You can’t fix the problem if you don’t know what the problem is.

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Zuzana Rehák Štefečeková won Slovakia's first medal at 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Read the story of trap shooter Zuzana Rehák Štefečeková, who won her first Olympic gold in Tokyo.

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Protesters blocked the roads near Hodžovo Square on July 29, 2021.

Police recommend drivers to avoid Hodžovo Square, if possible.

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Zuzana Rehák Štefečeková celebrates her victory in the women's trap at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Sports shooter Zuzana Rehák Štefečeková broke the world record in the qualification round and won gold in the women’s trap.

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MP Romana Tabák apologised for swimming in a small lake of Studenovodský Stream in the TANAP national park.

Through social media park rangers can identify a place under protection where a tourist has violated the law.

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MPs Richard Rasi (left) and Peter Pellegrini

Preparation for the third wave is underway, ministry says it is making sure drugs for Covid treatment will be available.

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Checks at the borders

Constitutional Court suspended currently valid rules for crossing borders for people with just a first shot. Changes will be adopted once the ruling is effective.

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Queen Elizabeth II, President Ivan Gašparovič and some participants from the British Council project Dreams and Teams, October 2008.

The organisation’s mission had not changed over the decades, says current head.

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Protest in front of the parliament on July 23, 2021.

Protesters attempted to enter parliament, police intervened with tear gas (updated)

Protests are linked to the expected vote on new vaccination-based Covid measures.

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Coronavirus in Slovakia: 49 new cases confirmed (graphs)

The total number of PCR-confirmed cases has exceeded 392,500.

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News digest: Court opposes benefits for semi-vaccinated, again

Third pandemic wave is already here. Slovakia commemorates one of the biggest plane crashes in Czechoslovakia.

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UK Ambassador to Slovakia Nigel Baker

UK Ambassador: Britons in Slovakia are a resilient community

Life is as it was before Brexit for British nationals in Slovakia once they've got their documents sorted.

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Sme Rodina leader Boris Kollár (right) and Health Minister Vladimír Lengvarský (OĽaNO nominee).

The tested and the vaccinated will be treated the same. Coalition passes a Delta compromise

MPs pass a law with mild advantages for the vaccinated, but vaccination will be required to see the Pope live.

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The Office of the Public Defender of Rights flies the rainbow flag to mark the Bratislava Pride in 2021.

The pandemic has made it clear that we must stand together

International friends and partners of Slovakia celebrate Bratislava Pride.

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Michaela Kertészová, presenter of the Bratislava video series, stands by the second Bratislava flying saucer.

Virtual tours of Bratislava’s little-known places

A new video series takes people to places not many know of.

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The open-top bus operates between Patrónka and Železná studienka in Bratislava during the summer.

Sunday open-top bus tours through Bratislava forests

Cabrio bus is free of charge for all, but capacity is limited.

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Haligovské skaly

Slow silence: Haligovské skaly

Discover the monastery once inhabited by Carthusian monks and the "flying" rocks in the Pieniny mountains.

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The Slovak athletes to represent Slovakia at the Olympics in Tokyo took a joint oath at presence of President Zuzana Čaputová.

Golden hopes for Slovakia's Olympic team in Tokyo

Speed canoeists Erik Vlček attends his sixth Olympics. Walker Matej Tóth to wind up his successful career in Tokyo.

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Emma Zapletalová

Slovak hurdler breaks records and wins under-23 European championship

Emma Zapletalová has set both national and championship records.

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