When it comes to hiring new employees, provision of a recruitment allowance has become a new trend in the Slovak labour market.

29. nov
Waydanovský House, today Martineum, after reconstruction.

The Waydanovský House, now Martineum, will serve as the background facility for St Martin's Cathedral. Take a look at how it looked in the past and now.

1. dec
Trenčín covered in Christmas lights on November 29, 2021.

Make yourself comfortable and explore what has been going on in Slovakia in the past days.

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Transparency of ownership and financing among proposed overhaul of decades-old laws.

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Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen loved travelling, but he did stay long in Bratislava

The famous Danish author found inspiration for The Little Match Girl in the Slovak capital, people have been told for years.

Peter Getting
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An effective compliance management system can help overcome existing communication hurdles in the company.

29. nov
Radostina Doganova and her paintings

Radostina Doganova recently opened a station gallery in Bratislava to connect Slovak and foreign artists.

28. nov
In samizdats, not even the editorial team knew where the publication was printed and who the middleman between the editorial and the printing house was.

Who, and why, is surveilling journalists in the country.

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Miroslava Sotáková

Miroslava Sotáková works for Google and is bringing up three kids in New York.

Kristína Sojáková
30. nov

Preparing for the future through STEAM.

Charlotte Nash Wanklin
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Slovakia enters all-out lockdown

Schools remain open, most shops close, home office recommended.

24. nov
Illustrative stock photo

Coronavirus in Slovakia: 15,278 new cases confirmed (graphs)

The total number of PCR-confirmed cases has exceeded 712,000.

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News digest: Slovakia spent €40 million in the past three months to treat Covid patients

Slovakia supports Poland and the Baltic states in their efforts to protect their border with Belarus. The European Commission has launched legal action against five countries, including Slovakia.

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President Zuzana Čaputová (front) and Health Minister Vladimír Lengvarský (back) visiting Ružinov hospital.

Lockdown it is. Or is it?

Hospitals are on the verge of collapse. President tells people to stop blabbing about Covid and get vaccinated.

29. nov

I used to be optimistic. The pandemic proved me wrong

We all now have ample evidence that infections anywhere can impact people everywhere.

30. nov

A day in the life of the Slovak internet

Our capacity for indignation – or compassion – seems exhausted just when we need it most.

24. nov
Veľký Rozsutec is a peak located in the Malá Fatra mountain range.

Stunning aerial photos show the beauty of Slovak Tuscany

See the Malá and Veľká Fatra mountain ranges and villages in the Turiec region as captured by photographer Miroslav Čillo.

25. nov
People swim in the Zázrivka stream in Lúčivná.

Brrr! Orava is full of winter-swimming spots

The Orava water dam is not the only place to jump into during wintertime.

29. nov
The ice cathedral can be found on Hrebienok.

Ice replica of famous Santiago de Compostela Cathedral can be found in the High Tatras

Currently, only those vaccinated against Covid or those who have recovered from the disease can see the cathedral made of ice.

23. nov
Daniela Rapavá's latest picture appears on the  November 2021 cover of The Physics Teacher.

Slovak astronomer's hair photo lands on a US journal's cover

A few years back, Daniela Rapavá impressed the world with a picture of her freezing soap bubble.

30. nov
The Jasov globe as portrayed in a 1984 photo.

Of all the globes in Slovakia, the Jasov globe is extra special

It is not the oldest globe, despite being 150 years old, but enjoys the status of a national monument, which the oldest globe does not.

27. nov
Slovakia's only LGBTI sports club, Lotus Flowers, brings the LGBTI community and their allies together, and even some anti-LGBTI people.

Slovak gay sportspeople live among us

A decade ago, gay people founded their own sports club, Lotus Flowers, in Bratislava.

26. nov
After obtaining a Slovak passport in 2017, American Andre Jones represented Slovakia for three years.

The NBA did not work out for them. US basketball players star in Slovakia's top league

The first US basketball players came to play in Slovakia in the nineties.

26. nov
Trnava hired a top US coach to get local children moving.

She trained top NHL athletes, now the Texan works with Trnava teachers

US coach Teri Nicole Rodriguez has six months to come up with a plan on how to get local children up and moving.

26. nov
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