Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič

Why we need the Energy Union

The Energy Union is an ambitious project, but done correctly it will set the EU’s energy policy for the foreseeable future and bring long term benefits to both businesses and citizens.

2. Mar 2015, at 14:22

BLOG: Never too late to start with English

THIS term I got a new beginner – senior group, composed of ladies who are mostly retired and therefore have a lot of spare time for learning something new. We have just completed our fifth week together.

27. Feb 2015, at 9:33
Ján Figeľ

KDH at 25? More a funeral than a celebration

Christian Democrats never found a way to wed pragmatism with inspiration. 

Tom Nicholson, 27. Feb 2015, at 6:44

Global scandals are old news in Slovakia

Three recent international scandals highlight the need for Slovakia to retain individual intelligence capacity.

Tom Nicholson, 25. Feb 2015, at 8:27

Remembering Vasil Biľak for who he was

RTVS story on former communist functionary was not only tasteless, it was a classic example of bad journalism. 

Tom Nicholson, 24. Feb 2015, at 9:06

How to clean up hospitals

MIDDLEMEN with their commissions do bigger harm than doctors who accept gifts.

Tom Nicholson, 23. Feb 2015, at 6:25
Low turnout expected.

A plebiscite of true national importance

Interior Minister Kaliňák was right to refuse to reduce the success quorum on referenda, but the real problem is too many unsatisfied political egos.

Tom Nicholson, 16. Feb 2015, at 7:20
Richard Sulík (in the middle)

FCKIT indeed: Enough of arrogant politicians

Three years after the Gorilla file was published, right-wing politicians continue to prove they aren’t ready to govern.

Tom Nicholson, 12. Feb 2015, at 10:43

Referendum was not about helping families

Slovaks have rejected the controversial referendum which stirred negative emotions and divided the society from its very inception. 

Beata Balogová, 8. Feb 2015, at 13:25
Prime Minister Robert Fico

A rough year ahead for Fico

THE YEAR leading up to elections in Slovakia is always especially fascinating as party sponsors shed their remaining inhibitions and ransack public coffers before the music ends.

Tom Nicholson, 6. Feb 2015, at 10:15

Mafia on the ropes: Now for politicians and oligarchs

POLICE, prosecutors and courts deserve kudos for cutting the comb of the Slovak mafia. But will we ever see an equally effective campaign against true organized crime among our white-collar leaders?

Tom Nicholson, 4. Feb 2015, at 16:52
Economy Minister Pavol Pavlis

Economy Minister Pavlis has to go

No one with such an obvious conflict of interest has any place in government.

Tom Nicholson, 30. Jan 2015, at 10:55

Diplomats are awaiting referendum result

THE REFERENDUM that seeks to constitutionally define the concept of family is dividing Slovak society. Members of the foreign diplomatic community, who traditionally speak with distinct voice when it comes to…

Beata Balogová, 23. Jan 2015, at 0:00
President Andrej Kiska

Mental worlds of presidents

LOVE for one’s homeland is a powerful and edifying feeling, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in addressing his nation on the New Year. For him, this feeling manifests itself in what he calls “fraternal support”…

Beata Balogová, 12. Jan 2015, at 0:00

Quote of the week

“When we came to Canada, it was like every other year. We wanted to defeat one rival like Switzerland or Germany in order not to fight for survival.”

12. Jan 2015, at 0:00
Beata Balogová

A year of change

THE YEAR 2014 brought Slovakia its first ever president with no previous political background or one-time membership in the communist party, while preventing Prime Minister Robert Fico and his party Smer from…

Beata Balogová, 22. Dec 2014, at 0:00
Ján Pallo, Publisher

A letter from the Publisher

The Slovak Spectator has for 20 years been able to bring independent reports about what is going on in the country’s politics and business. We continue the mission started by our founders in 1995 and not even the…

Ján Pallo, Publisher, The Slovak Spectator 22. Dec 2014, at 0:00

Quote of the week

“Even those who proposed it admitted that the law will be ineffective.”

22. Dec 2014, at 0:00

Quote of the week

“Viera Tomanová was on her way to the chamber, but fell on the stairs. Juraj Blanár was three seconds late, [and] Jaroslav Baška came a bit too late.”

15. Dec 2014, at 0:00

It’s complicated

“IT’S a very complicated issue,” Health Minister Viliam Čislák responded to a journalist’s question about whether it is possible to be competent while still violating the law. The journalists were grilling Čislák…

Beata Balogová, 15. Dec 2014, at 0:00

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