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Blog: What a difference a month makes...

As autumn draws on, fear stalks the land. 

3. Oct 2015, at 8:05
Syrian asylum seekers from Austria in Gabčíkovo

More than words

IF THERE were ever a political issue where word choice mattered, it is the current European migration crisis. The ways in which terms like refugee, migrant, asylum-seeker, camps, temporary and many others are…

Benjamin Cunningham, 1. Oct 2015, at 17:48

We have to help on both sides

There are no easy answers to the migration crisis. Migrants need help, but simultaneously it is necessary to deter people from attempting the perilous journeys to Europe.

29. Sep 2015, at 1:40

Thinking local

Think global, act local. The government of Robert Fico seems to be applying this rule, favoured among environmentalists, in reverse.

Michaela Terenzani, 24. Sep 2015, at 16:03
Refugees at the border between Hungary and Serbia.

Fico sacrificed Slovakia's position in the EU

PRIME Minister Robert Fico sacrificed Slovakia's position in the European Union for the sake of his pre-election campaign. 

Beata Balogová, 24. Sep 2015, at 8:52
Expo in Milan

Small and Medium Size Enterprises: let’s…..“think small”!

WHEN we talk about Italy, one of the first images to pop-up in our mind is the one of a country incredibly rich of history, art, culture and natural beauty, ranking first in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list.

23. Sep 2015, at 6:50

Straw men

It may not seem obvious yet, but after months of demonizing refugees and migrants, Central European political leaders are preparing to accept thousands.

Benjamin Cunningham, 22. Sep 2015, at 14:15

Europe’s moral indigestion amusing no longer

Urgent tasks at this week’s emergency EU summit include waking up to reality and sharing responsibility for migrants.

Tom Nicholson, 22. Sep 2015, at 7:00

Admitting refugees: Not if, but when

Tide of refugees sweeping across Europe cannot be halted, only made more tragic by closed borders

21. Sep 2015, at 12:47
Foreigner in Bratislava

Blog: Living library to highlight Bratislava Week of Volunteering

This year for the first time, Bratislava Volunteer Center is organising the Bratislava week of volunteering from September 28 to October 3.

21. Sep 2015, at 7:05

Hard things are done by those who can

An impasse over refugee aid does not justify the contempt of the wealthy for the poor.

Tom Nicholson, 18. Sep 2015, at 7:00

Blog: I can’t hear you, but I can speak to you

Some 200 hearing-impaired children are born every year in Slovakia and up to 95 percent are born to parents with no hearing impairment.

18. Sep 2015, at 7:00


THE SHABBY buildings at border crossings remind us of times before Schengen. Even the worse times, when people might not have survived an attempt to cross state borders. 

Beata Balogová, 17. Sep 2015, at 16:30
Robert Fico (l) and Vladimir Putin.

Fico is a part time friend

There is tremendous irony Prime Minister Robert Fico’s statement that the planned expansion of the Nord Stream pipeline, which brings Russian gas under the North Sea directly to Germany, represents a “betrayal” to…

Benjamin Cunningham, 16. Sep 2015, at 10:54

Go home, and other notes from the sewer

It hurts to see Slovakia mocked in the international press. All the more so when we deserve it.

Tom Nicholson, 14. Sep 2015, at 12:35
Thousands of Slovak students have participated in the Summer Work and Travel programme in the United States.

Relations of Slovaks and Americans are firmer than it seems

AS I traveled around Slovakia this summer, I found that many people are unfamiliar with the amazing depth and breadth of US-Slovak relations, and how dramatically these relations have grown since the days when the…

14. Sep 2015, at 6:30

In Visegrad, ingratitude and short memories

Stark contrast between East and West European approaches to refugees spell trouble ahead.

Tom Nicholson, 10. Sep 2015, at 11:58
Summer university for seniors is one way of spending old age actively; 2015, Bratislava opening

Slovak senior citizens seldom experience golden years

SOME elderly people who aren’t actually all that old, are being left to die in a very undignified way. They are crammed into hospital wards which have bars on the windows, along with several other patients and left…

Beata Balogová, 9. Sep 2015, at 19:30

Europe needs new heroes

The shocking cure for our xenophobia: meeting a refugee brings instant relief from painful ignorance. 

Tom Nicholson, 9. Sep 2015, at 15:00
Migrants arrive at the Westbahnhof station in Vienna on September 6, 2015.

Hope for the Visegrad region from the train station in Vienna

IT’S HARD to understand that the Visegrad countries, who still feel the pain of the long years of lacking freedom, now fail to apprehend the human desire for life in a free country.

Beata Balogová, 9. Sep 2015, at 10:13

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