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Blog: Na Slovensku po slovensky

Slovaks are a small nation, international languages are a currency they must acquire.Zuzana Palovic and Gabriela Bereghazyova24. Oct 2016, at 13:30

Blog: Global markets at our doorstep

In Slovakia, entrepreneurialism is still stigmatized. Historical legacies frame the entrepreneur as a parasite. Forever greedy, the speculative business owner takes, rather than gives to a vulnerable society.Zuzana Palovic and Michael Jacobsen18. Oct 2016, at 14:30

Bratislava is most attractive city for business services centres

Could Bratislava be a "24-hour city"?

There is good reason for the Slovak capital to think about nightlife as a legitimate contributor to the economic and cultural health of the city. Benjamin Cunningham ,16. Oct 2016, at 9:45

Bratislava by night.
The Other Slovakia

Blog: Na zdravie!

To have alcohol producers among the sponsors of a health conference organised by the Health Ministry is a faux pas, as the French would say (with or without a glass of champagne in hand).Anca Dragu14. Oct 2016, at 14:03

Blog: Don’t call me an Eastern European!

What to do with our ‘Eastern Europe’ label? Keep it or ditch it?Zuzana Palovic & Gabriela Bereghazyova14. Oct 2016, at 11:25

Slovakia's €2 coin has won plaudits from numismatists for its design and ease of handling.

Kováč passes, but his struggle continues

If we think the ways of the 1990s are behind us we are mistaken. Michaela Terenzani ,13. Oct 2016, at 15:57

Michal Kováč sworn in as president, March 2, 1993.

The end of a newspaper

The downing of Népszabadság is another blow for media freedom in Hungary, where things that are incompatible with democracy have been happening for a long time. Beata Balogová ,10. Oct 2016, at 10:44

Major Hungarian daily Nepszabadsag has stopped publication on October 8. The news came out of the blue even from its editorial staff who found themselves barred from the building on Saturday morning. They allege the government of Viktor Orbán could be behind what they called the "coup".

Michal Kováč chose courage

He said no in the times when it was easier to say yes to the machinery of mečiarism. Beata Balogová ,6. Oct 2016, at 8:33

Michal Kováč died on October 5.

Access to medicines: Solutions may not lie where you think

Access to healthcare is a fundamental right and yet it is being denied to some EU citizens on an almost daily basis across the bloc.4. Oct 2016, at 10:35

Insurers in Slovakia now cover 5,040 prescription drugs.

No direction

The beginning of the end: Even Smer’s greatest strategic asset, unity, is splintered as MEPs openly criticise the party’s direction — or lack thereof. Benjamin Cunningham ,30. Sep 2016, at 9:00

Is Robert Fico losing direction?

Lajčák a relevant UN candidate with little chance

The only thing that Fico could have done for Lajčák in Kremlin is the promise that Russia will not veto him. Peter Schutz ,29. Sep 2016, at 15:59

Miroslav Lajcak with PM Robert Fico.
Nice Driveway!

Ever-decreasing circles

As the ruling party sheds a senior member, the question of what it stands for remains unanswered.James Thomson28. Sep 2016, at 13:24

Robert Kalinak and Robert Fico.

Blog: International Migration: A Driver of Human Evolution?

From departure to return, we are witnessing the birth of new global Slovakia. One Slovak at a time.Zuzana Palovic23. Sep 2016, at 12:30

International students travel to attend world leading universities. So they did in the past.
The Other Slovakia

Blog: Another day with empty streets

I arrived in Slovakia on January 6, 2000, after a whole night spent in the famous “Dacia” express train from Bucharest to Vienna. The streets were quite empty and most shops were closed.Anca Dragu23. Sep 2016, at 9:25

The centre of Modra

Who are the last defenders of Europe?Plus

The European dream has always been most threatened by politicians who got stuck halfway from autocracy to democracy. Beata Balogová ,15. Sep 2016, at 18:00

The start of the Visegrad cooperation in 1991: Presidents Lech Walesa, Árpád Göncz, and Václav Havel. (in the centre)

Everything there is to know about goodbye sex

In Slovak, ‘goodbye sex’ is now what a client-turned-employee of a drug rehabilitation centre does to a 14-year-old girl in his care. Michaela Terenzani ,15. Sep 2016, at 14:43

Abuse instead of protection

The suspicions of sexual and mental abuse suggest this was not an isolated case. Beata Balogová ,15. Sep 2016, at 11:40

Hell in Slovakia

White majority remains indifferent to horrific experiences of non-white visitors. Tom Nicholson ,9. Sep 2016, at 9:00

Blog: ‘The Kiss Of Judas’: Will the heart of Europe be sacrificed once more?

Slovakia has been recently tipped off as a country to watch by George Friedman, a geopolitical forecaster.8. Sep 2016, at 17:42

Bratislava offered a number of luminous events during the night before the beginning of the presidency.

In a black hole - again

It gives no one who loves this country any pleasure to see a Slovak leader lumped together with bug-eyed bigots like Wilders and Trump. Tom Nicholson ,7. Sep 2016, at 7:15

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

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