Parents and children from Bratislava, Vienna and surroundings are invited.

Talley Sjoberg-Varney
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Iranian comedian Nastaran "Nasi" Alaghmandan Motlagh is one of the faces of the fjúžn festival, which will kick off in Bratislava on September 16, 2021.

In addition to reciting Sohrab Sepehri, stand-up comedian Nastaran "Nasi" Alaghmandan Motlagh speaks about the fjúžn festival and the period in her life when her family left Iran and moved to Slovakia.

14. sep
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Pope visit not expected to have had major impact on epidemic.

9 h
Foreign media see Pope Francis' visit to the Roma community in eastern Slovakia as adding to his message of inclusion.

Foreign media report on the political dimension of Pope Francis' visit to Slovakia.

15. sep

The four-day tour of Pope Francis in Slovakia is over, here is how it went.

15. sep
Mária Kolíková

Veronika Remišová of Za Ľudí claimed that the ministry belongs to her party, but political analyst claims that her negotiation position is weak.

14. sep
Grigorij Mesežnikov

Some politicians cannot be trusted to take the side of their own country against Russia.

13. sep
GP Maroš Žilinka in parliament.

MPs summoned Maroš Žilinka to explain the recent actions of the GP office.

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Pope Francis and Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová.

Pope Francis has arrived in Slovakia

Hundreds of believers, politicians and the representatives of the Church welcomed him at the airport.

12. sep
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Clients have two more weeks to change their health insurer

The last day to submit an application to change health insurer is September 30.

15 h
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Coronavirus in Slovakia: 370 new cases confirmed (graphs)

The total number of PCR-confirmed cases has exceeded 400,000.

16 h
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Seven-year-old mistake. Highways will cross but not connect

The public procurement for the junction started only last week.

6. sep
Industry is one of the sectors in which AI can be used in the future.

AI has potential for the future. Slovakia just needs to use it

The AIslovakIA national platform aims to connect academia, businesses and state.

13. sep
Gas transmitter Eustream

Slovak gas pipeline operator to transport green hydrogen in the future

One of the main lines of Eustream’s transmission network might be used solely for the transport of hydrogen.

10. sep
Pope Francis visits Slovakia for the first time.

Coalition puts its quarrels on hold while the Pope visits

The ongoing papal visit is expected to dominate the news, but last week brought some changes on the Slovak political scene.

13. sep
Smoke filled Manhattan days after the attack.

9/11 is not a closed story

Hundreds of thousands of people live under the threat of terrorism every day.

10. sep
Conditions for wearing respirators and face masks are changing, too.

Who was really impacted by Covid?

Covid has only further exposed the divide between Europe’s north and west and its south and east.

7. sep
Aerial view of Bratislava from May 2021.

Check out the evolution of Bratislava in maps

What did Bratislava look like shortly after the Soviet invasion?

10. sep
The Bench of Love has been installed in the Kysucké Nové Mesto town, northern Slovakia.

With this new attraction, people can go old school and confess love secretly

A bench of love in the Kysuce region has a box where people can leave their confession letters. Some may appear in a local paper.

12. sep
Several cycling routes run across the higher parts of the High Tatras, but most of them are quite demanding. The routes in Tichá Dolina and Kôprová Dolina are suitable for less skilled cyclists.

Poprad Lake remains tourists' favourite Tatras spot. What about cyclists' top places?

In August, the Tatras National Park counted tourists, cyclists and dogs in the largest Slovak mountains.

11. sep
Veronika Vadovičová won gold in para-shooting.

Slovakia wins gold in para-shooting

It is already the 11th medal for the country at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

5. sep
The golden team (l-r): Samuel Andrejčík, Michaela Balcová and Martin Strehársky.

Slovakia has fourth gold from Tokyo

The Slovak team won the boccia team competition.

4. sep
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