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News from Slovakia
Bach's ancestors made pastries in Bratislava

The baker loved music, often playing a cithara at work.

25 2 2021 at 8:33 | Culture & lifestyle
Sputnik vaccine orbits Slovak politics

Slovakia’s febrile politics has made it vulnerable to Russian mischief using its Sputnik vaccine.

25 2 2021 at 8:01 | News
Manufacturing companies top the list of biggest receivers of direct pandemic aid

Slovakia’s price tag for pandemic measures is €4.6 billion so far.

24 2 2021 at 17:58 | Business
News digest: More people in hospital and vaccination halted

Kurzarbeit to become a permanent tool. Sulík offers himself for health minister. Slovakia gets another protected regional specialty.

24 2 2021 at 17:54 | News
Government greenlighted permanent kurzarbeit, self-employed not included

A new fund of employment will not come to being.

24 2 2021 at 17:41 | Business
Last year was the warmest in the past 140 years

The rainiest month was October.

24 2 2021 at 17:24 | News
Liptov potato sausage earns EC trademark

Liptovské droby sausage owes its meaty aroma and flavour to cracklings.

24 2 2021 at 17:15 | Culture & lifestyle
How to stop Covid overload in hospitals

Experts and hospitals share their view of what Slovakia needs to do to relieve the critical situation.

24 2 2021 at 14:49 | News
If Sputnik V is used in Slovakia, it would be within clinical trials

Slovakia asked EU member states to provide 100,000 vaccines.

24 2 2021 at 11:27 | News
The man who took the 'alien' out of the Foreigners' Police's name appointed its director

Robert Gucký became the main government's plenipotentiary for state borders and director of the Office for the Border and Foreigners' Police.

24 2 2021 at 11:23 | News