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Extraordinary governmental session (Finance Minister Peetr Kažimír, Prime Minister Robert Fico, Interior Minister Robert Kalinak, Deputy PM for Investments Ľubomír Vážny, L-R)

Cabinet passed special anti-terrorism legislation, parliament to okay it

AN EXTRAORDINARY government session on November 27 has approved a package of anti-terrorism legislation as a response to the current security situation in Europe.

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Speaker of Parliament Peter Pellegrini

Quote of the week

“He used the word ‘Muslim’. Would he rather say we will monitor Eskimos?”

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Some teachers donated blood in protest.

State support for schools to shrink in 2016

DESPITE protests and overall dissatisfaction of teachers with the current state of education in Slovakia, schools will receive less money from the state budget next year.

Radka Minarechová , 27. Nov 2015, at 6:30

Police detain van carrying radioactive substance

CUSTOMS officers stopped a van with Austrian licence plates at the Austrian-Slovak border crossing (in the Bratislava borough of Jarovce) when they recorded a level of radioactivity which was exceeded the safety…

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The violence ensued near pizza restaurant in Košice.

Paška’s nephews brutally attacked womanVideo

NEPHEWS of the former speaker of the Slovak parliament Pavol Paška (from Smer) were involved in a fight with several other Košice city citizens including the woman. Two of them have subsequently lost their jobs.

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Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák

Poll: FAM Lajčák could be prime minister

Besides the current Prime Minister Robert Fico, the Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák is also acceptable for the position according to 51 percent of those polled.

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5th Special Forces Regiment

New anti-terrorism laws proposed

Government moves to amend more than 15 measures

Michaela Terenzani , 26. Nov 2015, at 12:01
The Rector of Comenius University Karol Mičieta (l) and a fellow of its Medical Faculty, Dušan Hirjak, presented awardsto students and postgrads on International Students' Day (November 17).

Faculties have ever fewer students and postgrads

THE NUMBER of students, including postgraduate ones, at Slovak universities and colleges has been declining, according to a study of the Academic Ranking and Rating Agency, ARRA.

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A public transport stop, a popular "crime scene" for the fecal phantom. Illustrative stock photo

Bratislava police catch “Fecal Phantom”

A BRATISLAVA prosecutor has pressed charges of vandalism against a young man identified only as Martin M., aged 24, of Bratislava, who is suspected of terrorising Bratislava women by smearing feces on their faces.

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Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

MPs will be engaged in supervision of electronic surveillance

THE PARLIAMENT will strengthen external supervision over the use of information-technical means (ITP), used for wiretapping, via a commission.

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A doctor links Penta with Smer

THE SME daily revealed links between the Penta financial group and some politicians of the ruling Smer party and the businesspeople they have ties with.

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Bust of Pope Paul V by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, sold in an auction and exported from Slovakia.

Police investigate suspicions concerning the Bernini export

THE POLICE investigator has refused the claim that by exporting the bust of Pope Paul V, designed by Italian Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the crime of fraud was committed.

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Štefan Harabin

Harabin may lose his judicial post

FORMER president of the Supreme Court Štefan Harabin may be stripped of his judicial post soon.

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Slovak police checking cars at the border crossing in Berg, Austria.

Police search hotels for foreigners

FOLLOWING Prime Minister Robert Fico’s statement that the government would monitor every Muslim in Slovakia, the police started searching for foreigners, particularly Arabs, Syrians and refugees in the hotels and…

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Branislav Šafárik

TechMatch cost SBA chief his place

Branislav Šafárik resigned from his post as the Slovak Business Agency’s head.

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Popularity of Smer and SNS up, Polis poll shows

Voter preferences for Smer, Sieť and SNS are on the rise.

24. Nov 2015, at 8:05
The first leaked "Gorilla" file caused mass protests.
Updated: 25. Nov 2015, at 18:47

New “Gorilla” file leaked on the internet

ONLY months before the March 2016 general election, the scenario of a file leaked allegedly from the intelligence service disclosing the links between politicians and businesspeople is repeating.

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Lucia Žitňanská

Amendment ensures benefits for prosecutors, boosts their powers

SLOVAK parliament passed an amendment to the law on the prosecutor’s office on November 20. The amendment, passed by 80 votes (of the 150 in total) does not give them an increase in pensions, but rather many other…

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Vladimír Crmoman of the Slovak Chamber of Teachers

Teachers bleeding for the education sector

TEACHERS from Bratislava queued up at the National Transfusion Service in the borough of Ružinov to donate blood as part of a Health Day, involving more than 200 schools in Slovakia, which was organised to point to…

Compiled by Spectator staff , 19. Nov 2015, at 22:32
Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

Police arrest around 20 illegal residents

A STRINGENT security regime has been put in place in Slovakia since the terror attacks in Paris, which has resulted in the arrests of some 20 people who were residing in Slovakia illegally, the TASR newswire…

Compiled by Spectator staff , 19. Nov 2015, at 22:29

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