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Travelling to the USA by plane is extremely cheap

The low prices are impacted mostly by cheap oil and big competition in the market.


Human trafficking also concerns Slovaks. They are mostly sold to the UKPhoto

The focus has recently been shifting from women to men. They are sold into forced work, to carry out jobs nobody else wants to do.


Investigator: We have cases where parents have sold their own daughters for sexPhoto

The price of a human when trafficked on the black market is between €3,500 and €20,000.


Not now, Scots told by UK

Scotland's pro-independence leader may secretly be relieved not to have to stage referendum while Brexit underway


Modern day slavery

Martha Mendoza (pulitzer prize winning journalist) will talk in Bratislava and Košice about stories which are showing the new face of a modern day slavery.


A firm’s owner can impede generational succession

Seven key ways to deal with transition of a family business.


Blog: How can the international community help national parks in Slovakia?Video

The current system of conservation with rapid habitat losses inside national parks is insufficient to sustain biodiversity and protect our biological heritage.

Culture & lifestyle

Foreigners: Events in Bratislava

Tips for performances and other events in the capital between March 30 and Apr 9, including concerts, party, musical, opera premiere, comedy show, meeting, course, lecture, stand-up comedy and more.


Fico: We want the UK to fulfil commitments

The prime ministers of the Visegrad Group commented on the UK’s obligations linked to its departure from the EU.

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František Gaulieder back in 1996 hwen he was excluded from parliament.

Former MP František Gaulieder killed by train

Former MP František Gaulieder, who once was illegally excluded from parliament by HZDS and its chairman, was killed by a train near the village of Trnovec nad Váhom (in Nitra Region) in the early hours of March 25.

Armoured vehicle Božena will help suppress demonstrations Video

The vehicle has been recently noticed by several foreign media outlets.

Božena Riot

Time and legislation play into the hands of prosecuted businessman

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák is again facing suspicions that he has been helping prosecuted businessman Ladislav Bašternák.

A police car standing in front of the residential complex on Tupého Street.

UniCredit Bank branch in Bratislava

UniCredit considers selling Czech and Slovak divisions

The bank has not yet confirmed the rumours.

Žilina airport head quits his position

Shortly after Slovak media slammed violation of airport rules by the CEO of Žilina airport, he resigned.

TIS director Gabriel Šípoš.

Košice will be linked to Tel Aviv

The flights will be operated twice a week.

Theresa May announced Brexit will start on March 29.

Hostages to fortune

Britain will trigger Article 50 to leave the EU on 29 March. She and her EU partners could, and should, guarantee the rights of their citizens living abroad – including tens of thousands of Slovaks in the UK. That…

You don’t bring me flowers

As Mrs Dubovcová has discovered, there is scant political passion when it comes to abuses of human rights – that is, the rights of each and every one of us

Jana Dubovcová leaves parliament after her last report.

Words cannot cure cancer

There is corruption in the highest places after all, general prosecutor admits.

Corruption reaches high, says Jaromír Čižnár.

FAQ: State citizenship of the Slovak Republic

The Slovak Spectator brings you the set of the most frequently asked questions with regard to acquiring and losing Slovak state citizenship.

KPMG: Slovakia among EU countries at greatest risk after Brexit

Slovakia's economy is among those that will be most impacted by Brexit, the latest studies have shown.

EU-UK, illustrative stock photo.

Most young people trust the EU

Slovakia has the highest share of young Eurosceptics among the surveyed countries.

Breath-taking photographs of Slovak mountains Photo

Young photographer Šimon Trnka is proving the beauty of (not only) Slovak mountains in his photographs.

Week of Slovak Film offers insight into local cinematography

At the Lumiére cinema in the capital, Slovak movies will be screened with English subtitles; while elsewhere, it will depend on the choice of individual cinemas.

The press conference shows script-writer Marek Leščák, dramaturgist Miroslav Ulman, LITA board member Mirka Brezovská and producer Marián Urban.

New Lido may bring river beach, marina and park Photo

Architects, water sportsmen and activists revealed a new study for the Danube riverside.

There may be a marina, a river beach and more at the New Lido.

Slovak rejoice after scoring a goal in Malta, March 25.

Slovakia beats Malta in World Cup qualification Video

The Slovak team beat Malta on March 26 evening at the Maltese stadium in Ta’Qali in their third consecutive winning qualification match.

The best football player is Hamšík

Six time winner says he is glad he can spread the good name of Slovakia abroad.

Marek Hamšík

Slovak Skier Vlhová steals show in Aspen slalom Photo

Slovak alpine skiing marked a great triumph on March 18, as Petra Vlhová won in a slalom race at the World Cup Finals in the American city of Aspen and her older compatriot Veronika Velez-Zuzulová ended up fourth.

Petrea Vlhová celerbates her victory in WC women's slalom in Aspen, March 18.