Archive photo: President Čaputová (left) and her two daughters, inauguration June 2019

Leave my children out of it, the president responded.

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Matt Apuzzo

You can criticise journalists, but calling them enemies is going too far.

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Robots can’t replace teachers, but they can help grade papers and individualise lesson plans.

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MP cyberbullied the president's daughter, police say. Slovakia has donated more than 700,000 vaccines. Famous Slovak opera diva dies.

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Protester in Bratislava, October 18, 2021

This is not the first time Dunja Mijatović has addressed a letter to Slovak MPs.

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The fight between the fans of Slovan Bratislava and Spartak Trnava.

The police and football associations have an information system to detect problematic individuals and groups.

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Edita Gruberová

Edita Gruberová performed on opera stages across the world.

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Peter Kažimír

Central bank governor Kažimír shows no signs of resigning, despite corruption charges.

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Giving children the best international education in Slovakia.

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News digest: First districts will switch to black-tier

Inflation is highest since November 2011. Slovak MFA plans to look into network of Slovak embassies and consulates, scrapping of some possible.

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Slovakia does not recognise US certificate of vaccination, though Czechia does

About 3,000 people awaiting the recognition of Covid vaccination confirmation.

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Matt Apuzzo

Three-time Pulitzer Prize winner will speak in Bratislava

Matt Apuzzo was awarded for his reporting on the surveillance of the Muslim community, Russia's impact on the US election and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Employers indicate acute lack of workers

Shortage of IT specialists in the Bratislava, Košice and Banská Bystrica regions.

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Clients of failed alternative energy supplier offered an alternative option

State company offers to take over consumers of gas as well as electricity.

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Home office has become the new norm overnight.

More employees with benefits; one fifth still don’t have any

One benefit that has seen large scale implementation since 2019 is the ability to work from home.

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Emissions quotas are a good deal - for some.

Green energy costs too much. But does it?

It is costly not to do away with fossil fuels.

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Covid department in Galanta hospital

The virus: are we there yet?

Most analysts have abandoned their most optimistic scenarios for the Delta variant in Slovakia.

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Smartphones are deadlier than cigarettes

Instagram almost certainly accelerates what is already a global public health crisis.

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Lafranconi Bridge in Bratislava has been renamed to Lanfranconi Bridge.

Count Lanfranconi would have been pleased. Letter "N" back on Lafranconi Bridge

After public transport stops, road signs have now been renamed.

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The MiG-21 jet fighter became part of the new Tri Duby recreation park next to the railway station in Sliač, central Slovakia. It was transported here from the local air base.

Many jets are exhibited in museums, but you can now see one near a railway station

Passengers who travel to Banská Bystrica by train will spot a Soviet fighter next to the Sliač railway station.

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Ostrá Malenica

The united colours of Grandma's Summer: Ostrá Malenica

Discover the unknown beauty of the Strážovské vrchy mountains.

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Actor Noël Czuczor portrays Alfréd Wetzler in "The Auschwitz Report".

The Allies knew about Auschwitz atrocities, but they bombed the Bratislava refinery instead

A report about the atrocities written by two Slovaks who escaped the camp was ignored for weeks and months.

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Children flying kites in Žilina.

Weekend: Slovakia has selected its Oscar candidate, and the choice is no surprise

Philip Morris has opened an interactive laboratory in Banská Bystrica, and private radio stations will say goodbye to Slovak music.

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The beluga sturgeon takes readers down the Danube.

Extinct fish can be your guide down the Danube

Bratislava's river has never ceased to fascinate its people. A new book, also in English, is the latest product of this enthrallment.

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Reuben Kiprop Kerio after crossing the finish line and winning the 2021 Košice marathon.

Runners from Kenya and Ethiopia dominate Košice marathon. Women broke records

The best Slovak marathon runners were Tibor Sahajda and Sylvia Sebestian.

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Brothers Peter and Pavol Hochschorners competed for the last time.

The golden era ends. Several water slalom legends retire from sport

The recent world championships in Čunovo marked the end of six Olympic medallists' careers. Others may follow next year.

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