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Events you should not miss during your visit in Bratislava

For anyone looking to spend their summer in Bratislava, there is a great time to be had.


Czech PM files lawsuit against Slovakia at ECHR

Czech Premier Andrej Babiš sues his homeland in the European Court for Human Rights in connection with records proving his collaboration with the communist-era secret police.


For a Decent Slovakia organise another protest for June 22

At the same time, they are suing ex-PM Robert Fico, in response to his statements made during the protest rallies in February, citing fear-mongering and defamation.


Youngest Slovak village is like New YorkPhoto

Dedina Mládeže (The Youth Village) was a mere experiment during the communist era. Now, the still inhabited village has morphed into an open-air museum.


What are the reasons behind low wages in Slovakia?

The average wage costs per Slovak employee accounts for only 44 percent of the EU average.


Will Slovakia stay at the forefront of a technology?

Artificial Intelligence is already delivering a real value for businesses.


How to keep politics and sports separate

FIFA, may not be a government, but they and the events they put on are undeniably political and embody all the worst things about globalisation.


Slovak government will provide special treatment for Volkswagen Slovakia

It will help with recruiting new employees, including from abroad.

Culture & lifestyle

What makes the Pohoda festival ecological?

Pohoda is Europe’s most environmentally friendly festival.

Culture & lifestyle

Revitalised industrial building offers work, entertainment and housing

Mlynica is an excellent example of successful conversion of unused industrial building.

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June 8 gathering in Bratislava

Bratislava called for justice for Henry Acorda and an end to violence Photo

The organisers of the commemorative gathering expressed their sympathy for the family of the killed Filipino expat and called for an end to violence against women and foreigners in society.

Top 3 news from Last Week in Slovakia Video

President Andrej Kiska delivered a harsh state of the republic address in parliament.

Policeman from anti-corruption unit arrested for corruption

The case might be linked to illegal waste dump.

Jaguar Land Rover will move all production of Discovery to Slovakia

The plant in Nitra is expected to launch production in late 2018.

Is there room for a new shopping mall in Bratislava?

The Bratislava region already has almost four times more retail space than the European average.

Visualisation of Matrix Mall in Bratislava's Nové Mesto

Analysts: Inflation slows down due to cheaper air tickets

The development in consumer prices surprised analysts.

U.S. President Donald Trump shakes hands with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a meeting at the G-7 summit.

Liberal excesses make even Trump sound normal

In Slovakia, I was seen as a dewy-eyed liberal. Back home, I am a stick-in-the-mud conservative without even a tattoo to mark him as chill.

Welcome to Slovakia?

Following Henry Acorda’s horrific killing, businesses need to stand up.

June 8 gathering in Bratislava

Blog: Cutting another ribbon

Why is a hospital's new cover photo on Facebook a revolution in Slovak health care?

Last week, the FD Roosevelt Faculty Hospital in Banska Bystrica, one of the largest health care facilities in Slovakia, changed its cover photo on Facebook.

The Justice for Henry march in Obchodná Street, Bratislava - at the site where he was killed.

German ministry warns tourists against Slovakia

Apart from the capital – where recently a street conflict ended fatally – other places with recorded criminality are the High Tatras and spas.

BBC is surprised by obsolete Slovak MIG fighter planes

The British BBC TV also wonders why Russian engineers maintain the fighter planes at a NATO base.


Slovak teenager left her baby in the UK shortly after giving birth

The Slovak rape victim travelled to Derby to give birth.

Newborns, illustrative stock photo

Richard Simcott

Famous polyglot gets an adrenaline rush learning new languages

Richard Simcott has studied over 50 languages so far and will learn Afrikaans and Zulu this year.

Bratislava Organ Festival celebrates extravagance, minimalism and repetitiveness Photo

Apart from “classical” recitals, the festival will also include unusual fusions and combinations.

László Fassang

Pro Musica Nostra combines top music, performers and tourist destinations Photo

The first year of the festival in the Žilina Region hails the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia and revives classical music – thanks to renowned musicians – at historical sites.

Dalibor Karvay

Lucia Okoličányová

The Nordic walker with the best technique in the world is Slovak Photo

For Lucia Okoličányová, Nordic walking has become her love of life and philosophy

Inter Milan will teach young footballers

The aim is to train young talents in their home environment using the Italian team’s know-how.

Slovak ice-hockey team will play in Košice

The Slovak team is slated to play in Košice, and not Bratislava, at next year’s Ice-hockey World Championship.

Slovak Ice-hockey Association head, Martin Kohút