Blog: Here is your scalpel, Miss

There are only three licenced female neurosurgeons currently in this country with a handful of others still in training. Anca Dragu 27. May 2016, at 13:05

Tragic inspiration: What Slovakia lacks

Farewell tour of dying Canadian musician reminds us how few voices celebrate beauty and nobility of life in our own country. Tom Nicholson , 27. May 2016, at 6:42

Gord Downie (left) and Neil Young.

Austrian answers

Voters have ceased to believe that who they voted for in past elections really mattered. People in Austria are united on this, and so are the voters in Slovakia that backed incoherent fringe parties in the March… Benjamin Cunningham , 27. May 2016, at 6:40

Alexander van der Bellen is the new Austrian president.

Candidate Lajčák

We will be watching with tension how Lajčák will deal with the refugee issue. At the UN level, it will also be time to deal with the mantra about solving problems in the countries of origin. Zuzana Kepplová , 26. May 2016, at 15:05

Miroslav Lajcak with PM Robert Fico.

Cheer up!

The past 89 years have provided plenty of reasons for scepticism, but they have also shown ample examples of humanity’s ability to solve problems collectively. Benjamin Cunningham , 24. May 2016, at 6:46

Blog: Hope exists. We would be all dead without hope

Secret confession of a doctor who was not silenced even by bombings and continues to save lives with mobile clinic. aug, ben 18. May 2016, at 15:12

We are eavesdropped on

In a country where an exotic individual like Ivan Lexa can become chairman of the parliamentary oversight committee for SIS, it seems pointless to argue over who should vet the legality of surveillance. Tom Nicholson , 17. May 2016, at 11:17

Ľubomír Galko

Normal country

People repeatedly refer to desire to live in a “normal country”. Slovaks say things like this a lot too, so do Czechs – and this leads to the question of what is a normal country? Benjamin Cunningham , 16. May 2016, at 6:05

The highest number of BSCs are located in Bratislava.

Direct results for you and me

In recent discussions and debates with euro-sceptics, often, and probably rightly so, the historical background of the European Union has been mentioned. 15. May 2016, at 6:30

Blog: Is Slovak Hockey Embarrassing?

After the initial excitement of winning two games in the 2016 World Championships, the losses caused my friend to exclaim, “That’s it! I’m not watching hockey anymore! It’s embarrassing to lose so much!!” Naomi Hužovičová , 14. May 2016, at 7:50

Sad Slovak hockey players after losing to Belarus.

Blog: Report from field - How we save lives in Syria

The difficulty of the operation of Magna's mobile units is in the territory of a sustained conflict very high. But it's the only way we can help and save lives here. 13. May 2016, at 12:55

European affairs

Slovakia's EU presidency begins in July and Bratislava has suddenly started resurfacing its roads with gusto. You can now drive your police-escorted limousine down Štefánikova Street without spilling your cocktail. James Thomson 12. May 2016, at 22:30

Slovakia's EU presidency logo

Collective amnesia

Every day we must fight against evil again and again. Michaela Terenzani , 12. May 2016, at 14:42

Blog: British expats: have your say in this historic decision

On 23 June the British people will vote in a referendum to decide whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU. 9. May 2016, at 11:34

Warning: This text contains beauty and happiness

We should not renounce other stories, those that address and inspire people to find the best within themselves. Beata Balogová , 5. May 2016, at 8:00

World Press Freedom Day

Media freedom is a fragile thing

A society without journalists will more easily follow the calling of autocrats, liars, charlatans, and dictators. Beata Balogová , 3. May 2016, at 13:34

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day.
The Other Slovakia

Blog: What's in a title?

Slovaks love titles, plenty of them, both in front and after their names, which creates comical situations, especially for foreigners who are not used to them. 30. Apr 2016, at 6:00

Counting calories

Voters are not likely to make a big deal about budget deficits themselves, but the resulting credibility gap does diminish what is already low confidence in the governing class. Benjamin Cunningham , 28. Apr 2016, at 19:31

Peter Kažimír

Fascism in our time

Neither appeasement nor non-engagement can defeat the resurgent far-right. Tom Nicholson , 27. Apr 2016, at 13:13

Theories from a café cannot save Slovakia

A new party will emerge, but it must deliver on the expectations of voters who demand practical results, here and now. Jakub Filo , 26. Apr 2016, at 14:00

The good result of right extremist Marian Kotleba (L) and his ĽSNS party incited the antii-Fascist march on Monday.

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