The TSS team in 2010: from left,bottom row: Jana Liptáková, Beata Balogová, Ján Pallo, Zuzana Vilikovská; top row: Donald Spatz, Tatiana Štrauchová, Marta Fukasová, Michaela Terenzani, Roman Král, Martina Mišíková, Dáša Košútová, Beata Fojtíková, James Thomson

More independent thought and self-confidence for Slovakia

The Slovak Spectator has been covering the development of Slovakia for two decades now. On the occasion of the celebration of its 20th anniversary it surveyed its founder, head of the Petit Press publishing house as…

22. May 2015, at 8:45
Karol Mitrík, new head of the Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ)

Shame on Frešo; shame on us

There are so many reasons why Karol Mitrík is unsuitable as the new director of the Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ) that this short space will suffice only to scratch the surface.  

Tom Nicholson, 21. May 2015, at 6:30
Foreigners cannot always make their way around without a Slovak speaker by their side.
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: The state of Services for expats in Bratislava

Many foreigners will tell you that one of the biggest challenges when arriving in Bratislava is arranging for the variety of services needed to start your life in a new country, from renting an apartment, getting…

20. May 2015, at 12:49

Fighting domestic violence

I AM encouraged to see the consolidated efforts now undertaken in Slovakia to fight violence against women and domestic violence. 

19. May 2015, at 8:05
PM Robert Fico

Making weapons, forging discord

Fico’s plan to make weapons for Russia can only further distance Slovakia from Western partners.

Tom Nicholson, 15. May 2015, at 8:46
Háj - Nicovô in Liptovský Mikuláš

Fico’s balancing act

ANNIVERSARIES are much more about the present than the past, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has sought to use the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II to bolster patriotism at home as Russia and its…

Benjamin Cunningham, 14. May 2015, at 15:13
Before you drink, make a toast.
Foreigner in Slovakia

4 things to know when drinking in Slovakia

Alcohol plays a significant role in the culture of Slovakia, from wine sampling in private cellars to knocking back shots on the morning after a wedding. Some of the local drinking customs, however, could leave you…

13. May 2015, at 6:12
Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

Kaliňák’s cynicism

HUNDREDS of thousands of migrants will again set sail across the Mediterranean this summer, fleeing war and poverty in North Africa. 

Tom Nicholson, 12. May 2015, at 6:49

BLOG: Motivate English teachers, not just students

Rakesh Bhanot, Frank Prescott and Mark Andrews are all English teachers and teacher trainers who have experiences with teaching in both Slovakia and abroad. 

7. May 2015, at 6:21
We can plant trees to combat impacts of climate change.

Mitigating the effects of climate change

What can we tangibly do? We can plant a tree, save energy and generate it in a cleaner way. 

6. May 2015, at 6:30
Richard Lewis with Spišské Vlachy in the background.

An American finds a home in faraway Spišské Vlachy

I did not have any real reason to have chosen Slovakia, other than the unremarkable fact that I spoke English and was at the ripe young age to be pining for an adventure.

6. May 2015, at 6:30
Sergej Salmanov

Salmanov’s liaisons

WHENEVER the “Slovak mafia” came up in conversation, Sergej Salmanov would sneer. “Mafia,” he would scorn. “This is not mafia, this is children. Real mafia is in Russia.”

Tom Nicholson, 5. May 2015, at 6:30
Scandals shake the political spectrum.

The Váhostav affair is the Gorilla of Smer

A COUPLE of days after the Váhostav affair broke out, it was labelled the Gorilla of Smer and of Fico’s government. Indeed, there are common elements in both scandals.

4. May 2015, at 5:25

Plan for migrants unworthy of Europe

EU’s response to the tide of vulnerable people sweeping across the Mediterranean has been to lock the door.

Tom Nicholson, 30. Apr 2015, at 6:30
Former prime minister Vladimír Mečiar with Babky Demokratky.

Now married to the EU, Slovakia still flirts with Russia

START-UP companies always find achieving success to be a struggle. Even more so when that company is an independent newspaper in a country with no tradition of free enterprise or free press. 

30. Apr 2015, at 6:30
One of many landfills in Slovakia.

There is money in waste

Waste separation and recycling of waste will be enforced. 

28. Apr 2015, at 11:25
A group of Russian bikers who wanted to reach Berlin to mark 70th anniversary of Soviet contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany return to Belarus after being denied entry into Poland on administrative grounds, in Terespol, Poland on April 27.

Farce of Night Wolves

Europe is not threatened by a few dozen motorcycles, but by the national mood that produced the Night Wolves’ visit.

Tom Nicholson, 27. Apr 2015, at 22:05
Protests over the Gorilla scandal drew thousands into Slovakia’s squares.

A long strange trip continues

Principled ownership is the only recipe for journalistic freedom.

Tom Nicholson, 23. Apr 2015, at 6:30

Immigration realpolitik

Canada rolls out the welcome mat for economic migrants; refugees, not so much.  

Tom Nicholson, 22. Apr 2015, at 13:28
Halušky offered to visitors of a festival.
Foreigner in Bratislava

Blog: The perfect bryndzové halušky in Bratislava

Food: one of my favorite topics. I have always enjoyed trying meals from all over the world, it can be surprising how your typical rice with chicken can be prepared in so many different ways and using spices you…

22. Apr 2015, at 6:23

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