Prime Minister and head of the Smer party Robert Fico
Nice Driveway!

Leading from behind

There is nothing wrong with politicians knowing the minds of their countrymen – indeed, few know them better than Mr Fico. But constantly pandering to prejudice is not the mark of a leader.

James Thomson 27. Nov 2015, at 9:17
EC Vice President Maroš Šefčovič

We are heading to better energy interconnection

On 18 November the European Commission published its first State of the Energy Union Report. EC Vice President Maroš Šefčovič has worked hard and efficiently to get the support of the EU members states and thus…

26. Nov 2015, at 19:07
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: Bratislava's coffee culture has already got much to offer

Recent news about Starbucks coming to Bratislava has caused an increase in social media discussions in the past couple of days, with split views on whether this will be a positive or negative influence in the city.

20. Nov 2015, at 14:00
James B. Steele

Journalism must give a voice to the voiceless

Pulitzer winner: Crucial story of today is the gap between rich and poor

Beata Balogová , 19. Nov 2015, at 14:49

November trees in a revolutionary forest

If Slovakia rejects refugees in wake of recent attacks, the message of November 17 has truly been lost.

Tom Nicholson , 18. Nov 2015, at 13:05

Are media to be blamed?

THOUGH the rhetoric surrounding the European migration crisis certainly gives the impression otherwise, there is little sign that Central and Eastern Europeans are any more racist than their Western European…

Benjamin Cunningham , 18. Nov 2015, at 7:00
Bratislava shows solidarity with Paris.

Behind fences

Truth and love must prevail over lies and hate. The most-often cited motto of Václav Havel, one of the prominent figures of the Velvet Revolution, sounds around the country these days, when Slovaks and Czechs…

Michaela Terenzani , 17. Nov 2015, at 8:19

If anger turns against refugees, terrorists will prevail

Terrorists attack the foundations of our freedom. They want us to be afraid, and, led by fear, change our own values that democratic societies are built upon.

Beata Balogová , 16. Nov 2015, at 17:06


TERRORISTS stole Europe’s sleep from Friday night to Saturday. They did it the way terrorists always do, feloniously hitting where it hurts the most. The attackers killed more than 120 people; Paris is bleeding and…

Beata Balogová , 14. Nov 2015, at 14:07
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: Volunteering - France vs. Slovakia

It's always hard to compare two very different countries. But comparisions help us understand ourselves better and we can learn from one another.

13. Nov 2015, at 14:38
We protect Slovakia, Smer says.

Missing the goal

IMAGINE Slovan Bratislava’s football stadium filled to capacity before two more people are let in. Would those in the stadium even notice the difference?

Benjamin Cunningham , 12. Nov 2015, at 16:18
V4 prime ministers at the meeting in Prague in September.
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: My favourite Slovak traditionPhoto

Cemeteries are not usually considered places of beauty. But on November 1 and 2 in Slovakia, graveyards are beautiful - and full of the mystery of the nether world.

Naomi Hužovičová , 10. Nov 2015, at 8:45
Suchá Belá gorge

Fresh air and nature are good for you

My assignment as Canada’s Chargé d’affaires in Slovakia started in 2011. With only one year remaining, I am trying to make the most of my time and every weekend this summer, I had a new adventure planned in…

9. Nov 2015, at 6:34
Independents successful in the elections.
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: How to win the elections

March 2016 will be the moment of truth. The nation will once again choose their party, and their leader who they think will best serve the country. The marketing machine in the run for power has started already, and…

6. Nov 2015, at 13:25

How do the Brits feel about the EU?Video

Special London edition of a Slovak weekly talk show featuring Anne Applebaum, Stephen Sackur, and Keith Lowe

Compiled by Spectator staff , 4. Nov 2015, at 22:10
Czech President Miloš Zeman (l) and Slovak President Andrej Kiska

Czech Republic's Zeman shows advantages of weak presidency

Though the position is lacking in formal power, Andrej Kiska is a good president.

Benjamin Cunningham , 4. Nov 2015, at 13:42
Mari Kuraishi

Listen. Act. Learn.

Why is it so difficult for non-profit organisations with such a huge impact to get enough resources for their existence?

30. Oct 2015, at 10:05
Jozef Majský in court.
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Crime and punishment

DURING the third week of October, three cars were set on fire in Prievidza, and a man was assaulted on a bus in Žilina. 

James Thomson 30. Oct 2015, at 9:05
Viktor Orbán and Robert Fico enjoy good relations.

The universal campaign tool

THESE people are an immediate threat to you and events will take a wrong turn unless you take action now and reject the changes happening before your eyes. 

Michaela Terenzani , 29. Oct 2015, at 15:57

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