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Who will preside over the Supreme Court?

Four candidates run for the top post at the Supreme Court. The election will be held on September 9.

21 8 2019 at 13:09 | News
Lookout tower under construction next to ski jump

One part will be accompanied by adrenaline net and transparent floor at the top of the tower.

21 8 2019 at 13:08 | Travel
A €30 million industrial park is emerging in Košice

The first manufacturing hall to be completed in 2019.

21 8 2019 at 13:06 | Business
The police screened journalists and they may turn to court

The screenings are allegedly related to the case of MP assistant Filip Rybanič who looked into the bank account of ex-Interior Minister Kaliňák.

21 8 2019 at 13:05 | News
What we have learned this summer

Depressingly, it is not just the fashion of the 1990s that is making a comeback in Slovakia.

21 8 2019 at 8:28 | Opinion
New Slovak Lines app to notify passengers about delays

The new application will house the firm's systems in one place.

20 8 2019 at 22:07 | Business
Threema saga: Kočner says Haščák paid for Rusko's lawyer

To avoid trials and prison, oligarchs are said to have paid the best lawyer for the former owner of private channel TV Markíza, Pavol Rusko.

20 8 2019 at 22:02 | News
Poll: Extremists fall, Kiska teeters on the threshold

Smer remains a leader in another August poll by Focus, despite a drop in support.

20 8 2019 at 21:52 | News
The US have invested a lot into our region politically

Now they recognise they need to take care of that investment, says Slovak Ambassador to the US Ivan Korčok.

20 8 2019 at 14:25 | News
No compromise made on minimum wage. Labour Minister will submit his own proposal

The minimum wage could increase by €60 next year.

20 8 2019 at 13:48 | Business