Alexander Mishkin and Anatoly Chepiga

Slovakia is likely to take action in the wake of the latest information about the Vrbetice blast.

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The earthquake was measured by a national network of seismic stations.

13 h

Analysts also call for the validation of positive antigen tests with PCR tests.

13 h
Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korčok

We need facts to adopt decision, Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korčok stressed.

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Pribinova Street with Eurovea and the SND.

Culture Ministry opposes the idea of routing the tram in front of the Slovak National Theater building.

18 h
As of Monday, hairdressers are among the businesses allowed to open for clients after a four-month-long lockdown.

What does the government need to do to make this post-lockdown opening Slovakia’s last? Sputnik, still at the centre of attention, is not the answer.

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Ex-police chief Milan Lučanský

The report on the suicide of former Police Corps president dispels some hoaxes.

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Visit of the Museum of Trade and its brewery with seniors.

The number of individuals who decided to assign 2 percent also dropped significantly.

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UPDATED: Measures will be lifted from April 19. What will open?

Slovakia will switch to the dark red tier. All shops and services will reopen.

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Coronavirus in Slovakia: 642 new cases confirmed (graphs)

The total number of cases has exceeded 376,700.

14 h
Non-essential shops reopened on April 19.

News digest: Slovakia stands with Czechia, proposes joint Visegrad position

The country opens up and lifts measures. Commission wraps up investigation into ex-police chief's suicide.

19. apr
Eurovea shopping mall in May 2020.

Shops will reopen after four months and should not be in need of customers

The situation can also be favourable thanks to anticipated economic growth and labour market development, according to an analyst.

14. apr
Online ceremony during whihc Volunteer of the Year awards were handed down.

Acknowledging the best volunteers

Regional volunteering centres received a record 287 nominations to award volunteers and projects.

18. apr
Slovakia registered serious ransomware attacks on Friday, April 16.

State institution in Slovakia became target of ransomware attacks

The National Security Authority is urging them to secure and backup their systems immediately.

16. apr

When feelings count for more than lives

Why are Slovaks still dying in horrific numbers from a preventable disease?

16. apr
Finance Minister Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) between his trips to Moscow and Budapest.

Matovič demonstrates how to dismantle everything in two days

OĽaNO politicians seem to think they are applying the highest political virtue. Could they be more wrong?

12. apr
PM Igor Matovič talked about the purchase of 2 million Sputnik V vaccines in mid-February.

Matovič fell into a trap carefully staged by Russia

The former prime minister committed a diplomatic faux pas and disregarded the Slovak national interest, says foreign policy analyst Pavel Havlíček.

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How a new shelter will look like will be decided in architectonic competition.

Efforts to build new generation of tourist shelters spark enormous interest

However, trends in combination with social networks may be a double-edged sword, photographer of Slovak shelters opined.

12. apr

New audio-visual guide will lead visitors through Trnava

The app helps tourists to explore the old and the newer history of the town.

15. apr
European ground squirrels revisiting the meadow after hibernation

Ground squirrels wake up following winter

Ground squirrels occupy a famous meadow in Muránska Planina national park.

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Visualisation of the future look of the SNP Square

German architects design the new look of Bratislava's three central squares

SNP, Velvet Revolution and Kamenné Squares will undergo reconstruction that should join them into one public space.

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Nitra wants to become the European Capital of Culture

The town plans to build a transportable sauna.

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Andrew Giarelli

If Bratislava had “talking statues”, they would gossip about Sputnik

Andrew Giarelli’s novel explores Rome’s centuries-long tradition of putting social commentary on statues.

11. apr
Petra Vlhova has won the Alpine Ski World Cup 2020/2021

Historic success: Vlhová receives the Large Crystal Globe

Petra Vlhová is the first Slovak skier to win the top skiing prize.

21. mar
Petra Vlhova during the final slalom race in Lanzerheide, Switzerland.

Vlhová wins the Large Crystal Globe in downhill skiing

She is the first Slovak skier to win the World Cup.

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