Move in immediately, if you feel like it

Living close to the centre of Bratislava has many advantages.


Government has approved the purchase of F-16 jets

Fighter jets worth €1.6 billion are to be delivered by 2023.


Do you use a foreign language for business purposes? Take a short survey

The results of the survey will be available to the public in January 2019.


The budget is balanced for the first time

Economists point to budgetary risks.


Shared Service Centres are an important pillar of the Slovak Economy

Local sector leaders have to constantly fight to keep their branches globally cost competitive, always deliver service to their customers at the requested quality and embrace new technologies.

Culture & lifestyle

Breiner rewrote the Beatles and became world-famous

His first attempt, 30 years ago, was successful. Now, he wants to ring the bell again.


Czech PM Babiš continues to be registered as communist-era secret agent

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg rejected his complaint.


Video about milk made from industrial oil is hoax

No, dairy companies do not make milk from oil.


Finding meaning in the Gorila audio

Even though it won’t lead to charges, new evidence will make political choices starker.

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Forex rates

(1 EUR is equal to)
USD 1.1371
GBP 0.89848
CZK 25.829
CAD 1.5193
NOK 9.7388
AUD 1.5729
HUF 323.14
PLN 4.2925

A Slovak village in Austria

Slovaks look for the peace of the countryside in Kittsee, just across the border from Bratislava, stripping the village of its rural character in the process.

Some provisions in the residence of foreigners and asylum laws unconstitutional

The Supreme Court, which challenged the provisions, acted based on a case from 2013.

Constitutional Court in Košice

Every sixth company has a virtual office

The number of firms residing at a virtual address has increased, particularly in the past three years.


Will Bratislava gets its first modern skyscraper?

The tower, part of the Eurovea extension, is designed to be 168 metres high.

Extension of Eurovea
For A Decent Slovakia march on June 22, 2018, in Bratislava.

Embassies welcome recent convictions in some high-level corruption cases

They can strengthen public trust in state institutions and in democratic government, embassies claim in a joint statement.

The world cannot afford cheap petrol

The fuel tax was the first thing that Macron sacrificed in an attempt to calm protests.

Blog: Taking responsibility for our work...

Monika Filipová describes the numerous challenges civil servants in Slovakia have to face and explains what fueled her desire to change things from the inside through the Good Civil Servant initiative.

Office, illustrative stock photo

Ice Cathedral in the Tatras is open for visitors

Warm weather caused problems during construction.

Muráň Castle is undergoing reconstruction

It is the third-highest castle location in Slovakia.


Liptov region to have a new attraction: Olympic Airbus A320

Accessible to the public from summer of 2020.

Illustrative stock photo

Archaeologists found treasure from the Bronze Age

Significance of finding exceeds borders of the region.

Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between December 14 and December 23, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

Illustrative Stock Photo

How can we improve the integration of foreigners in Bratislava?

Municipalities recognise there is a lack of outreach on the part of administrators to foreigners, but the problem goes both ways.

Several foreigners attended the latest round table hosted by the Human Rights League.
Miroslav Šatan

A unique exhibition will bid farewell to Šatan’s career

Legendary ice hockey representation captain Miroslav Šatan does not want to completely leave hockey.

Sagan has published an autobiography

His book, titled My World, has been translated into 13 languages.

Peter Sagan

Sisters Paulína and Ivona Fialková will, after all, represent Slovakia at the Biathlon World Cup

The sisters signed a new contract, which was modified in its detail.

Paulína Fialková