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Visit a castle with 12-metre-long tunnel in the rock

Once important construction protecting the nearby border and road.

20 10 2018 at 9:30 | Culture & lifestyle
Canada did it, so should everybody else

The burden of proof must now shift to those who oppose legalisation of marijuana.

19 10 2018 at 18:33 | Opinion
All for Jan: The year of magical thinking in Slovakia

Orbán used Soros as a powerful container for everything he stood against. Fico borrowed the ready-made narrative.

19 10 2018 at 8:45 | Opinion
Business lures more than sightseers to Bratislava

Behind the increase in business clientele are hundreds of conferences held in the Slovak capital.

19 10 2018 at 0:47 | Business
Visitors to Čičmany learn how to crack the whip

The whip can also used as a musical instrument.

19 10 2018 at 0:34 | Culture & lifestyle
What a typical Slovak dollar millionaire looks like

Slovak millionaires prefer land in terms of yield, but also invest in collectibles for their pleasure.

19 10 2018 at 0:03 | Business
Vietnamese delegation did not have visa. We gave them exception

The Denník N daily has published details of the testimony of a police officer who checked the passports.

18 10 2018 at 23:47 | News
Jaguar Land Rover will ceremonially launch operations at its €1.4 bln Nitra plant next Thursday

Local trade unions and the carmaker have agreed on a wage rise even before the official launch of production.

18 10 2018 at 23:25 | Business
Parliament passes major amendment to green energy support legislation

The state will no longer automatically pay a lump-sum premium for renewable energy.

18 10 2018 at 23:15 | Business
Danko acts outside the official foreign policy line

No need to create drama, says Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák.

18 10 2018 at 13:20 | International