Entry conditions change as the Omicron wave is set to arrive in Slovakia.

The new OP+ regime grants benefits to people with three doses or a combination of vaccine and recovery from Covid. Rules should apply all through the wave, government promises.

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They estimate the peak of another wave in mid-February.

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Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korčok (left) and Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď (right)

A planned bilateral defence agreement between NATO allies Slovakia and the US has highlighted once again the sharp divisions that exist in Slovak politics and society over Russia.

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Testing of unvaccinated employees remains at a frequency of once a week.

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The scandal was revealed by a blog post published in March 2019.

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As the country braces for Omicron, experts warn of testing shortages.

17. jan
Maroš Žilinka

The cooperation is valid 2022 and 2023.

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Veľký Choč

A difficult hike to the mountain is rewarded with a beautiful view of the surrounding nature.

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Coronavirus in Slovakia: 3,933 new cases confirmed (graphs)

The total number of PCR-confirmed cases has exceeded 884,000.

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News digest: Slovak MEP runs for a top EP post, while the general prosecutor is criticised for Moscow visit

Michal Šimečka could become the highest-ranked Slovak in history in the European Parliament. Pressure waves from an eruption of the Hunga Tonga volcano in the Pacific felt in Slovakia.

17. jan
EC President Ursula von der Leyen speaking at the 2021 World Economic Forum in Davos, taking place online.

The Davos crowd might consider meeting online from here on out

With a little luck, even the caviar companies will survive.

16. jan
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Virtue of compromise in the EU’s digital policy-making: the case of targeted ads

The idea floated during the negotiations on the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, is an exemplary case study on how legislative proposals evolve during the negotiations just to reach a workable compromise – hopefully.

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Maroš Žilinka

General prosecutor damns defence deal, challenges Heger government’s foreign policy

This week Žilinka will celebrate with a Russian prosecutor named on an EU sanctions list.

10. jan
A gallows replica is the latest tourist attraction in Liptovský Mikuláš, where Juraj Jánošík was executed in 1713.

Liptovský Mikuláš commemorates Jánošík's execution with a gallows replica

The outlaw Juraj Jánošík, who has been turned into a folk hero, was sent to the gallows in the early 18th century.

9. jan

People enjoy sunny weekend in the Tatras, car parks full

Štrbské Pleso had to close because of the traffic.

10. jan
The character of “Olejkár” is one of the first statues that is a part of the fairytale walk in Revúca.

The fairytale path of Revúca

Three statues celebrating Slovak folk tales have been erected in the town.

8. jan
The almost 200-year-old statue of St Ján Nepomucký, which was stolen 30 years ago by an unknown perpetrator from a pedestal near the old linden trees at the end of Horný Badín in the Krupina district, was replaced with a replica at the end of 2021.

Weekend: Slovak artist made it to Hollywood

Bratislava is collecting Christmas trees, Hriňová invites people to swim in the freezing water. Here is the latest travel/culture roundup.

14. jan
The Koch Garden

Bratislava’s exquisite healing garden goes on the mend

The neglected Koch Garden will become municipal property; city planning its complete revitalisation.

12. jan
Franciscan monastery in the centre of Rožňava, Košice Region.

Rožňava locals repurpose a Franciscan monastery as a cultural centre

A bookstore and a café have already moved into the Rožňava monastery.

11. jan
Petra Vlhová

Vlhová celebrates historic success, looks towards Olympics

She won the small crystal globe for the second time.

12. jan
After obtaining a Slovak passport in 2017, American Andre Jones represented Slovakia for three years.

The NBA did not work out for them. US basketball players star in Slovakia's top league

The first US basketball players came to play in Slovakia in the nineties.

26. nov
Slovakia's only LGBTI sports club, Lotus Flowers, brings the LGBTI community and their allies together, and even some anti-LGBTI people.

Slovak gay sportspeople live among us

A decade ago, gay people founded their own sports club, Lotus Flowers, in Bratislava.

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