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Foreign organizations protest against police brutality

THE SLOVAK government has not paid much attention to the investigation into the June 19, 2013 police raid in Roma settlement Budulovská in Moldava nad Bodvou. Instead, the government is commenting on events before…

Roman Cuprik, 30. Jun 2015, at 15:02
Igor Matovič (l) and Daniel Lipšic (r)

OĽaNO and NOVA join forces before the general elections

THE ORDINARY People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO) and NOVA movement will run jointly in the general election in March 2016, their leaders Igor Matovič and Daniel Lipšic, respectively, told the press on June…

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Summer holidays for pupils start

MOST pupils at primary and secondary schools received their year-end school reports on June 30. 

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The number of children born in 2014 was by 210 higher than in 2013.

Slovakia’s population hits record of 5.421 million

THE NUMBER of inhabitants of Slovakia stood at around 5.421 million at the end of last year, the highest figure in the country’s history, the Statistics Office announced on June 29.

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President Andrej Kiska

Highlights of Kiska’s first year

June 15, 2014 President Andrej Kiska swore the presidential oath and took up his office. 

Radka Minarechová, 29. Jun 2015, at 7:05
Kiska suprised analysts with his foreign policy skills. Here, he shares a laugh with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kiev.

Kiska: one-year review

“WE HAVE found ourselves at a critical time, where it’s necessary to restore the trust of citizens in the state,” President Andrej Kiska said in his state of the republic address. 

Michaela Terenzani, 29. Jun 2015, at 6:00
2% assignment raise money for various activities.

NGOs reach assignation agreement with FinMin

Memorandum clears way for more consistent rules on tax donations.

Erik Rédli, 29. Jun 2015, at 5:30

Quote of the week

“I am not a sanctimonious human rights person, I am a pragmatic politician.”

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Štefan Harabin

Harabin could be forced out of another job

A YEAR after his forced departure from the helm of the Supreme Court Štefan Harabin might also lose his post as chairman of the penal-legal collegium.

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R-L András Ujlaky, Paul d´Auchamp, Government Proxy for Roma Communities Peter Pollák and Jana Dubovcová.

European Roma Rights Centre slams Slovak government for settlement raid

THE SLOVAK government does not pay enough attention to the investigation of the police action in Moldava nad Bodvou; instead of pressing on investigators to seek answers, it comments on the events on its own without…

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Painting with henna was one of the activities during the June 21 Sunday Groove.
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Refugee quotas still face stiff opposition

SLOVAKIA continued its opposition to mandatory quotas proposed by the European Commission, which would bring some 785 refugees to the country. 

Radka Minarechová, 25. Jun 2015, at 11:10
Illustrative stock photo

Attacked Saudi family was here for son’s graduation

A FAMILY from Saudi Arabia which was attacked at Bratislava’s main railway station during the June 20 protests against immigration appeared among the demonstrators by accident. 

Compiled by Spectator staff, 24. Jun 2015, at 12:48
Peter Lipták

Prosecution against doctor Lipták halted

THE SPECIAL Prosecutor’s Office dropped charges against general practitioner Peter Lipták from Bratislava, who became known due to his media statements about accepting gifts and cash from patients.

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Prime Minister Robert Fico

Fico ponders referendum on migrant quotas

THE VISEGRAD Group countries (V4) could block the mandatory quotas for refugees during the European Council session. 

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Anti-immigrant protest organisers seek to unite extremists

A PUBLIC protest against immigration held in Bratislava on June 20 that led to violence against both police officers and bystanders showed the power of extremists in Slovakia who have declared their intention to…

Roman Cuprik, 23. Jun 2015, at 19:29
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Slovakia has taken 650 asylum seekers since 1993

SLOVAKIA granted asylum to together 650 people between January 1993 and April 2015, Interior Ministry data published on the occasion of the World Refugee Day (June 20) suggests.

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Judges of the second panel of the Constitutional Court: (l-r) Ladislav Orosz, Ľudmila Gajdošíková, and Sergej Kohut

Two judges withdraw complaints about Kiska

THE SECOND panel of the Constitutional Court has stopped the discussion on the complaints submitted by judges Ján Bernát and Imrich Volkai who objected to the decision of President Andrej Kiska not to appoint them…

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Council of Europe: Set clear goals for including Roma, disabled

SEGREGATION of Roma children in the education system, virulent anti-LGBTI statements and other human rights’ issues in Slovakia were on agenda of Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, who…

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Stop the Islamisatiopn of Europe protest, June 20

Protest against migrant quotas paralyses downtown Bratislava

A PUBLIC protest against the resettlement of migrants in Slovakia took place in Bratislava on June 20, shutting down traffic on the central Hodžovo Square, the main railway station and SNP Square and keeping dozens…

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Lenin quote will not prompt prosecution

AN INVESTIGATOR with the Košice criminal police has declined to prosecute leftists for a Lenin billboard with his image and the text: “The power of capital and stock exchanges are everything. Parliament and…

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