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Successful White Night leaves Bratislava for the region

After the capital, three places in the Bratislava Region – Stupava, Senec and Budmerice - will get to see one piece from the festival of modern visual

20 10 2017 at 14:42 | Culture & lifestyle
First natural cemetery opens in Zvolen

The aim of the project is to create a place where respect for the deceased and respect for nature interconnect.

20 10 2017 at 6:05 | Culture & lifestyle
MH Manažment has turned into a money-making factory, claims OĽaNO

The economy minister has already replaced its management

19 10 2017 at 23:57 | Business
Google cooperates with Slovak cyber security company to prevent cybercrime

Eset protects Chrome users from unwanted software

19 10 2017 at 23:52 | Business
Fico wants state airline company

The Slovak National Party came up with the idea last year

19 10 2017 at 23:50 | Business
Urgent care units will close earlier

But the Health Ministry claims the patients do not have to fear the changes.

19 10 2017 at 23:45 | News
Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between October 20 and October 29, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions

19 10 2017 at 20:59 | Culture & lifestyle
Babiš: I am not a crook, read the story of Chirac or Berlusconi

Despite a mounting list of scandals Andrej Babiš, the billionaire ex-finance minister of Slovak origin, and his ANO party remain the frontrunners in the

19 10 2017 at 17:44 | International
Babiš did not re-write the past

Constitutional Court decided in favour of National Memory Institute which included Andrej Babiš in its list of communist secret service confindants.

19 10 2017 at 17:41 | News