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Slovakia had followers of Palach

Despite the efforts of the communist regime, people kept Jan Palach and his protest in their memory.

16 1 2019 at 18:54 | News
Sport, torture and guns; Palach was a fighter

The death of Ján Palach inspired protests that led to the overthrow of the communist regime.

16 1 2019 at 18:26 | News
Another zero-waste shop opens in Bratislava

It is possible to grind flour or make your own peanut butter in the shop

16 1 2019 at 14:22 | Culture & lifestyle
December inflation surprised analysts

Price have gone up on a year-on-year basis, but decreased in December.

16 1 2019 at 14:15 | Business
Slovakia makes innovation progress in IT sector

But the country lags behind in robotics and medicine.

16 1 2019 at 14:11 | Business
40 villages have announced a snow emergency

The situation in northern Slovakia is critical. Meanwhile, the roof of a manufacturing hall collapsed in Oravská Lesná.

16 1 2019 at 14:08 | News
Institutional racism penetrated the justice system

No amount of evidence will ever be enough to hold racist police officers to account when they terrorise and brutalise Roma communities.

16 1 2019 at 13:39 | Opinion
Slovakia is less flexible due to work surcharges

The country has dropped out of the top 30 in the Employment Flexibility Index.

15 1 2019 at 22:12 | Business
Deputy general prosecutor resigns after communicating with a suspect in Kuciak's murder

Facebook chat with the person who is suspected of paying for Kuciak's murder has ended his career.

15 1 2019 at 22:03 | News
How powerful is a Slovak passport?

Slovaks have visa-free access to 180 destinations in Europe, America, and eastern Africa.

15 1 2019 at 21:56 | News