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EU parliaments to create joint group to supervise Europol activities

Its first session is planned for the autumn.


Legitimising fake news

One of Slovakia’s media schools has invited a well-known conspiracy theorist to an academic conference. What does this say about the state of the Slovak media?


Suicide game does not exist and visa-free regime for Ukrainians is not a lie

The Slovak Spectator brings you a selection of hoaxes from the past two weeks.


It’s not easy being an ‘alien’ in Slovakia

Are Slovaks scared of foreigners? The stories of those who are trying to make their homes here suggest that ignorance and bureaucratic inertia, rather than fear, cause more problems.


European Compliance Forum – Holding the Helm of the Company is Getting Harder

Following the recently amended law on criminal liability of legal persons, the issue of cost-effectiveness of prevention emerges more and more.


Seminar about Tiso takes place in Nitra

Controversial historian invited to speak about Slovakia’s wartime president; Israeli Embassy condemns decision.


Analysis: More than 200 % companies vanished since start of crisis

The year 2016 was second worst in numbers of Slovak companies that ceased to exist since the beginning of the financial crisis, an analysis found.


President Kiska uses train for first timePhoto

After criticism from coalition MPs for flying and a troublesome car trip, Slovak President Kiska to commute to Bratislava by international train, boarding it in his hometown of Poprad.

Culture & lifestyle

What has remained here after Stoka, Propeller or Cvernovka?Photo

The book BA!! Places of Living Culture 1989-2016 brings authentic accounts about 38 independent cultural spots in Bratislava.

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Forex rates

(1 EUR is equal to)
USD 1.0848
GBP 0.84830
CZK 26.793
CAD 1.4570
NOK 9.2450
AUD 1.4330
HUF 311.47
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Snowfall hit also the Donovaly resort on April 18.

After spring weather, Slovakia faces record cold and snow Photo

March and the first half of April were warm and mild but during Easter a cold spell began that took temperatures closer to the long term average.

Two railway stations in southern Slovakia get bilingual signs

Gradually 55 bilingual signs will be installed by the end of September.

The station in Komárno now bears signs in Slovak as well as Hungarian.

TIS: More people trust whistleblower Hlávková than Foreign Ministry

A survey shows that in the scandal concerning overpriced orders of the Slovak presidency of the Council of EU, public trust the whistleblower, Zuzana Hlávková, rather than the Foreign Ministry which organised them.

Zuzana Hlávková

U.S. Steel Košice

Problems for U.S. Steel Košice going into sale. A shell company is making a grab for its premises

The Košice Regional Court retained two thirds of the U.S. Steel premises in Košice-Šaca in favour of a shell company. The steelworks do not comment on lawsuits.

Three firms vie for former hospital grounds Photo

Software company Eset is eyeing the premises for its new R&D centre.

Visualisation of the new R&D Campus of Eset

Businesses complain about quality of business environment

RÚZ has begun to believe that discussing the minimum wage is a waste of time.

RÚZ president Miroslav Kiraľvarga

Blog: Automotive sector in Slovakia: a blessing, which might (soon) turn to a curse

Automotive industry struggles by lack of labour force and rigid legislature.

Blog: Underground economy flourishes in the queues

A foreigners' real experience at the foreigners’ police department in Bratislava.

Foreign investors said they would welcome less bureaucracy in Slovakia.

The fightback starts here

Voters and consumers feel powerless and angry. But sometimes the system does actually work, after a fashion.

Lonely voter: EP election turnout was low in 2004

Illustrative stock photo

Google's Artificial intelligence system translates Slovak more accurately

The new feature uses neural networks to make better translations between Slovak and English.

Slovak military participates in 2017 Summer Shield

Slovak soldiers are participating in the international military drill in Latvia with almost 1,700 soldiers in total.

Illustrative stock photo

Algayerová appointed to head UN Economic Commission for Europe

Slovak diplomat – who was once “shadow” foreign minister of the Smer party – will become an official of a UN economic body.

Oľga Algayerová (L) was the foreign minister of the "shadow cabinet" presented in 2011 by the chairman of (then opposition) Smer party, Robert Fico (2L).

Bratislava will be for free again Photo

People can attend a rich programme of Bratislava City Days during the weekend 22-23 April.

982 painted Easter eggs hung on tree Photo

A new record was created in the “Easter Village.”

Painted Easter egg made from snow

Near Rainer cottage is a painted Easter egg built from snow.

Slovaks will play against Russia in quarterfinals Photo

Slovakia advances to the quarterfinals from third place, after defeating Switzerland.

Young Slovak ice hockey players advance to the quarterfinals Photo

The last match in the preliminary round will decide on their rival for the quarterfinals.

Slovakia hosts U18 hockey world championship

The hosting towns have adopted tightened security measures, but also measures to protect the environment.

Slovak U18 ice hockey representation