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Governmental campaign should bring Slovaks home from the UK

The Slovak cabinet plans to persuade its expats living and working in the UK with at least a bachelor degree to return home: a campaign offering specific jobs should help.


EU lawyers claiming the Russian annexation of Crimea as legal is a hoax

One lawyer does not mean all EU lawyers; immigrants attacking a shepherd dog and HAARP causing hurricanes in the US are hoaxes, too.


Defense commitments and defense cooperation

NATO membership brings solemn responsibilities as well as benefits, especially today, writes US ambassador to Slovakia.


Co-founder and co-owner of Sme daily dies

A major Slovak entrepreneur, Peter Vajda, died in Prague on October 15. He was exceptional for his innate sense of democracy and believing in equal opportunities for all.


Slovak firms are again among the fastest-growing technology companies

Companies Inloop, Riešenia, Eset and Aliter Technologies made it to this year’s Deloitte list of the fastest growing companies in central Europe


Šefčovič: Slovakia’s economy has grown 60 percent since joining the EU

Slovak consumers are growing economically stronger and will be an important stabilisation factor in the future


Road accident claims lives of eight peoplePhoto

One of the most tragic road accidents in recent years saw seven caregivers and a van driver die in a truck crash.

Culture & lifestyle

Germans in Slovakia preserve their culture

The German minority is aging, and despite efforts, not many young descendants affiliate themselves with their origins.

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Police, illustrative stock photo

Police promptly clarified night murder in Bratislava

The knife attack by a Slovak citizen of Indian origin on a local man and a Ukrainian sparked unjustified hatred towards immigrants; it was also fanned by some media.

Thirteen people detained during a vast raid, accused of financial crime as an organised group

In the biggest operation of recent years carried out by several units of armed forces, hundreds of officers raided several companies in four Slovak regions on October 13, while detaining 13 people.

Men detained October 13 are brought to the Specialised Criminal Court in Banská Bystrica two days later.

School in Lučenec focuses more on German language

After the change of the administrator, the studies at the school will still be free.

The new school year in Lučenec started.

Disputes surround the minimum wage discussion

Minimum wage in Slovakia to rise from January

The minimum wage in Slovakia will be hiked to €480, from the beginning of next year.

Summit: All consumers in the EU must be treated equally

The Bratislava summit not only found that there is a double quality to the products among “western” and the “eastern” EU member states, but also suggested measures on how to stop such practices.

Testing the food quality at State Veterinary and Food Administration, illustrative stock photo

Bratislava hosts summit on dual quality of food

Slovak prime minster expects two outcomes from the summit

Carl Jones is widely recognised as having brought the Mauritius Kestrel (pictured here) back from the brink of extinction. His story is also an answer to the question: work to live or live to work?

Blog: Work to live, or live to work?

How to make the most out of the time you have to spend at work.

The countless habits of the successful

Who should work on defining success when it comes to a whole country? Slovakia’s misfortune is that it has never fully developed an intellectual elite.

The EC says all Roma children should at least finish primary school.

Blog: We are building an alliance of honest and fair digital companies

"We need to abandon large scale IT projects which are too big to fail and too big to succeed. Those days in IT are gone." Ján Hargaš of Slovensko.Digital explains why a reform of the state IT sector is…

Slovensko.sk website

Drinking water, illustrative stock photo

Slovakia is 30th in quality of life

The country moved one place up in the chart comparing social progress.

Lajčák: Germany is crucial for the UN

Slovakia and Germany signed a memorandum intended to deepen the cooperation between the two countries.

Miroslav Lajčák (l) also visited the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg during his visit to Germany.

Astronaut from NASA: We know things will not work

Astronaut Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger tells of training with NASA and how astronauts prepare for failures.

US astronaut Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger

Archaeologists discover iron treasure hidden in oven

An earthen-ware pot survived more than 1,100 years unbroken, hidden inside an oven.

Dozens of kites filled the sky above Nitra Photo

A sunny day lured Nitrans to fly their kites of all colours and shapes

The Fifth Šarkaniáda or Kiteade took place in Nitra.

Castle Winery Pezinok offers wines despite castle reconstruction

Pezinok Castle is being reconstructed, but its winery is still in operation.

Vineyard, illustrative stock photo

L-R: Slovak Coach Ján Kozák and team member Marek Hamšík at a press conference on WC 2018.

Slovakia will be absent from the World Cup

The development in other groups was not positive for Slovakia.

Construction of the national football stadium continues Photo

The stadium with a price tag of €75 million should be complete in 2018

Prime Minister Robert Fico, left and tycoon Ivan Kmotrík

Slovaks may proceed to the World Cup in football but not necessarily Photo

The Slovak national team defeated their rivals from Malta, but they need to wait for the results in other groups to advance to another round.