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Vietnamese cuisine in Martin, Vienna tram on a stamp

Check out our tips for trips and some good weekend reads.

The third reconstruction stage of Bratislava Castle leads to a rare archaeological discovery on Aug 6, 2020.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: July saw 12 outbreaks in the country

Statistics from the public health offices show young people were the biggest group among the infected.

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All eyes are on Matovič. He is facing a major task

Slovakia needs to make big decisions. Can it become the European tiger again?

PM Igor Matovič in Brussels.
Culture & lifestyle

This is the best of Slovak architecture. Nominations for 2020 prize revealed

It has been an exceptionally good year in architecture, jury says. Take a look at the shortlisted works.

Boathouse Karloveské rameno, Bratislava, Atelier: OFFICE110 architekti

Slovakia is ready to send help to Lebanon

No Slovak citizens among the August 4 blast confirmed so far.

People evacuate wounded after of a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, on August 4, 2020.

Free school lunches scrapped. Who will benefit?

The government has replaced lunches with a double tax bonus. Only working parents will benefit.


Pandemic increased interest in Slovakia as a business destination

Drop in demand is a major challenge for German companies in Slovakia.

The range of car models produced in Bratislava may extend this summer.
Culture & lifestyle

Archaeologists made a 1,600-year-old discovery at Spiš

The most precious finding is a coin from 4th century.


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Slovak passport.

Conditions for losing Slovak state citizenship will ease up

Nearly 3,400 people have lost Slovak citizenship so far based on the law adopted in 2010.

Justice minister picks new Specialised Criminal Court chair

The specialised court deals with high-profile corruption cases and other serious crimes, including the murder of journalists.

Ján Hrubala

Slovakia may bid farewell to 1-cent and 2-cent coins

Finance Ministry has an amendment in the works.

Ryanair launched flights between Prague and Košice

The flight takes about an hour and 20 minutes.

Slovak economy is accelerating. Third quarter may bring a slight increase

The Council for Budget Responsibility has offered revised economic predictions in its July prognosis.

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How to hunt for a high-level job

The higher the level candidates have reached, the more difficult it is to change jobs and to find something locally appealing as the Slovak market lacks headquarter level jobs.

How about reforming the way we run elections?

More information could be a good thing for democracy.

Election officials get ready to count the ballots on November 27.

It is quintessential for Slovakia to boost its human capital

How the EU recovery fund can be used to bolster talent in the country.

Younger generations are trying to shape the labour market, but not all employers are willing to respect their demands.

Ová and out: Slovak women dropping female suffix from surnames

Nationality still a problem, though, and linguists warn against hasty change to convention.

A world of its own. Bratislava’s highest point is unique in every season

Devínska Kobyla is unparalleled in its botanical, entomological and paleontological value.

Resumed grazing on Devínska Kobyla

Crypt with hundreds of skeletons found in Žilina cathedral

It may be accessible to the public in the future.

French Charlie Cimetière came to Slovakia for the first time in 2009, spending his Erasmus in Bratislava.

The revival of Slovak rugby championed by French player

Having first discovered Slovakia thanks to Erasmus, Charles Cimetière returned to popularise rugby.

Hossa: The whole changing room knew my problem

Marián Hossa recalls his career and introduction to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Marián Hossa

The third Slovak to become a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame

Marián Hossa won three Stanley Cups during his career.

Marián Hossa