Matovič lynching: politics as usual

OĽaNO leader latest in an ignoble Slovak tradition of pre-election takedowns. Tom Nicholson , 11. Feb 2016, at 14:29

Igor Matovič

Riding the carousel

THE TRUTH is important and the recent allegations that connect both the interior and transport ministers to a massive tax fraud scheme have not been proven. Benjamin Cunningham , 8. Feb 2016, at 10:29

Ministers Ján Počiatek (l) and Robert Kaliňák
The Other Slovakia

Blog: Then I felt like a doctor who lost a patient

Helena does not have any academic title before or after her name. She is a Roma healthcare assistant. She belongs to my “other Slovakia” – the open, enthusiastic, and daring one. Anca Dragu 5. Feb 2016, at 7:15

Roma settlement in Markušovce

It matters whether children are in the hands of a frustrated teacher

The school and teachers are strong archetypes which surface in our dreams even years after we left the classrooms. Beata Balogová , 4. Feb 2016, at 13:17

"I like going to school."

Gov't ignores chance to upgrade energy sector

Monopolistic business interests and state intervention prevent investment in renewable energy sources, improved efficiency and smart grid technology. They block the country from accessing free money that would make… Benjamin Cunningham , 2. Feb 2016, at 6:20

Canada’s warm welcome

There are many lessons learned from past experience. The first is to ensure that newcomers can work when they arrive. 1. Feb 2016, at 6:05

Canada has announced that it will take around 25,000 Syrians from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

The complexity of Europe and the open mind

The tasks for the Presidency of the European Council has – to put it mildly – not become easier since the last time the Netherlands held it. 29. Jan 2016, at 6:20

Crates with tulips in a pattern reading EU 2016 laid out on Dam Square to mark the Dutch six-month EU presidency on the fifth national "tulip day' in Amsterdam.

Looking ahead to 2016

After a 2015 filled with cooperation between the United States and Slovakia on many fronts, we are excited this year to build further on this strong foundation to bring our countries even closer together. 27. Jan 2016, at 6:25

EU: Two months to live

Top EU official predicts that March summit to fix broken asylum rules will be last chance to save Schengen. Tom Nicholson , 26. Jan 2016, at 11:10

Foreigner in Bratislava

Blog: International community reacts to racist remarks

Instead of the usual resignation, we are seeing an incredible reaction by the international community living in Slovakia and support from Slovaks who protested against racism in a bar in Bratislava. 25. Jan 2016, at 22:58

Music Bar Priatelia bouncers

Competitiveness: Opportunity knocks

WHEN discussing the preparedness of the military, the old saying goes that the generals are always preparing to win the previous war. But when it comes to European economic policy, this is certainly not the case.… 25. Jan 2016, at 8:30

People may be encouraged to make more e-purchases.
Nice Driveway!

Friendly pricing

Economic logic has only a distant relationship to planning in the energy sector. James Thomson 22. Jan 2016, at 17:00

Learning a lesson

Though the sheer cynicism of the government officials’ attitude to the protesting citizens may anger you or leave you cold, it definitely should not surprise you. Michaela Terenzani , 21. Jan 2016, at 21:50

Slovaks are not afraid of migrants

Prime Minister Fico has used the migrant crisis to bolster his standing ahead of March elections, but Slovaks are more concerned about economic issues. Benjamin Cunningham , 19. Jan 2016, at 6:15

Joblessness bother Slovaks more than terrorism.

Immigration is good for you

For Canada, accepting nearly 250,000 new immigrants every year for the past 10 years has greatly enhanced the richness of the cultural fabric of our country. 18. Jan 2016, at 6:05


Blog: Boris Kollár beefs about tenders, but accepts EU-funds in shovelfuls

No logic or fairness is seen when ordering EU-ads: mostly benefiting from it are the JOJ and TA3 TV channels and Fun radio. 13. Jan 2016, at 8:38

Predictions for 2016

It’s the New Year and everything is possible. In Slovakia, the first quarter of the year will almost entirely focus on the March parliamentary elections, and the second half will see the country in the European… Benjamin Cunningham , 7. Jan 2016, at 17:41

Slovakia will reach the knockout round the European football championships this summer.
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: Four New Year's resolutions for Slovakia

Around this time of year, people start debating whether resolutions made in the new year are valuable. Whatever your opinion, the change in the calendar is an opportunity (among many) to reflect on the last year and… Naomi Hužovičová , 6. Jan 2016, at 15:49

People in Bratislava welcome 2016.

Shakespeare continues to influence

This year’s four hundredth anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare is not just an opportunity to commemorate one of the greatest playwrights of all time. 5. Jan 2016, at 7:21

Slovakia’s meanness deterring more than migrants

Country’s hard line on migrants last year dismayed thousands of younger, more liberal citizens. Tom Nicholson , 4. Jan 2016, at 14:54

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