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Štefan Harabin

Harabin dismisses verdict in the Ducký notes case

THE APPELLATE panel led by ex-chair of the Supreme Court Štefan Harabin turned down all previous verdicts in the so-called Ducký’s bills case, which sent former financial director of Slovenský Plynárenský Priemysel…

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Slovakia braces for another heat wave

EXTREMELY hot weather is returning to Slovakia, with meteorologists forecasting that the temperature will climb in some places to 36 degrees Celsius on August 6.

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Children can easily buy alcohol

YOUNG people in the Czech Republic are the biggest drinkers in Europe in their age group, and while there has been a slight improvement among Slovak youth they can still buy alcohol without a problem, the Sme daily…

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Košice Regional Police chief Juraj Leško (right)

Seven policemen injured in Roma settlement

TWENTY-TWO police officers were sent to deal with unrest in a Roma settlement called Zabijanec in the village of Rudňany in Košice Region on Sunday night, with seven of them suffering injuries in the process, Košice…

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Ceremony commemorating the Roma Holocaust in Dubnica nad Váhom

Proxy Pollák: Roma Holocaust must not be forgotten

IT IS important to commemorate the Roma Holocaust, and not forget what happened during WWII, so that in future we will not have to erect memorials to those who will have fought for our freedom, Government Proxy for…

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Gabčíkovo mayor Ivan Fenes (R) and chair of referendum committee Teodor Bodo announce results.

Referendum: Gabčíkovo inhabitants do not want refugees there

IN THE local referendum, inhabitants of the municipality of Gabčíkovo on August 2 refused the refugees that shall arrive there, and also the establishment of a temporary refugee camp.

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Bratislava neighbourhoods want to regulate gambling on their own

BRATISLAVA districts want to have the power to deal with gambling without the obligation to organise petitions for banning it in their local areas, said Ján Mrva, the Mayor of Vajnory, the neighbourhood of…

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Inspection: Police kicking man on the ground was ok

INVESTIGATORS have cleared police officers caught on video kicking a man on the ground and beating him with truncheons in Bratislava, the Sme daily reported July 30.

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Crash site

New facts about fatal helicopter crash emerge

THE THREE members of a military helicopter MI-17 crew were training winching up people into helicopter with the help of a rope not practicing landings, when they crashed on July 28 afternoon near Prešov.

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DAC Dunajská Streda owner, Oszkar Világi

SMK party: Dunajská Streda fans beaten up, Kaliňák must act

MASKED people beat up fans of DAC Dunajská Streda club after a football premier league match between the home side and Spartak Trnava on July 26 evening, with a Dunajská Streda town councillor for the Hungarian…

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Stanislav Boledovič

Teach for Slovakia chief talks education reform

STANISLAV Boledovič, the founder of the Teach for Slovakia project, believes that it helps socially disadvantages children succeed.

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská, 29. Jul 2015, at 17:18
Ombudswoman Jana Dubovcová

Police deny racially-motivated raids

OMBUDSWOMAN Jana Dubovcová points to an excessive number of searching actions in regions with numerous Roma communities demanding Police President Tibor Gašpar to check if they are racially motivated, but he denies…

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Police President Tibor Gašpar

Harabin releases third convicted police officer

Another police officer convicted for corruption was released by the appellate senate chaired by Štefan Harabin with the argument that the police inspectorate that investigated his case is unlawful. The former…

Michaela Terenzani, 29. Jul 2015, at 14:59
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Police detained men organising forced marriages

THE POLICE have arrested two men from eastern Slovakia who lured young women and then forced them to marry abroad. 

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The community centre in Bystrany

New community centre opens in Bystrany

A NEW community centre was opened in the town of Bystrany, Košice Region, on July 28, with Government Proxy for the Roma Communities Peter Pollák in attendance.

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Helicopter crash claims one life

A PILOT died and another two soldiers were injured in the military helicopter crash on July 28. 

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Healthcare concerns Slovaks the most

SLOVAKS are the most concerned by problems in the health-care sector, a poll carried out by the Polis agency on 1,463 respondents between July 12 and 18 for the SITA newswire suggests.

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Health workers want guaranteed salaries across-the-board

SIX professional and labour health-care organisations insist on having legislation dealing with health worker remuneration, sponsored by the Health Ministry, apply to all health workers and not just state hospital…

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PM Fico announced a package of social measures

Smer would clearly win elections, Polis poll shows

THE RULING Smer party remains the clear favourite for the 2016 parliamentary election during this summer, as the election campaign slowly takes off. Newcomers, nationalists, Hungarians would be in the parliament too…

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President Andrej Kiska

President Kiska signed a bill on copyright into law

THE NEW law on copyright aimed at helping to spread culture, education and science was signed by President Andrej Kiska on July 24.

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