The EU-agenda: “Events, dear boy, events”

WHEN asked what is most likely to blow governments off course, then UK Prime-Minister Harold McMillan famously (and reportedly) answered: “Events, dear boy, events”.

1. Jul 2015, at 8:24

Disagreeable agreement

The Visegrad Four have faced criticism in recent years for a lack of unity, in particular over the crisis in neighbouring Ukraine. But they appear firmly united on at least one matter – none of them like immigrants.…

Benjamin Cunningham, 26. Jun 2015, at 7:30

Who is living outside reality?

THERE are now 60 million displaced people in the world, the most ever recorded by the United Nations. Of those, 14 million fled last year alone. 

Tom Nicholson, 24. Jun 2015, at 9:36
Tale of the Gael - Irish Musicians celebrating Yeats in Bratislava 11 June 2015.

Commemorating Yeats and Štúr

On 11 June 2015, Ireland’s national poet William Butler Yeats was commemorated at a concert in the Zichy Palace in Bratislava in a tribute of music, poetry and song.

23. Jun 2015, at 10:54

A fine white day

Parading fascists and indulgent PM beg question: who here is “out of touch with reality”?

Tom Nicholson, 22. Jun 2015, at 13:53

Blog: Have you also been cheated by fundraisers?

On one evening I had to visit an out-of-hours pharmacy in Košice to collect some medicines. When I wanted to enter, a 60-year-old woman approached me and asked me to give her a few euros. She said she was in a…

19. Jun 2015, at 16:16

LGBTI Pride Month: A Time to Stand Together

Pride Month in June is a call to stand with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex communities (LGBTI) across the world and reaffirm our commitment to the equality and dignity of all people, regardless of…

16. Jun 2015, at 7:09

A question of rights

Human rights might seem an abstract concept in a hospital maternity ward, but in essence the issue is no more than basic human decency and compassion.

Michaela Terenzani, 16. Jun 2015, at 6:38


WEEKS ago Prime Minister Robert Fico – to much criticism – paid a visit to Moscow to commemorate the end of World War II. 

Benjamin Cunningham, 11. Jun 2015, at 13:49

Russia and Ukraine: stay the course

In recent months, Ukraine has receded from the news headlines in Slovakia. This is understandable, as other domestic issues such as the Váhostav crisis have been dominating headlines.

9. Jun 2015, at 8:24
Despite looking like a zombie playground, this is the playground at our local school.
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: Why my kids don’t have a playground

After a regime like socialism ends, a country moves on, restructures, and tries to build a new identity. There are some issues, however, that are difficult to resolve, like the complicated problem of land use. What…

8. Jun 2015, at 11:35

Now it's really time to quit smoking

Shamed, by the Chinese, into quitting smoking. How do you know it’s time to break the habit? When even Beijing – Beijing! – bans smoking in public places.

Tom Nicholson, 3. Jun 2015, at 16:25
Yes supporters in Ireland referendum.

Same sex shift

PUBLIC opinion in the West has shifted in favour of same sex marriage faster than on any major issue of recent memory. 

Benjamin Cunningham, 28. May 2015, at 16:44
An iron cross commemorates the place where Róbert Remiáš died during a car explosion.

Remiáš betrayed

Police refusal to investigate state-sanctioned killing is further proof that we are not all equal before the law.

Tom Nicholson, 27. May 2015, at 10:36
The TSS team in 2010: from left,bottom row: Jana Liptáková, Beata Balogová, Ján Pallo, Zuzana Vilikovská; top row: Donald Spatz, Tatiana Štrauchová, Marta Fukasová, Michaela Terenzani, Roman Král, Martina Mišíková, Dáša Košútová, Beata Fojtíková, James Thomson

More independent thought and self-confidence for Slovakia

The Slovak Spectator has been covering the development of Slovakia for two decades now. On the occasion of the celebration of its 20th anniversary it surveyed its founder, head of the Petit Press publishing house as…

22. May 2015, at 8:45
Karol Mitrík, new head of the Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ)

Shame on Frešo; shame on us

There are so many reasons why Karol Mitrík is unsuitable as the new director of the Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ) that this short space will suffice only to scratch the surface.  

Tom Nicholson, 21. May 2015, at 6:30
Foreigners cannot always make their way around without a Slovak speaker by their side.
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: The state of Services for expats in Bratislava

Many foreigners will tell you that one of the biggest challenges when arriving in Bratislava is arranging for the variety of services needed to start your life in a new country, from renting an apartment, getting…

20. May 2015, at 12:49

Fighting domestic violence

I AM encouraged to see the consolidated efforts now undertaken in Slovakia to fight violence against women and domestic violence. 

19. May 2015, at 8:05
PM Robert Fico

Making weapons, forging discord

Fico’s plan to make weapons for Russia can only further distance Slovakia from Western partners.

Tom Nicholson, 15. May 2015, at 8:46
Háj - Nicovô in Liptovský Mikuláš

Fico’s balancing act

ANNIVERSARIES are much more about the present than the past, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has sought to use the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II to bolster patriotism at home as Russia and its…

Benjamin Cunningham, 14. May 2015, at 15:13

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