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SNP was a significant moment in history

The story of US-Slovak military cooperation began with the Slovak National Uprising. 29. Aug 2016, at 7:30

Kathie Baranski Lund answers the questions of journalists at a wreath-laying ceremony for Captain Baranski at Sliač Airfield.
The Other Slovakia

Blog: Slniečkars from all Slovakia, unite!

“How do you translate slniečkar in English?” I ask my Slovak colleague. “Ha! I don’t know what it exactly means in Slovak either.” Anca Dragu 19. Aug 2016, at 11:30

Everybody’s problem

While Slovak politics do not match this larger model exactly, the current apolitical government certainly does and the recent collapse of Sieť is playing into the trend, while fuelling anger at politics generally. Benjamin Cunningham , 19. Aug 2016, at 6:30

Blog: Can small Slovak NGOs help solving global challenges?

A small gesture in the beginning can have a huge impact in the end, especially when workshops and educative tools are used on a weekly basis. 17. Aug 2016, at 14:30

Lessons from Sieť

Party's breakup offers textbook example of how not to do things. Beata Balogová , 17. Aug 2016, at 13:30

Sieť party leader Radoslav Procházka

Back to normal, with fresh ambitions

Over the course of six months the tension at the start of the presidency has become daily routine. Richard Van Rijssen 15. Aug 2016, at 5:30

Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands met with Slovak President Andrej Kiska.

Blog: 8 surprising things I've learnt at a camp with Roma kids

When you are sending Roma to gas chambers, are you also sending the eight-year-old Anička from Veľká Ida who has a bigger Charisma than the whole coalition government? Peter Nagy , 12. Aug 2016, at 12:00

Safe on the castle hill

What does it mean to be European at all? It appears that the EU’s unity in diversity does not seem to ring a bell here. Michaela Terenzani , 4. Aug 2016, at 16:03

What does it mean to be European at all?
Nice Driveway!

Remembering and forgetting

Until politicians agree to leave history to professional historians, accept their findings, however unsettling, and discuss them honestly, not least in classrooms, school trips are unlikely to change much. James Thomson 3. Aug 2016, at 15:28

For Ireland the EU is a vital national interest

The EU UK negotiations will be important, but they must not become all consuming. A European Union that enables growth and is a force for peace in its region and the world will continue to be as important in the… 29. Jul 2016, at 14:54

Charles Flanagan, Ireland's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade

Crash course

Many young, ambitious and successful people opt not to stay in Slovakia and instead move to Western Europe and the United States, according to a new report released by the IMF. Benjamin Cunningham , 22. Jul 2016, at 6:50

The Other Slovakia

Blog: Greetings from a country full of good ideas

Slovakia, the country of good ideas where “science is done only by some crazy enthusiasts”. Anca Dragu 22. Jul 2016, at 6:10

The five stages of grief

The post-Brexit-vote grieving process appears to have run through almost all the stages of the Kübler-Ross spectrum in less than a month. James Thomson 21. Jul 2016, at 15:05

Illustrative stock photo

Terror wants to turn our streets into enemy territories

The terrorist did not attack only the French crowd. He attacked all the people who gather in the streets and squares, with their children, parents, and friends. Beata Balogová , 15. Jul 2016, at 9:19

A security guard walks near the scene of an attack in the resort city of Nice, southern France.

NATO is a space for cooperation

Recent events have fundamentally changed the landscape and security environment in Europe and around the world. 11. Jul 2016, at 13:40

US President Barack Obama

No excuses

We cannot pretend that the life of the country now stops for six months and suddenly we will forget our shortcomings and act like an exemplary democracy that has no problems whatsoever. Michaela Terenzani , 7. Jul 2016, at 18:21

Brazil is ready for Olympics

Today, exactly 30 days before the world`s greatest sporting event is scheduled to begin, Brazil say it is ready to host the first Olympic and Paralympic Games to take place in South America. 5. Jul 2016, at 8:34

The Rio 2016 sign stands in front of the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What comes after La Grande Bouffe?

Many consume democracy as if it were an all-you-can-eat buffet. Beata Balogová , 1. Jul 2016, at 10:17

La Grande Abbuffata 1973

Come to Olympic Games

The circulation of the Zika virus, spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, will not hinder us from having a safe and unforgettable event for athletes, participants and spectators, writes Brazilian health minister. 30. Jun 2016, at 19:16

The Rio 2016 sign stands in front of the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

How challenging can kissing with Slovaks be?Video

A video interview with foreigners living in Slovakia. 28. Jun 2016, at 10:30

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