World Press Freedom Day

Media freedom is a fragile thing

A society without journalists will more easily follow the calling of autocrats, liars, charlatans, and dictators. Beata Balogová , 3. May 2016, at 13:34

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day.
The Other Slovakia

Blog: What's in a title?

Slovaks love titles, plenty of them, both in front and after their names, which creates comical situations, especially for foreigners who are not used to them. 30. Apr 2016, at 6:00

Counting calories

Voters are not likely to make a big deal about budget deficits themselves, but the resulting credibility gap does diminish what is already low confidence in the governing class. Benjamin Cunningham , 28. Apr 2016, at 19:31

Peter Kažimír

Fascism in our time

Neither appeasement nor non-engagement can defeat the resurgent far-right. Tom Nicholson , 27. Apr 2016, at 13:13

Theories from a café cannot save Slovakia

A new party will emerge, but it must deliver on the expectations of voters who demand practical results, here and now. Jakub Filo , 26. Apr 2016, at 14:00

The good result of right extremist Marian Kotleba (L) and his ĽSNS party incited the antii-Fascist march on Monday.

Media should be free and diverse, not a geopolitical tool

Slovakia ranks 12th in the annual global ranking of press freedom; Central Europe fare less well. Benjamin Cunningham , 26. Apr 2016, at 9:34

Slovaks have last laugh with change to Czechia

“Slovakia” just rolls off the tongue when you were used to saying, “Czechoslovakia”, but what did you leave behind for your friends next door? Benjamin Cunningham , 21. Apr 2016, at 11:05

Nice driveway!

A licence to print money

Among the stranger aspects of life in Slovakia – along with the whipping of womenfolk at Easter, the ubiquity of notaries, and those curious outbreaks of civility that one encounters only upon entering and leaving… James Thomson 15. Apr 2016, at 12:15

Food vouchers - a useful perk of employment?

Just a bike ride away

The Dutch EU Council presidency is an opportunity to show Europeans the bicycle as a healthy and sustainable means of transportation with a place of its own in urban mobility. Richard van Rijssen 15. Apr 2016, at 8:20

Cycling at dawn on a route along the Danube River.

Plavčan is a result of low standards

Even if Plavčan had great ideas, could Slovaks really forgive him and those who chose him for the job for their lack of respect to laws and morals as demonstrated in the past? Michaela Terenzani , 14. Apr 2016, at 15:34

How to turn anger into energy that will save us

In four years’ time, if this government makes it through the whole term, people must feel that they live better, not based on rankings, but based on their satisfaction with work and reward. Michal Havran , 11. Apr 2016, at 16:14

The game is rigged

If capital can move freely between companies and across borders, people must be able to do the same. Benjamin Cunningham , 11. Apr 2016, at 10:32

Itinerant radicals: The case against Schengen

If Abdeslam had had to show his passport on travels across Europe, Paris attacks would have been more difficult to execute Tom Nicholson , 8. Apr 2016, at 10:36

Blog: Hospodárske Noviny writes about Babiš very cagily

What can readers find about Slovak businessman and the paper’s owner Andrej Babiš in Hospodárske Noviny (HN); or rather – what can they not find? Ľuboš Kostelanský, Michal Piško 8. Apr 2016, at 10:31

International Roma Day

We can learn from history and create a more inclusive society

The United States has paid its own high economic and societal price from segregation. Our experience may help other countries dealing with these difficult issues. 8. Apr 2016, at 6:40

World Roma Festival 2014

Will the Panama Papers affect Slovak politics?

Suspecting politics to be dirty, and having a map of the kleptocracy’s secret hoardings are two entirely different things. Tom Nicholson , 5. Apr 2016, at 13:37

A marquee of the Arango Orillac Building lists the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama City.

A reflection of reality

Like it or not, this is where Slovakia stands in 2016 – and the government reflects that. Benjamin Cunningham , 1. Apr 2016, at 20:35

The new government

What would a society ruled by the neo-Nazis be like?

Neo-Nazis choose their enemies easily, like a medieval inquisitor. It might as well be you. Beata Balogová , 1. Apr 2016, at 6:15

The other Slovakia

Blog: Teta, will you bring Ronaldo here?

Two weeks after parliamentary elections I went to Revúca to test some of the hypotheses explaining the election results. I wonder how many of the 17 percent of locals who voted for the party of the regional governor… Anca Dragu 31. Mar 2016, at 9:44

In Zvolen, in Nitra, near Brezno, there are billboards in which Kotleba thanks voters for support.

Will Kotleba save us from ourselves?

First most people ignored them, later they downplayed them, and in the end it had to yield to them in surprise Jakub Filo , 30. Mar 2016, at 14:47

Marian Kotleba

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