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RPSP – A good intention ruined by execution

Almost ten months have lapsed since the Act concerning the Register of Public Sector Partners came into force.


President to appoint missing Constitutional Court justices

The court will have its full complement of judges after three years.


Austrian natural gas station close to Slovak border explodedVideo

The incident, which claimed one fatality and at least 18 injuries, also created an emergency in a Slovak village close to the Austrian border.


Blog: Environmental sustainability is the future for sustainability in business

A great example of how you can make a difference by sharing your passion with others: Ivana Maleš, co-founder of the Institute for Circular Economy, describes her journey to a sustainability consultant.


Vintage Tatra lorries will be produced in Trenčín

Both military and civilian vehicles from the legendary Tatra brand will be produced and serviced in the Slovak city of Trenčín by a special branch of the Czech group.


Accessible Urban Living

Urban Residence is a multi-use building geared towards renters with a love for urban living in a peaceful environment.

Culture & lifestyle

Slovak film won the main prize of Silk Road IFF in ChinaPhoto

The Little Harbour, which was already shown at Berlinale where it received the Children’s Jury Award, continues its worldwide success.


Investment highlights 2017

Check out the most important investment events in the past year.


Developers in Bratislava withdraw applications for important investment statutes for their projects

J&T Real Estate and HB Reavis declare continuation in their projects without the statutes.


Four Slovak firms make it on the list of the fastest-growing IT technology companies

Deloitte has compiled the ranking of the companies for the EMEA region for the 17th time.

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Forex rates

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The army showcases the vehicles it plans to buy Video

They were similar to the Finnish originals, observer pointed out.

Hygienists confirmed second case of measles in Bratislava

Measles are very infectious, virus spreading through the air.

The University Hospital of Louis Pasteur in Košice

Google helps users of public transport in Bratislava

Following Žilina, Košice and Nitra, Bratislava now has routes and timetables for public transport on Google maps.

Public transport in Bratislava


Business service centres in Slovakia are growing

Easier immigration procedures and cooperation with schools are important issues.

Demand inflation and increase in prices affected inflation in November

Apart from food prices which continue accelerating inflation, demand inflation and price of fuel were added in November.

Food prices influenced core inflation.

Registrations of newly self-employed in Slovakia reach record numbers

In the course of 2017, the number of new licenses for the self-employed grew by many thousands, mostly in the construction industry.

The self-employed, illustrative stock photo

Dairy-free chocolate mousse.

Blog: Slovak cuisine is boring and unimaginative

There, I said it. Now, before you start sending me vitriolic emails, please finish reading this post.

Blog: Migration and equation of loss and gain

Central Europeans oppose change while Americans find opportunity in it.

What kind of European are you?

If you live in Central and Eastern Europe, chances are high you belong to the "hesitant" tribe.

Hungarian and foreign students took to the streets of Budapest to support CEU.

EU takes Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to court for refusing refugee quotas but not Slovakia

Slovak minister points out that the latest proposals by the Estonian presidency resemble Slovakia’s proposals from the Bratislava summit.

Ex-PM Radičová praised as influential female leader

Former Slovak PM, Iveta Radičová, receives her second international award.

Ex-PM iveta Radičová (R front) receives award of the World Political leaders Forum, November 29.

Slovaks are unsatisfied with police uncovering corruption

Five embassies in Slovakia call on Slovak government to continue fighting against corruption, promising further support.

New law should motivate people to report corruption.

Slovak made most viral video on Facebook Video

Millions of people in the world watch videos by Michal Krivička, who also films for Hollywood.

Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava Video

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between December 15 and December 24, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

Music exchange

The Guardian: Bratislava Christmas markets are better than the German ones Photo

In its travel section, The Guardian recently compared several Christmas shopping opportunities and seasonal markets around Europe.

Christmas tree in Hviezdosalvovo Square, Bratislava

Slovak floorball players lose to Finland

They are now in a contest for the 5th-8th places.