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Slovak military is smaller, but adapting

Tank unit is a renewed priority as are new strategies to deal with cyber warfare. Peter Kováč , 29. Jul 2016, at 9:01

From right to left: former defence minister Martin Glváč with Chief of the General Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces Milan Maxim and President Andrej Kiska.

Business of auntie Anka continues

Five out of the seven companies linked to auntie Anka still have contracts with VšZP Compiled by Spectator staff , 29. Jul 2016, at 6:58

Miroslav Beblavý

Two Slovaks arrested in Thailand

Police accused one of them of fraud, second of duress and blackmail. Compiled by Spectator staff , 29. Jul 2016, at 6:45

Michal Grujbár is one of the Slovaks arrested by Thailand police in cooperation with Interpol on July 27.

Government to re-distribute SAV money

Though Slovakia is among Europe's least invested in R&D, authorities now propose to take yet more money Academy of Sciences. Peter Adamovsky , 28. Jul 2016, at 14:15

L-R Activists Vladimír Zvara (Initiative of University Teachers), Imrich Barák (Veda chce žiť! initiative)  and Vladimír Crmoman (Initiative of Slovak Teachers) during the briefing about intention to bereave €1 million of the SAV budget on July 21.

Ex-SIS agent Kosík is still wanted

Slovak police still are still searching for former officer of the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) and former police officer, Ľuboš Kosík, who was sentenced by the Supreme Court at end of June to 14 years in prison… Compiled by Spectator staff , 28. Jul 2016, at 14:04

The house in Limbach where Ľuboš Kosík lives.

Delays in Cervanová case going unpunished

A symbol of procrastination by the Slovak judiciary, no judge has ever been held responsible or sanctioned. Michaela Terenzani , 28. Jul 2016, at 11:26

Ľudmila Cervanová

Weather Institute: Hailstorms forecast for Slovakia on July 28

Hailstorms are forecast for most of Slovakia on Thursday, July 28. Compiled by Spectator staff , 28. Jul 2016, at 7:09

In Bardejov, a storm already caused damage on July 26.

Prosecutor: patients bribing doctor charged

Within the fight against corruption in Slovak health care, two patients of the former senior doctor at the Urology Department of Skalica Hospital who is charged with receiving a bribe, face also a suit for bribing… Compiled by Spectator staff , 28. Jul 2016, at 7:04

Courtroom, illustrative stock photo

Evidence indicates Harabin paid himself big bonuses

The Supreme Court released official salary documents showing that he signed off on €113,000, and his response doesn't add up. 27. Jul 2016, at 17:06

Štefan Harabin

New “ministerial nurse” to lead nursing as of August

A new nursing department was established at the Health Ministry in June and will be headed by the so-called Ministerial Nurse as of August 1. Compiled by Spectator staff , 27. Jul 2016, at 13:30

Head of Slovak Chamber of Nurses and Midwives (SKSaPA), Iveta Lazorová

Rainbow Pride in Bratislava on Saturday, opponents as well

After a one-year break, the Rainbow (Dúhový) Pride returns to the streets of the Slovak capital on July 30, with the goal to make life partnership available for all. Compiled by Spectator staff , 27. Jul 2016, at 13:16

The Rainbow Pride 2015 parade in Bratislava.

Number of divorces at a seven-year minimum

The number of marriages ending in divorce in Slovakia has continuously declined since 2008. Compiled by Spectator staff , 27. Jul 2016, at 7:00

The number of divorces in Slovakia declines continuously since 2008

Lightning bolt killed Czech tourist in High Tatras

Rescuers tried to resuscitate the tourist below the ridge, but with no success. Compiled by Spectator staff , 27. Jul 2016, at 6:54

A High Tatras view.

NAKA accuses elite prosecutor of abuse of powers

Prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office Vasiľ Špirko was supervising the investigation of the current case related to the Interior Minister. Compiled by Spectator staff , 27. Jul 2016, at 6:42

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

Adamčík to run for the post of Sieť chairman

The five “rebels” criticising incumbent chairman of the coalition party Sieť, Radoslav Procházka, now have a clear idea about who should replace him. Compiled by Spectator staff , 26. Jul 2016, at 13:41

Eduard Adamčík

Another man intruded into presidential palace

Unlike the previous case, security guards caught the man right after he overcame the fence. Compiled by Spectator staff , 26. Jul 2016, at 13:30

Presidential Palace in Bratislava.

People rallied again in front of Bonaparte

In Prešov more than 300 rallied against Fico and Kaliňák. Compiled by Spectator staff , 26. Jul 2016, at 7:02

The sixth protest in front of the Bonaparte complex.

In Bojnice zoo, bear escapee was put to sleep

A brown bear escaped from the enclosure on July 21 morning and got close to visitors. Compiled by Spectator staff , 25. Jul 2016, at 13:28

Bojncie zoo has a tardition of bear breeding, illustrative stock photo.

New law targets shell firms

Anti-corruption advocates argue that new measures don’t go far enough. Michaela Terenzani , 24. Jul 2016, at 6:30

Justice Minister Lucia Žitňanská

Slovak police published new crime maps

Long term problematic districts of Bratislava dropped out of the most dangerous zone. Compiled by Spectator staff , 21. Jul 2016, at 22:22

Number of acts in police districts (1-2Q 2016)

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