The Faculty of Management (FMCU) equips students to meet the demands of 21st-century global operating corporations.

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A secret service reform demanded by people, Slovakia-based foreigners on the 2023 early elections, and traffic restrictions in Bratislava.

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The cannon was found off the south-western coast of Sweden.
The gun had been on the sea floor for 600 years before its discovery.

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Illustrative stock photo
Foreigners living in Slovakia share their views on the upcoming parliamentary election.

25. sep
Smer leader Robert Fico pictured in parliament on September 14, 2022.
The former prime minister’s approach to the media offers an answer to a question we often hear from abroad.

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LGP is seeing increasing interest from their clients in doing business or setting up offices in the Middle East region.

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The Szilágyi Pavilion in Hrebienok.
The pavilion's original relief disappeared after the war. Now a discovery in Hungary is helping to replace it.

22. sep
A tractor collects straw on a field in a private farm in Zhurivka, Kyiv region, Ukraine, Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023.
Ukraine’s lawsuit action outraged Slovak politicians earlier on.

21. sep
The Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra.
Legendary metal toy kit on exhibit again, or you can go pick pumpkins, gourds, and squash ahead of Halloween. Here's what to do during the weekend of September 23-24.

22. sep
This historic building on Panská Street is for sale.
200-year-old cultural monument on market for just under €1.5 million.

20. sep
A view from the Stropkov church tower.
Glass ceiling gives view into tower's 20-metre spire.

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The Na Slovensku Aj Po Anglicky podcast with support from fjúžn is starting Season 2 with a two-part episode.

Why do foreigners want to become Slovak?

James Stevko and Richard Swales share their experience.

20. sep

News digest: Slovakia launches new vaccine campaign to tackle 'Eris' Covid subvariant

Preserving Czechoslovak communist-era architecture, exciting weekend events, and the saga of the €26,000 Royal Salute whisky.

22. sep
Andrej Kiska was president between 2014 and 2019, after which he founded and briefly led the Za Ľudí party. The charges relate to the 2014 presidential election campaign.

Former president's trial on tax evasion charges may culminate close to election day

Ex-president Andrej Kiska alleges the charges against him, which date back more than eight years, are politically motivated.

22. sep
Slovakia extended the ban on the imports of four crops from Ukraine on September 16, 2023.

Zelensky criticises Slovakia, compares its Ukrainian grain ban to 'thriller'

Ukraine will sue Slovakia over grain ban extension, threatening to also impose trade restrictions on Slovakia.

19. sep
The Škoda Fabia model.

Škoda launches digital car rental in Slovakia

The selection includes new and well-maintained vehicles no more than 9 months old.

18. sep
Peter Pellegrini

A government without Smer is possible

September polls show it will be painful.

18. sep
The Bridge Reboot Camp Zaježová

Rebooting with the Bridge. Was it a piece of cake?

We didn’t go to Zaježová because we wanted to share rooms and bathrooms with people we barely knew. We went to learn.

3 h
Migrants near Veľký Krtíš.

Migrants for Fico, “LGBTI” for Christian Democrats. The campaign is on

With three weeks left, Slovakia is being re-acquainted with some unseemly tactics that have worked for politicians in the past.

11. sep
Suchá Belá gorge.

9 mesmerising Slovak Paradise gorges for walking trips

Unlike some other spots in the national park, these gorges are without the crowds.

19. sep
You can lie down by the Lúčky Waterfall, but also cool your feet.

There's a new way to enjoy a beautiful waterfall in central Slovakia

Visitors can lie down and cool their feet by the waterfall thanks to new benches.

16. sep
Slovak art historian and curator Nina Gažovičová.

3 things to do in Bratislava for free in the next seven days

Are you looking for free activities in the city? Go to a guided tour at Soga or set out on a hiking tip.

14. sep
Tomatoes or potatoes?

Slovak Matters: You say tomato, I think potato

The same sounding word doesn't always mean the same thing - "seriózny" doesn't mean serious, or "perfektný" perfect.

19. sep
Stroon & DevKid / Temple Timbre Embers Live

Top 10 events in Bratislava for foreigners

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between September 21 and October 1, plus temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

21. sep
Andrej Plachý and his collection of cards.

A Slovak aims to shatter a world record with his childhood hobby

Read a selection of short feel-good stories from Slovakia.

21. sep
Nela Lopušanová.

Nela Lopušanová, a Slovak ice-hockey sensation, stars in her US debut game

Young Žilina-born talent named one of the world’s best female hockey players of the past season.

31. aug
Unfamiliar with heading? It’s a showy, signature soccer play in which someone redirects a speeding ball with his or her head.

How heading a soccer ball can hurt the brain

A number of studies suggest that the powerful forces involved in heading a ball may lead to thinking and memory problems, and possibly dementia.

22. aug
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