict in Ukraine has a 70-percent probability. “I am talking about a big military conflict,” Fico heralded, insinuating that…

Beata Balogová, 8. Dec 2014, at 0:00

There is still a long road ahead

ŠTEFAN Harabin failed in his last shot at keeping power in the Slovak judiciary after judges on November 25 said they do not want to see the man who lorded over the sector for much of past decade to have a seat on…

Beata Balogová, 1. Dec 2014, at 0:00

Tending to the garden

PAVOL Paška’s position for some time seemed almost unshakeable in the ruling Smer party. Thus the recent resignation of Smer’s strongman from the post of speaker of parliament opens up questions about what is…

Beata Balogová, 24. Nov 2014, at 0:00

Precarious progress

THOSE who were students in November 1989 were fortunate enough to inhale the first sips of freedom on Slovakia’s squares while watching the corroding regime crumble are now into their mid-forties. Their children no…

Beata Balogová, 17. Nov 2014, at 0:00

A fistful of euros

A 53-YEAR old woman was given a six month conditional prison sentence for giving a €5 bribe to a physician from Nitra for a confirmation of temporary sick-leave in early November. The local prosecution is…

Beata Balogová, 10. Nov 2014, at 0:00

Bigoted balloting

NEITHER anti-gay activists, who initiated a petition for a referendum to constitutionally define the concept of family, nor LGBTI rights advocates, who called the initiative an attempt to curb minority rights, are…

Beata Balogová, 3. Nov 2014, at 0:00

Busting the myth

WHENEVER economic hardship culminates people, tend to pick a scapegoat – a vessel to pour their frustration into. In Slovakia, the country’s 403,000-strong Roma population most frequently plays this unfortunate role…

Beata Balogová, 26. Oct 2014, at 0:00

The worst publicity gimmick

SLOVAKIA has seen nearly as many stories of integrity as stories of corruption over the 25 years that have passed since the Velvet Revolution. The story of the Sme daily, which was founded in response to efforts by…

Beata Balogová, 20. Oct 2014, at 0:00
Slovak Word of the Week


“LESS MIGHTY than the Russian KGB, less notorious than the East German Stasi, and less feared than the Romanian Securitate, Štátna Bezpečnosť (ŠtB) was nonetheless a cornerstone of communist Czechoslovakia,” read…

Lukáš Fila, 17. Oct 2014, at 18:00

Picture of Dorian Gray

PEOPLE who cannot be intoxicated by PR-pieces masked as journalism and aim for news that shows the true reflection of political Dorian Grays in the mirror, usually make well-informed decisions in their support for…

Beata Balogová, 13. Oct 2014, at 0:00
Slovak Word of the Week

Čo bolo, bolo

NO PHRASE can ever sum-up Slovakia’s approach to corruption and political scandal better than: “Čo bolo, bolo.” (What was, was). It was used most recently by former Transport Ministry official Peter Havrila, who…

Lukáš Fila, 9. Oct 2014, at 0:00

The final act of the SDKÚ melodrama

RECENT developments within the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ), a once reformist force that pushed three-time prime minister Vladimír Mečiar and his party out of office and into oblivion, is now itself…

Beata Balogová, 6. Oct 2014, at 0:00
Slovak Word of the Week


IT HAS been noted here before that the true meaning of many words which find their way into Slovak gets lost in translation. Terms such as transparency, rule of law, or even democracy have all found their unique,…

Lukáš Fila, 2. Oct 2014, at 0:00

More than money

SHOPPING for media outlets is the latest trend among local billionaires and business moguls, spurring fear among journalists who thought they chose their profession and employer based on the relative independence…

Beata Balogová, 29. Sep 2014, at 0:00

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