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Connecting modern comfort with tradition

A stay at the Danubia Gate Hotel is truly unforgettable due to the hotel’s perfect marriage of modern and historical.

Culture & lifestyle

Slovak writer and film director Peter Krištúfek dies in a bus crash

The documentarist and writer, aged 44, was one of the two casualties of the fatal Monday crash between a bus and a truck.


OLAF began investigating the alleged abuse of EU funds in Slovakia

European Anti-fraud Office will look into fraud involving EU funds for Slovak agriculture first revealed by murdered Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak

Culture & lifestyle

New lookout for plane spotters and photographersPhoto

The lookout at the Bratislava airport is accessible from the Vrakuňa (borough of Bratislava) side.


Former Kaliňák deputy to become interior minister

The ruling Smer chooses Denisa Saková as the replacement for Tomáš Drucker. Her name creates concern among transparency watchdogs.


Will rum-flavoured spirit change taste?

Slovak rum gets temporary exemption from EU cancer-related ban


Bahraini journalist: You cannot build a real public opinion without journalism

In 2011, Nazeeha Saeed was beaten and tortured by authorities for covering pro-democracy protests. Now, she’s fighting back.


Fifth carmaker in Slovakia?

Cabinet gave the industrial park in Haniska the statute of strategic investment


Slovakia to extradite Vadala to Italy for prosecution

Slovak court approves the change of custody from pre-trial to extradition for Italian businessman active in Slovakia, leading to his actual extradition.

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Photos from the set of the feature film Revolution Man were misused for propaganda.

Train full of missiles photographed in Ostrava a hoax

It seems that wartime conflicts are almost always accompanied by hoaxes, recent stories show.

Measles still a threat for Slovakia

Due to decreasing levels of vaccination, the outbreak of measles may be threatening the country. Two new cases of measles in Slovaks working in Austria have been reported recently.

Illustrative stock photo

Tragic road accident took death toll Photo

Two passengers killed in a bus crash

The tragic accident took place near Badín in central Slovakia.

Popular Billy bookshelves by IKEA ar emad ein Slovakia

How a furniture hit is produced: IKEA’s Billy is from Slovakia Photo

The plant in Trnava has been operating since 1993, daily exporting furniture to the whole world.

No office building completed in the first quarter in Bratislava

The vacancy rate in office rate down in Bratislava

Westend Plazza

Unemployment drops in all regions

The labour minister would like to see the unemployment rate drop below 5 percent this year.

Emmanuel Macron

I have never seen a France like this

Unlike the populists Macron offers a positive vision of where politics and Europe can go.

On killing a crab

If you eat animal flesh, you should not be squeamish about slaughtering your dinner.

Back to square one?

Tomáš Drucker leaves after 25 days as interior minister while Tibor Gašpar stays put.

Drucker (second from right) arrives to the Presidential Palace to hand in his resignation.

Nearly 2,500 companies relocated from Slovakia

Most of them moved to neighbouring countries, consultancy company finds.

US State Department points to corruption and treatment of Roma

In its annual report on human rights, the US Department of State points to insufficient punishment for public officials involved in corruption and to the widespread discrimination against Roma where Slovakia is…

Integration/inclusion of Roma children is crucial, illustrative stock photo.

EP calls for thorough investigation of Kuciak’s murder

It has raised an alarm about the potential infiltration of organised crime in the Slovak economy and politics at all levels.

European Parliament, illustrative stock photo

Visualisation of the Sky Park project by Zaha Hadid in Bratislava.

Bratislava is up to date with the West Photo

Tourists will find many examples that prove Bratislava is a modern capital, catching up fast with its western-European counterparts - and not just in the food industry.

Nová Cvernovka: Artists mortgaged their property, became managers Photo

Photographer Šymon Kliman comments on his cooperation with the self-governing region and what they have planned for the future.

Leading personalities of Nadácia Cvernovka foundation: account manager Braňo Čavoj, director Vilo Csino and photographer Šymon Kliman. Designer Boris Meluš is not in the photo.

Psychologist: Sex scene was crucial in Ice Mother, RTVS did not understand Photo

We did not use the full potential of the film, Hana Ševčíková said, reacting to a TV station editing out a scene for the TV version of the film.

Psychologist Hana Ševčíková

Nelson Cherutich, the winner of Devín - Bratislava 2018 run receives his laurel.

A Keynan competing at the Rio Olympics won Devín – Bratislava run Photo

Nelson Cherutich won with a time of 35:05 minutes, the fastest woman was Hungarian Zita Kácser.

Clear, unanimous, and indisputable: Sagan is the best Video

The renowned cycling magazine Velonews lists Slovak Peter Sagan as the most valuable cyclist.

The Bora-Hansgrohe buses are often under siege thanks to Sagan.

Sagan: Attack is the best defence Video

Sagan wins the Hell of the North race after a strong attack, receiving his second-ever Monument title.

Peter Sagan