Amendment to the Labour Code entering into force on January 1, 2022.

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First wave of easing the measures starts on Friday. President Čaputová listed among 100 most powerful women. Districts in western and central Slovakia should prepare for heavy snowfall.

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How to have your Covid vaccine doses received abroad recognised in Slovakia.

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In the category of foreign personalities, Slovaks searched Lady Gaga the most.

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The law will change in response, setting a minimum greenhouse gas savings threshold for biofuels.

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The procurement rules have been amended again.

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Luboš Blaha of Smer (l) and Marian Kotleba of ĽSNS (r) came to talk to the protesters.

ĽSNS linked the pandemic to anti-migration sentiments.

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Igor Matovic

Finance minister proposes massive handout without consulting PM.

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Katarína Nováková Grubb

Katarína Nováková Grubb made a career in the US. She remembers 2020 fondly despite the pandemic.

Kristína Sojáková
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Vinosady (Bratislava Region)

Just like in every other country, an average Slovak citizen does not have the means or power to change the dysfunctionality of the system.

Andrea Sadloňová
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Forex rates

(1 EUR is equal to)
USD 1.1299
GBP 0.85603
CZK 25.475
CAD 1.4281
NOK 10.0960
AUD 1.5841
HUF 368.13
PLN 4.5962
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Households will pay more for gas and electricity next year

The regulatory authority has released caps for utility prices for 2022.

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Car poduction in Kia Slovakai in Teplička Nad Váhom

Automotive industry faces the biggest transformation in its history

Slovakia remains the world’s biggest car manufacturer per 1000 inhabitants.

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A new mobile app introduced by Slovenská pošta enables, customers to get a queue number straight to their phone

Don’t respond to suspicious emails or texts from the post, they could be scams

Slovenská Pošta warns people amid reports of about 30 different types of scam emails.

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President Zuzana Čaputová (front) and Health Minister Vladimír Lengvarský (back) visiting Ružinov hospital.

Lockdown it is. Or is it?

Hospitals are on the verge of collapse. President tells people to stop blabbing about Covid and get vaccinated.

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In samizdats, not even the editorial team knew where the publication was printed and who the middleman between the editorial and the printing house was.

Spying on the press has a tradition in Slovakia

Who, and why, is surveilling journalists in the country.

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Blog: What are the skills our children need?

Preparing for the future through STEAM.

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Waydanovský House, today Martineum, after reconstruction.

Historical house near Bratislava cathedral no longer needs to hide behind Van Gogh

The Waydanovský House, now Martineum, will serve as the background facility for St Martin's Cathedral. Take a look at how it looked in the past and now.

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Trenčín covered in Christmas lights on November 29, 2021.

Weekend: Ježiško's Christmas Post Office is open, expecting letters from around the world

Make yourself comfortable and explore what has been going on in Slovakia in the past days.

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Slovakia's only LGBTI sports club, Lotus Flowers, brings the LGBTI community and their allies together, and even some anti-LGBTI people.

Slovak gay sportspeople live among us

A decade ago, gay people founded their own sports club, Lotus Flowers, in Bratislava.

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After obtaining a Slovak passport in 2017, American Andre Jones represented Slovakia for three years.

The NBA did not work out for them. US basketball players star in Slovakia's top league

The first US basketball players came to play in Slovakia in the nineties.

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Trnava hired a top US coach to get local children moving.

She trained top NHL athletes, now the Texan works with Trnava teachers

US coach Teri Nicole Rodriguez has six months to come up with a plan on how to get local children up and moving.

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