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Updated: 12. Feb 2016, at 12:38

House's school and health committees reject opposition

THE PARLIAMENTARY education, youth, science and sport committee and the health committee on February 11 rejected resolutions drafted by the opposition that were supposed to represent the result of a special… Compiled by Spectator staff , 11. Feb 2016, at 23:40

Kiska: Defence should be priority after election

DEFENCE is a topic that we need to discuss constantly, said Slovak President Andrej Kiska after the annual assembly of Slovak Armed Forces Chief of General Staff Milan Maxim at the Defence Ministry on February 11. Compiled by Spectator staff , 11. Feb 2016, at 23:38

From right to left: Defence Minister Martin Glváč with Chief of the General Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces Milan Maxim and President Andrej Kisa.

Health care and education harm Smer

THE RULING Smer may not continue in its one-party government after the March 5 general election, recent polls indicate. Radka Minarechová , 11. Feb 2016, at 14:28

Protests by teachers and nurses have hurt support for Smer.

Coalition and opposition MPs absent for extraordinary session

THE EXTRAORIDNARY session of Slovak parliament on hot issues of education and the health-care sector could not be opened on the morning of February 11, as not enough MPs were present. Compiled by Spectator staff , 11. Feb 2016, at 13:17

Extraordinary sesison of parliament was finally opened at 11:00 on February 11.

Smer would win election, could not rule alone

IF the general election had taken place at the break of January and February, the ruling Smer party would have won with 34.1 percent of votes, garnering 62 seats in parliament. Compiled by Spectator staff , 11. Feb 2016, at 13:10

Casting a vote

Teachers, pupils, university students protest in Bratislava

About 1,000 people were at a meeting on February 10, at 17:00 in SNP Square, aimed at showing their support for the striking teachers and to express dissatisfaction with the current state of the education system. Compiled by Spectator staff , 10. Feb 2016, at 23:45

Teachers, students and parents strike on February 10.

Matovič asks Fico to have polygraph test

LEADER of the opposition Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO-NOVA) party Igor Matovič has called on Prime Minister Robert Fico to undergo a polygraph test with him. Compiled by Spectator staff , 10. Feb 2016, at 23:43

Matovič shows his accountancy documents.

Bratislava voters lean right, but remain conflicted

DECIDING who to vote for in the March 5 will be tougher than usual for the right-leaning electorate in Bratislava, according to a survey by the Political Science Department of Comenius University made for the Sme… Compiled by Spectator staff , 10. Feb 2016, at 15:39

Radoslav Procházka

ETP: State could learn from our work with Roma

WHILE some mayors struggle to improve life in segregated Roma settlements, the non-profit organization ETP Slovakia has helped hundreds of marginalized people construct their own houses. The Slovak Spectator spoke… Roman Cuprik , 10. Feb 2016, at 15:17

Slávka Mačáková, the director of ETP Slovakia

Parties pledge to strengthen the right to information

TEN of 12 political parties publicly pledged to strengthen the right of the public to information by adopting the proposals of three non-governmental organisations. Compiled by Spectator staff , 10. Feb 2016, at 13:50

Ombudswoman concerned about freedom of speech

OMBUDSWOMAN Jana Dubovcová turned to the government, saying that some ministries selectively inform the media. Compiled by Spectator staff , 10. Feb 2016, at 13:45

Ombudswoman Jana Dubovcová

Nurses lost their fight for salaries

THOUGH more than 500 nurses left hospitals in late January, it was not enough to persuade the government to accept their conditions. Compiled by Spectator staff , 10. Feb 2016, at 6:53

President Andrej Kiska met with representatives of nurses.

Former military intelligence head to be tried

FORMER head of the Military Intelligence Service (VSS) Roman Mikulec may soon face the court. Compiled by Spectator staff , 10. Feb 2016, at 6:38

Alleged author of the VSS report, late Vladimír Suchodolinský, in 2013.

Teachers suspend the strike

THE INITIATIVE of Slovak Teachers (ISU) will interrupt the strike as of February 15. The strike started on January 25. Compiled by Spectator staff , 9. Feb 2016, at 12:58

Fico will not be prosecuted for anti-Muslim statements

THE REGIONAL prosecutor’s office in Bratislava dismissed a criminal complaint against Prime Minister Robert Fico for his statements regarding the Muslim community. Compiled by Spectator staff , 9. Feb 2016, at 12:41

Prime Minister Robert Fico

Campaign: Tax fraud allegations fly

PM Robert Fico spins campaign against one of the centre right leaders Igor Matovič. Michaela Terenzani , 9. Feb 2016, at 12:36

Fico vs. Matovič

Activists launch campaign for higher election turnout

A month away from the general election, activists have launched a campaign called ‘Hráme o Veľa’ . Compiled by Spectator staff , 9. Feb 2016, at 6:36

Health care infected with scandals

WITH the general election just around the corner, health care remains a major concern among Slovaks in public opinion polls. Radka Minarechová , 9. Feb 2016, at 6:30

Prešov hospital strongly feels lack of nurses, February 1.

Health care system is ailing

DESPITE the criticism from several sides and growing complaints of the public, the government has declined to admit there are serious problems in the health-care sector. Radka Minarechová , 9. Feb 2016, at 6:30

PM Robert Fico usually backs Health Minister Viliam Čislák.

Police review contracts between VšZP and Klinika Kostka

THE NATIONAL Criminal Agency (NAKA) has, of its own initiative, responded to suspicions emerging in the media by analysing all contracts concluded by the state-owned health insurer VšZP, including those with Klinika… Compiled by Spectator staff , 8. Feb 2016, at 13:40

Klinika Kostka

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