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Looking back at the Obama presidency

In spite of accomplishments, many challenges remain.Adam Sterling16. Jan 2017, at 6:30

Leaving US President Barack Obama
The Other Slovakia

Blog: How/where are you, doctor?

Not only higher salaries motivate doctors to move abroad. Many are pushed away by the mentality in the Slovak healthcare where being an active and progressive doctor is not always welcome.Anca Dragu13. Jan 2017, at 9:00

No corruption, no problem

The interior minister says there is no corruption in the highest places in Slovakia. How could citizens not feel offended by his words? Michaela Terenzani ,12. Jan 2017, at 16:20

You cannot prosecute corruption if it does not exist, says Minister Kaliňák.

2017: Kaliňák loses his job but keeps his 1990-style haircut

It would be a shame to start the New Year with an entirely negative outlook, so here are some positive predictions. Benjamin Cunningham ,1. Jan 2017, at 16:01

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

How to find out what worries us?

To see what worries Americans the most, look at how they interpret images from Europe, and vice versa. Benjamin Cunningham ,27. Dec 2016, at 15:49

Simple wishes in complicated times

The rage, the disappointment and the fear linger. How are we to cope with them in the new year? Michaela Terenzani ,22. Dec 2016, at 7:50

Blog: Where is the TV camera?

With Christmas fast approaching, the inflation of charitable events has been taking over Slovakia. Yes, it’s that time of the year when I wish people noticed that children’s hospitals have more wards than the…Anca Dragu20. Dec 2016, at 9:20

Fico is out of ideas

With Slovaks concerned about other, real things, Fico has set about inventing fake problems and enemies. Benjamin Cunningham ,19. Dec 2016, at 15:30

PM Robert Fico
Nice Driveway!

Europe is revolting, again

With much of Europe in a funk, Austrian voters’ choice of a civilized candidate for president on December 4 gives some grounds for hope, at the end of what has been a wretched year.James Thomson16. Dec 2016, at 13:10

New Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen who defeated the populist right-wing Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer in the repeated second round of presidential elections in Austria.

Blog: Exploring socialist housing estates

Petržalka, one of the largest prefabricated housing estate areas in Central Europe, became a legend.Braňo Chrenka16. Dec 2016, at 9:10

We do not need gala events to make a good name for Slovakia

We need to work to be exemplar and excellent, we must become an exemplary country, clearly anchored in values, with clear rules, a community faithful to justice and lawfulness, a paranoia-free society.Michal Havran8. Dec 2016, at 8:10

Still looking the other way

Were all these controversies worth it for Lajčák, a man who could have made a career in any top diplomatic body in Europe and beyond, and need never have sullied himself with party politics? Michaela Terenzani ,2. Dec 2016, at 8:35

Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák

A vulgar Slovak rules

PM Fico’s “prostitutes” was intended to demoralize progressive part of country Tom Nicholson ,29. Nov 2016, at 9:55

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

Blog: I Am Because We Are

Today, Slovaks have a lot more power than they had at any other point in history. Perhaps the time has come to look at corruption differently and stop seeing it as something we are passive victims of?Zuzana Palovic & Gabriela Bereghazyova28. Nov 2016, at 14:00

New law should motivate people to report corruption.

A lyricist wants to oust Czech President Zeman from the Castle

There are many similarities between the Czech presidential candidate Michal Horáček and Slovak President Andrej Kiska.David Klimeš28. Nov 2016, at 7:35

Michal Horacek

Winter is coming

America elects Donald Trump, Slovakia’s top sportswoman endorses quack medicine, and the king of ‘New Age conspiracism’ is to visit Bratislava. Are we nearing the end times?James Thomson25. Nov 2016, at 10:35

Donald Trump Trump stands for everything that would harm the foreign policy values that Slovakia holds important.

On prostitution in a post-truth era

Nobody is asking for any profound mutual love between the prime minister and the media. In fact, there is no room in this relationship for any kind of passion; love would be just as dangerous as the hate that burst… Michaela Terenzani ,24. Nov 2016, at 16:37

“Post-truth” is the international word of the year for 2016, according to Oxford Dictionaries.

Blog: The battle of stories: East versus West

If Slovakia is to present itself on a global stage, it must learn to communicate its story to people who know nothing about our country.Zuzana Palovic and Gabriela Bereghazyova18. Nov 2016, at 13:45

The Other Slovakia

My bubble, your bubble, our bubble

Like in the pre-1989 times, people seem to have returned to their bubbles, seeking a safe place to share their real thoughts and leave the world outside.Anca Dragu11. Nov 2016, at 14:25

Blog: Pressburg, Pozsony or Post-communism - what is Bratislava?

The story of Bratislava is peculiar, but not because of our history connected to Austria-Hungarian empire and Habsburgs but because Bratislava can amaze visitors by its growth and changes it experienced during 20th…Braňo Chrenka11. Nov 2016, at 13:10


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