Igor Matovič

With coalition crunch-time approaching, Matovič turns to his “proven” tactic.

13 h
A helicopter was necessary to put out an extensive forest fire near the village of Malá Lodine in the Košice-okolie Distrcit.

Dry forests mean higher risk of fire.

Kristián Sabo
15 h
The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Scientists are studying ancient monuments using a method based on gravity.

16 h
Refugees from Ukraine

What it means to give – and receive.

6. aug
Jozef Tomko.

Tomko was 98 years old.

15 h
Manufacture worker, stock photo.

Katarína Miňová, who has recently joined the AmCham team to lead its Košice office, shares her vision for the region of Eastern Slovakia.

Katarína Miňová
6. aug

Opening planned for next week to mark Assumption Day.

4. aug

A novelty built for cyclists and canoeists, a rest point.

4. aug



Forex rates

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Illustrative stock photo, nuclear power plant.

Big exchange of iodine pills for nuclear emergencies takes place in Slovakia this August

Everyone living near nuclear power plants to receive pills, including refugees.

4. aug

News digest: New US ambassador confirmed

Beer consumption falls, but it's still hen night on the highway. Your daily dose of news from Slovakia is ready.

5. aug

News digest: One last day of heat before temperatures drop

Bringing Fico to court will take longer. Replica of ancient Roman boat to anchor in Bratislava. Learn more in today's digest.

4. aug
President Zuzana Čaputová during a press conference on June 7, 2022.

Why would you hate President Čaputová?

Ukraine war derangement syndrome continues to ravage some in the intellectual classes.

3. aug
Viktor Orban

Orbán heats up his talk, but his Slovak counterpart stays chill

Hungary is isolated in its stance towards Russia, but for how long?

1. aug
Forest fire in Mala Lodina near Kosice.

Remember these days the next time you go vote

Don't forget after the temperature drops.

28. jul
Volkswagen auto plant

Check out the largest car plant in Slovakia

You can take a ride alone or with an instructor through sand and water to hills of varying gradients.

5. aug
The Serényi's cistern, a technical monument in the Plešivecká plateau.

In the middle of a Slovak Karst plateau lies a technical remnant of the past

There are also caves, abysses and other formations on the plain.

1. aug

New cycling route in Slovenský Raj provides both views and safety

Eventually the cycling route should connect national parks.

1. aug
Danuvina Alacris, replica of an ancient Roman boat, on its way down the Danube.

Ancient Roman boat to drop anchor in Bratislava on its Danube cruise

Danuvina Alacris presents the Roman history of countries along the Danube, to reach Slovakia in early August.

29. jul

Human bones four meters high. Žilina crypt reveals new secrets

Of particular interest are the textile findings.

2. aug
Slovak-Hungarian painter and baron Ladislav Mednyánszky sits on a stool and paints in his atelier.

A gay painter lost his love. Their relationship continued in diaries

All that painter Ladislav Mednyánszky had left after the love of his life, Bálint Kurdi, died prematurely were memories and a single portrait.

1. aug
Montreal Canadiens hockey team first overall NHL draft pick Juraj Slafkovsky goes through skating drills.

Hundreds of people in Montreal gather to see Slafkovský train

The young Slovak ice-hockey star called Montreal the best place in the world.

18. jul
Slovak coach of the Ukrainian biathlon team, Juraj Sanitra .

Ukraine must show how strong it is, says Slovak coach of their national team

Slovak biathlon coach back in Ukraine after weeks of waiting, hopes sport could help further boost Ukrainian morale.

9. jun
Slovak player Juraj Slafkovský and German player Moritz Seider are fighting for the puck at the world hockey championship in Finland on May 14, 2022.

Slovakia will have to wait for second win following 1-2 loss to Germany

Slovakia had 29 shots on the German net, visibly more than Germany.

14. may
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